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J.R. tells Ava that he has secured the funding for their modeling venture.  Ava is excited because now she can have a fancy wedding, and invite fancy people to the wedding.  J.R. tells her that marriage to Jonathan would result in throwing her life away on psycho boy.  Ava defends Jonathan by telling J.R. not to call him psycho boy.  J.R. wants Jonathan away from Ava, and out of his way. 

Zach asks about Annie’s plan for dealing with Richie.  He gives her advice on standing up to Richie, and not being afraid.  Zach knows that Richie wants to keep Aidan and Ryan out of jail for a reason.  Zach wants them to find out what that reason is. 

Many Pine Valley residents (Ryan, Greenlee, Aidan, Annie, Zach, Jonathan, and Jack) attend Aidan and Ryan’s arraignment at the courthouse.  Richie shows up to tell his side of the story which the police had neglected to get.  Jack is surprised.  Jonathan immediately begins to threaten Richie, but Ryan asks him to direct his energy to helping Annie and Emma.  Richie decides to tell the truth about the hanging and drops the charges.  He explains the noose by claiming that he wanted to get a feel for what his mother went through when she hung herself.  The police ask to give Richie a lie detector test, but he promises that his story wouldn't change even if he were under oath.  He pretends to care about Ryan and Aidan doing time for something they did not do.  After taking the case to the judge, Jackson tells Ryan and Aidan they can leave since the charges were dropped. Jonathan, Aidan, Zach, and Ryan vow to find out the reason Richie wants to keep them out of jail and send him back to prison when he slips up.

Kendall is still planning her revenge against Greenlee.  She talks to Spike about her plan for Greenlee.  She is setting up a diary that shows Greenlee’s ownership.  In this diary, she writes about plans to make Spike her baby.  This diary could implicate Greenlee as a potential harm to Spike, if found out.  Kendall visualizes Greenlee in the same room with her, and then starts talking to her.  Zach walks in, hears her talking of killing Greenlee if she ever goes near her son again, then calls her name when he sees there is no one else there. 

Aidan blames himself for the trouble that he and Ryan are in.  If he had not made the noose, they would not be in trouble.  Zach wants to help once they let him know what they need.  Richie tells Ryan that he spent 7 years in jail for a crime that he did not do.  Ryan lets Richie know that he knows that Richie is up to something.  Richie wants to prove that he is not in Pine Valley to hurt Annie.  Ryan confronts Richie about his motive for dropping the charges.  Ryan refuses to believe him and tries to get Richie to leave Pine Valley.  Richie refuses to do so.  Richie tells Ryan that he spent 7 years in jail because of Annie’s lies.  For the loss of time, all he wants is to start anew in Pine Valley. 

Jack talks to Jonathan about his impending marriage to Ava.  He thanks Jonathan for being a good husband to Lily and making her happy.  He wants him to make sure that marriage to Ava is what he really wants and promises to help Lily through it.

Falling into the bushes, Ava makes out with J.R. as they give in to impulsive kissing as they tear off their clothes.  She finally recognizes what she is doing, so she pushes J.R. away.

Greenlee is being very supportive of Annie, then she goes to The Comeback with Aidan.  She is pleased that Ryan thanked her for her support of Annie and her assistance with the Richie situation.  Aidan wants to nab Richie, because he believes that justice should be served.  He plans to leave town to investigate him and invites Greenlee to join him. 

Richie wants to stay in town because Emma and Annie are there.  He plans on getting to know his niece.  Ryan insists he will never touch his daughter again, and he will protect his family with everything he's got.  When Ryan promises to wait until he messes up, Richie smiles and says, "Let the games begin. This is going to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be." To Ryan, however, it will be anything but.  Although Richie claims he won't hurt anybody and just wants to see his sister, Annie bids him good-bye.

J.R. will work on his network and send out a press release once everything's ready before the wedding. Ava is surprised that J.R. no longer objects to her marrying Jonathan. J.R. claims that as long as "Jon Boy" stays out of his business, it won't affect him. Ava acts guilty when Jonathan arrives ready to celebrate Ryan's freedom and whisks her away.

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