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All My Children Update Friday 10/12/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

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While Kendall is holding Spike, she is having a conversation with Greenlee who is not there.  Zach overhears the conversation as he walks into the room with a look of concern on his face.  She pretends that she was just venting.  Zach thinks that Kendall should leave Fusion and start another company, because working with Greenlee is not good for her.  Kendall thinks that the problem is hers to deal with, and she says so to Zach.

Annie attempts to reconcile with Richie.  She invites him to dinner as a gesture of good faith.  Richie is curious about the invite, and wants to know why Annie extended it, but he accepts.  Annie returns home from shopping and is startled by Richie who has arrived early because of his suspicious nature.  He feared that Ryan and Annie were plotting his demise.  Dinner is ready, and Richie is served.  He is enjoying his dinner of fried chicken, and creamed corn. 

Ryan is in town and he takes a revolver out of his hip pocket, and places it in his hands.  He checks to see if the gun is loaded. 

Annie wants to know what she can do to make things right with Richie.  He decides that she owes him seven years since she took away seven years from him.  Annie does not understand how he intends to get back the seven years.  Richie assures her that he will find a way to make her pay.  Annie mentions that Ryan will protect her.  Richie does not fear Ryan, nor is he impressed with his talent.  He thinks that Ryan and Aidan are idiots since they walked right into the trap he set to blame them for his attempted hanging.  Annie tries to win over Richie by painting a “rosy picture” of her life.  He is not impressed.  Richie tells her that there is nothing she can do to make up for his incarceration.  He is enjoying his dinner and lets Annie know that their mother would be proud of her cooking.  Richie attempts to exit, but he encounters Ryan at the door.   

Greenlee and Aidan are at the Comeback bar.  Greenlee wants to take a few days off from Fusion in order to assist Aidan with the background research on Richie.  They talk, and Aidan shows his affection by holding her hand. 

Adam joins J.R. at the Yacht club.  Adam is concerned about J.R. and Ava’s relationship because he thinks that they are sleeping together.  He thinks that Ava is not worthy of J.R.’s time, and that J.R. can have any girl that he wants.  Adam calls Ava a slut.  He congratulates J.R. on getting the financial backing for his project.  J.R. thinks that Ava marrying Jonathan will ruin their business venture.  Adam tries to convince J.R. to get another client because Ava is trouble.  When J.R. mentions similarities between Ava and the means that Krystal used to marry Adam, Adam gets offended and tells him not to compare the two women.  J.R. realizes that Adam’s is still in love with Krystal. 

Jonathan and Ava walk into the yacht club.  Noticing J.R. and Adam, she wants a table near the water, but Jonathan want to sit where everyone can see his future bride.  Ava is amazed by her impending marriage.  She believes that Jonathan deserves someone better, like Lily.  Jonathan is very excited about the impending marriage to Ava, and he encourages her to be excited about the marriage as well.  She is concerned about her relationship with J.R.  She wants Jonathan to accept her business relationship with J.R.  Jonathan agrees to be cooperative just to make her happy.

Zach and Kendall nuzzle on the sofa as he reassures her that everything will be all right.  She starts to voice her concerns about the cochlear implant again.  Zach settles her down and offers to make her a cup of tea.  He makes a phone call and then tells Kendall that he has an emergency at work and must leave.  Before he leaves, he suggests that Kendall not talk to the walls anymore.  She promises to find another way to vent.  Once he leaves, she returns to the keyboard. 

Greenlee is happy people in Pine Valley no longer hate her.  She credits Aidan for that.  He gives her a big smile and thanks her for giving him credit.  Kendall calls and asks Greenlee to meet her since Zach is at work this evening.  Now Greenlee feels that she must remain in town, and not leave with Aidan, to be responsive to Kendall.  She plans to stay in town a couple of days to work on her friendship with Kendall and will catch up to Aidan later. 

Zach meets J.R. at the yacht club.  He insists that J.R. get back on the Greenlee project because he wants it over.  J.R.’s excuse is that Greenlee was assisting on the Richie problem, but he agrees to get busy immediately.  Adam is nearby and notices the conversation and it appears that he suspects something is going on between his son and Zach Slater. 

Annie explains Richie’s presence to Ryan.  Ryan has already figured out that there is only one way to deal with Richie.  Ryan removes the gun from his pocket, and points it at Richie.  Annie tries to get Ryan to think about their future before shooting.  Ryan is not listening.  As he fires the gun, Annie steps in front of it to prevent her brother from being shot.  Annie is shot in the stomach and collapses to the floor.

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