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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

On his way out of the Yacht Club, Adam notices Zach make his was way towards J.R.’s table.  His attention is then riveted to the conversation between to the two.  When J.R. observes his father, he makes no mention of it to Zach.  As the two discuss progress with project Greenlee, Adam lingers by the exit several feet away.  When Zach heads to leave, Adam quickly secrets himself from his view.

Kendall goes through with her plans to meet Greenlee by the park.  As an ecstatic Greenlee chitchats in baby talk with Spike, Kendall zones off into her thoughts of hatred towards Greenlee.  When she notices that Kendall is drifting, Greenlee draws her attention back to their meeting. 

With gun in hand, Ryan bursts through the door of his home, and finds Richie there with Annie.  As she frantically pleads with him to put the gun down, Ryan lapses in to lunatic mode and states his so-called intention to shoot Richie.  Richie remains nervously speechless, as Annie tries to wrench the gun from Ryan’s hand.  In the midst of the struggle, the gun discharges, and a screaming Annie grabs her stomach.  The sight of Annie now lying on the floor bleeding horrifies Ryan.  As he rushes to her side, a shocked Richie is paralyzed.  While Ryan props her, Annie says her last “I love you” to Ryan and dies in his arms.  Richie remains frozen, as Ryan plaintively whales “No” in disbelief. 

While Greenlee remains exuberant over their alleged progress, Kendall keeps up her charade by now acting hesitant.  As she then allows Greenlee to interact with Spike, Greenlee begins signing to him.  Kendall becomes apoplectic at the sight of it and orders Greenlee never to sign to Spike again.   

Anticipating some appreciation from her for saving her job, Josh pays a visit on Hannah at her hotel room.  When she is not overly appreciative, Josh realizes she just expected him to run interference for her.  Proclaiming himself as her “probation officer,” Josh slyly asks her again about the reasons for her return to Pine Valley.  After giving him another one of her coy non-answers, Hannah seductively approaches him.  Josh teasingly kisses her and leaves.  Thinking Josh has changed his mind, Hannah rushes to respond to a knock at the door immediately following Josh’s departure.  To her great disappointment, she opens it to Adam.  As he barges right in, Hannah tries to dismiss him abruptly.

Upon returning to the yacht, J.R. sneaks up on Amanda.  As he lavishes her with kisses, she begins viewing him with suspicion.  When he then whips out a gift box containing diamond earrings, her women’s intuition transforms into a full-blown accusation.  J.R. gives her that you’re crazy look, when she flat out asks, “Who the hell did you sleep with?”

As she tends bar at the Comeback, Babe stares at Richie’s picture.  When Tad arrives, he approaches the bewildered Babe to check on her.  After her confusing experience with Richie, she is not sure how to respond to Tad.

Meanwhile, a weeping Ryan holds Annie’s so-called lifeless body.  Now stunned, Richie wants to call EMS.  Appearing insane from grief, Ryan stops Richie by gunpoint, as he heads for the door.  He freezes, when Ryan shouts, “She’s dead, you did this.”

Greenlee profusely apologizes for signing to Spike.  After Kendall accepts, an awkward Greenlee keeps putting her foot in her mouth.  As they continue their conversation, Greenlee sincerely tells her what a great mother she is.  Kendall then appears briefly stricken with guilt.

Josh catches up with Zach at the hospital to give him an update on Hannah.  Josh believes Hannah is “up to something.”  After they talk about Ian’s progress outside of his NICU bed, Zach enlists Josh’s help with something else.  After he brings him up to speed about J.R.’s role in the project Greenlee scheme, Zach seeks Josh’s assistance in giving legitimacy to the existence of her fertilized eggs.

Richie tries to talk Ryan down without success.  He then crouches down, while claiming to love his sister.  This comment provokes an already hysterical Ryan even more.  The trembling Richie begins cowering, as an out of control Ryan informs him, “You’re going down for your sister’s murder.”

Despite his best efforts, J.R. cannot convince Amanda otherwise.  Their discussion briefly shifts to the status of his progress in acquiring Greenlee’s Fusion stock.  Unfortunately for J.R., he lists several people, including Ava, as the source of the bad day he has had.  The mere mention of her name causes Amanda now to suspect him of sleeping with Ava.  In reaction, J.R. looks back at Amanda sheepishly.

