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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

As Ryan and Aidan wait for Jack in the police conference room, Greenlee peeks her head in to check on them.  Ryan immediately notices Annie is not with her and asks Greenlee her whereabouts.

Kendall happens to run into Annie in the hospital hallway and immediately scolds her for not calling her or Zach about Ryan and Aidan’s arrest.  Considering her as family, Kendall offers to her help in any way she can.  Annie advises that her plans to speak to Richie alone have been obstructed by their father.  Kendall looks into the hall and sees the armed security guard posted outside.  Without batting an eye, Kendall wants to distract the guard, so that Annie can have a little one-on-one with Richie. 

Ryan instinctively knows Annie went to see Richie and starts putting Greenlee on the spot.  Greenlee goes ahead and fills him in on everything.  When he hears the situation, he asks her to check on Annie at the hospital.  Thrown off by Ryan’s sudden faith in Greenlee, Aidan calls him out on his hypocrisy and demands he remove his tail on her.  Ryan sincerely promises to cut the surveillance and places a grateful hand on Greenlee’s shoulder.  Greenlee then expresses the irony in the fact she has grown to really like Annie, while Ryan profusely thanks her for her kindness shown to his wife.  Touched by his heart-felt thanks, Greenlee heads to find Annie.  Meanwhile, Zach enters the room, simultaneous with her departure, and immediately offers them his support. 

Not wanting to cause her problems, Annie tries to dissuade the stubborn Kendall from getting involved without success.  The only concern Kendall has is how Annie plans to handle Richie. 

Ava has a surprise waiting for Jonathan at the Comeback.  Before she can get into it, he starts telling her about Ryan and Aidan.  As he brings her up to speed, photographers start snapping shots of her.  Not realizing this is part of the surprise, Jonathan barks at them to leave.  With that, Ava springs from her chair and begins posing for the cameras.  As she stands on the table, she reveals her new bikini line heart tattoo bearing a “Yes, J-n-A.”  While Jonathan struggles to collect himself, Ava hits him with the biggest surprise of all.  As she jumps on his lap, she yells, “Yes I will marry you, I love you.”  Meanwhile, Krystal apologizes to her other customers, like Hannah, for the commotion.  Krystal then spies Adam from the corner of her eye and immediately questions his presence there.  He offers some lame excuse about the coffee.  Unaware the two already know each other, Krystal introduces her “soon to be ex-husband” to Hannah.  Hannah mentions she met Adam in passing at Cambias.  As she heads for the kitchen, Krystal warns Hannah to be wary of Adam.  Once alone, Adam begins pressuring her for information about his missing money.  Hannah reveals she let her emotions get in the way of completing her mission for him.  Krystal happens to walk up behind him, as Adam orders Hannah to “get the goods on him.”  Without hesitation, Krystal points out, “You two seem to know each other better than I thought.”  Hannah nervously sips her coffee, and Adam looks like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 

J.R. wakes up Amanda from her nap aboard the yacht by flinging her bikini bottoms at her.  He then joins her in bed and starts kissing her.  Amanda abruptly halts the foreplay to ask him about his “Slater” file and its content, Greenlee’s holdings in Fusion and bank statements. 

After Ryan gives Zach the details on how Richie set them up, Zach again asks how he can help.  With a serious tone, Ryan replies, “Tell me how I can make Richie Novak disappear and get away with it.”

Kendall wants Annie to reconsider her decision.  When Annie remains adamant, she agrees to go ahead with the plan.  Just as Kendall makes her approach to Richie’s guard, Ian’s nurse, Margie stops to thank her for the chocolates.  After Margie leaves, Kendall feigns ill and starts collapsing in front of the guard.  As he rushes to help her, Greenlee happens by and stops to assist Kendall.  Annie makes her move during the commotion.  An arrogant Richie asks what took her so long, and Annie glares back at him. 

Amanda does not buy J.R.’s lame explanation and pushes him for details.  Without revealing the “bait” for Greenlee, J.R. confides in her about his deal with Zach. 

To stop Greenlee from fawning all over her, Kendall advises the guard she is fine.  When he returns to his post, Kendall fills Greenlee in.  Kendall is then shocked to learn Greenlee came to the hospital at Ryan’s behest.  As Greenlee starts reminiscing about their friendship, Kendall cuts her short and begins reminding her about Spike and Ian’s plight.  When Greenlee looks pained, Kendall advises it was not her intent to upset her.  Greenlee believes otherwise.  Meanwhile inside Richie’s room.  Annie ignores Richie’s taunts and gets straight to the point by asking him, “What do you want?”