Now intrigued, Josh seeks more details from Zach.  He views the task dauntingly when he realizes he would have to convince Greenlee her eggs, fertilized by Ryan, are viable.   

Kendall shares with Greenlee that she and Spike can read each other from their facial expressions.  When Greenlee instinctively reaches to touch Spike, Kendall immediately deflects her.  Realizing she overstepped her bounds, an uncomfortable Greenlee again apologizes.  With an almost sad expression, Kendall accepts. 

Tad tries to console Babe over her being duped by Richie.  When Babe considers giving him the benefit of the doubt, Tad urges her to reconsider. 

Meanwhile, Richie hopes to reason with an unhinged Ryan, as Ryan threatens to call the police and pin Annie’s murder on him.  Now hyperventilating, Ryan relays the scenario that he plans to tell law enforcement.  As he reaches for the phone, Richie takes the opportunity to run out the front door.  Ryan then kneels down to the motionless Annie and kisses her forehead. 

While laughingly denying her allegation, J.R. tries to distract Amanda with more affection.  Although not completely buying the act, Amanda responds to his advances. 

Acting as though he is not there, Hannah goes on about her business.  She is surprised to find Adam still in her room, after she emerges from the shower in a towel.  Tiring of her dismissive efforts, Adam adds an additional assignment to her, to find out what J.R. and Zach are collaborating on.  To avoid responding, Hannah proceeds with getting dressed and drops her towel.  Adam is stunned into silence. 

The discussion causes Josh to reflect on the misdeeds of his presumptive father, Greg Madden.  Once he works through everything, Josh offers to lend some of Madden’s old fertility clinic equipment to help Zach deceive Greenlee.

Meanwhile, Greenlee gleefully watches Kendall play with Spike.  She looks up at Greenlee sourly, when she refers to Ryan.  Kendall’s eyes do, however, glaze as Greenlee begins reminiscing about close moments they shared during her pregnancy with Spike.  Greenlee then believes Kendall still hates her when Kendall quickly pulls her hand away from hers.

Tad manages to persuade Babe to view Richie with caution.  As she heads to towards the back, she finds a distraught Richie.  While he tries to relay coherently what transpired, Tad approaches on the tail end of it.  The two react in horror, as they digest Annie is dead. 

After collecting himself, Adam proceeds.  As he rambles, a now bra- and panty-clad Hannah continues getting dressed.  When she declines to assist with this endeavor, Adam forcefully threatens her with, “I will reveal who you are, what you are, and what you have done.”

Now teary-eyed, Kendall denies hating her but wants to steer clear of reminiscing about their past.  Greenlee begins breaking down and reaches out to hug Kendall.  Greenlee sobs, as the strained Kendall embraces her in response. 

As Babe, Richie, and Tad approach, Richie chastises Tad for banging on Ryan’s door.  Unlike Richie’s descriptions, a calm and collected Ryan answers the door.  As the three walk in, no signs of struggle appear.  Acting confused, Ryan asks the other two why Richie is accompanying them.  As Tad relays Richie’s story, Ryan acts dumbfounded.  As Richie insists Annie is dead, an alive and well Annie emerges on cue.  Now incensed with Richie, Babe asks him who the “hell he is” and storms out.  Realizing Ryan and Annie set him up, Richie begins getting in Ryan’s face.  To avoid escalation, Tad hustles him out.  Before following after him, Tad smiles and nods approvingly at Ryan for his charade.  Ryan and Annie give each other mutual kudos for their respective performances. 

After making love, J.R. begins dozing off.  Amanda springs out of their bed angrily.  As she holds the jewelry box, she thinks to herself aloud, “It was Ava, bastard.”

Still trying to work Adam, Hannah asks him to zip her dress.  As he zips her up, Adam keeps right on point with his new directives for her.  Tiring of his tactics, Hannah threatens to tell Zach about their arrangement. 

Before completely jumping on board, Josh reminds Zach that they are stealing Greenlee’s dream of being a mother all over again.  Josh then confirms Zach can live with doing this to Greenlee. 

Kendall sucks Greenlee into foregoing her trip with Aidan.  After Greenlee walks off, Kendall reiterates her ill-fated plans for Greenlee, during her unilateral conversation with Spike. 

At the Yacht Club, Ryan and Annie have a celebration dinner.  As Ryan revels in his glory over turning the tables on Richie, Annie worries about her brother’s next move.

Unbeknownst to the two, Richie quietly watches them from the entrance. 

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