When Adam fails to respond to Krystal, Hannah quickly advises they know a mutual business acquaintance.  Although skeptical, Krystal leaves them to tend to work.  Adam fiercely starts in on Hannah again and threatens to expose her secret should she fail to “get the goods.”  Meanwhile, the photographers take a last few shots of Ava.  Once alone, Ava notices that Jonathan appears unenthusiastic about the “yes.”  As he tries to pass his mood off on the publicity, Ava immediately suspects somebody has been influencing him. 

Amanda presses for more specifics about the “deal.”  After she pledges to keep his confidences, he reveals Zach wants Greenlee’s stock in Fusion.  Despite her best efforts in persuasion, J.R. will not reveal the “incentive” to get Greenlee to sell.  The only thing he will say about it is, “By the time I am through, people might actually start feeling sorry for Greenlee.”

Meanwhile, Greenlee hopes Kendall can get past laying a “guilt trip” on her but is thankful for their reconciliation.  As she claims to be working on it, Kendall mentions the upcoming appointment for Spike’s implants.  Although the teary-eyed Greenlee is grateful to hear the news, she again profusely shows contrition for her transgressions.  In turn, Kendall acknowledges Greenlee’s sincere apology. 

Zach plays down Ryan’s request, since it was made at the police station.  He then tries to help them out-maneuver Richie by constructively suggesting they “look to Richie’s past.”  Ryan appears to be contemplating Zach’s suggestion.   

Meanwhile, Annie tries to strike a deal with Richie.  Believing Ryan should not have to pay for what she did, Annie offers to compensate him and to “do time” for giving perjured testimony against him.  Richie appears to be bouncing her idea around but hesitates to come up with a figure.  As Annie pleadingly asks what he wants from her, Richie shocks her with, “You can get some help, sweetheart.”  Outside in the hall, Kendall blows Greenlee away, when she suggests they progress with their reconciliation.  As Greenlee revels in the moment, they hear Annie screaming from Richie’s room.  The guard rushes in and catches Annie yanking Richie by the collar and calling him a “sick son of a bitch.”  As Annie rushes into the hallway, Greenlee and Kendall try to convince the guard not to call the police.  The two then attempt to talk Annie down and Greenlee manages to persuade her to go to the courthouse.  Now alone, Kendall appears reflective. 

Hannah gives Adam some crumbs to get him off her back, without success.  In turn, Hannah then asks him how Krystal could have possibly ever liked him.

Ava keeps prodding Jonathan for an explanation concerning his lack of enthusiasm.  As she becomes more and more worked up, she pointedly asks if he still wants to marry her.  In reaction, he then puts his head down without immediately responding. 

After their interlude, the perceptive Amanda is more interested in discussing J.R.’s plans for his network and Ava than cuddling.  When he believes he has Ava under his thumb, Amanda delights in bursting his little bubble.  He lets out a sigh, when she tells him about Ava and Jonathan’s impending nuptials.

Zach helps Ryan and Aidan come up with some ideas.  When Ryan mentions Eddie Johnson’s mysterious death, Zach encourages him to find proof that Richie is responsible for it.  In the meantime, Annie and Greenlee return.  Annie hysterically relays her failed efforts with Richie.  As Ryan reassures her about his bail, he looks over at Zach.  Ryan then thanks Greenlee for her help, while Aidan flashes a loving smile at her.  Lt. Perry enters to transport them to the courthouse. 

With more privacy outside, Jonathan finally shows his excitement.  Ava is ecstatic, when she realizes he still wants to marry her.  Before rushing to Ryan and Aidan’s arraignment, he gets down on bent knee and proposes again.  After he leaves, Ava gleefully stares at her wedding ring and then closes her eyes.  She feels someone standing next to her and looks up at none other than the pouting J.R.  Meanwhile inside, Hannah’s jab apparently got under Adam’s skin.  After he heads out, Hannah asks Krystal if Adam is the one she is having trouble getting over.  With a regretful tone, Krystal admits he is the one. 

As Adam passes by Ava and J.R., he cannot refrain from zapping Ava.  Once alone, J.R. informs her that his project is funded and gives her a difficult ultimatum, “You either go worldwide with me or stay in Pine Valley with Jonathan. 

At the hospital, Kendall sees a stretcher fly by her and flashes to Spike being whisked passed her while on her way to Ian’s premature delivery.  She then reveals her true intentions towards Greenlee, when she says aloud to herself, “Greenlee, it is not our friendship I am taking to the next level.”

Annie and Greenlee are present in the courtroom, as Ryan and Aidan are brought in before the proceedings commence.  While Annie and Greenlee stand close to Ryan and Aidan, Richie darkens the courtroom and advises that he is there “to do the right thing.”

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