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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Seated in her living room, Lily is busily writing.  Ava walks in and assumes she is doing work for Cambias.  Lily shocks her, when she advises she is compiling a list of necessities for Ava and Jonathan’s wedding.

At ConFusion, Jonathan does not respond warmly to Amanda’s roundabout manner of inquiring about his intentions to marry Ava.  After he snidely confirms his plans, Amanda asks, “Are you out of your flippin’ mind?”

Astounded by Aidan’s interrogation techniques, Ryan demands he remove the noose from Ritchie’s neck.  Ryan’s efforts to release Ritchie come too late, since the police are already banging on the door.  As soon as their captive hears them, he kicks away the chair supporting his feet.  When the officers and Annie burst inside, they find Ryan grabbing hold of the suspended Ritchie.  Assuming the worst, Annie is aghast at the sight. 

Lt. Perry and others assist with removing the noose and attending to Ritchie.  As Ritchie lies still, Lt. Perry advises Ryan and Aidan that they are “going down, if this man dies.”  Aidan takes responsibility for stringing Ritchie up, while Ryan shouts out that Ritchie staged the event.  As the officer finds Ryan’s comments incredible, a smirking Ritchie looks up at Ryan.  Now provoked, Ryan begins shouting, “You did this!”  Now intolerant of Ryan’s comments, Lt. Perry orders the back-up officers to arrest him and Aidan.  A hysterical Annie begins screaming, “No!  No!”

As Lily brings up subjects like housing and budgets, Ava reminds her that her plans are premature.  Confident Ava will accept his proposal, Lily continues methodically plotting out their future.  Lily reveals her pain over her failed marriage to Jonathan, as she differentiates her relationship with him from Ava’s.

Meanwhile, Amanda tries to caution Jonathan about his decision.  Now incensed, Jonathan vigorously defends his relationship with Ava.  In support of her comments, Amanda tells him about Ava’s outburst during a recent bridal photo shoot. 

Once at the police station, Ryan and Aidan try to justify their actions by advising Lt. Perry of Ritchie’s terror attack on Annie.  Although Annie backs up the story, the lieutenant challenges their lack of evidence to support their claims and informs them they are the ones facing serious charges.  When a distressed Greenlee arrives for word on Aidan, Annie tells her how Ritchie has flipped the tables on them. 

Meanwhile, Ritchie lies in the hospital hooked up to monitors.  As Julia checks on him, Babe arrives for answers.  Playing the victim role, Ritchie slowly opens his eyes and clears his throat.  Babe then starts badgering him about allegedly staging the robbery at the Comeback and for secreting his identity. 

Another officer pulls the lieutenant outside of the interrogation room.  Once alone with Ryan, a confounded Aidan is disturbed by Ritchie’s non-reaction, when he had a noose around his neck.  He goes as far as to call Ritchie, “a stone cold son of a bitch.”  Meanwhile in the station, Jack arrives and approaches Lt. Perry about the mounting case against Aidan and Ryan.  As Lt. Perry reviews photos of the Richie’s strangulation lacerations, he delineates the serious charges Ryan and Aidan are facing such as kidnapping and attempted murder.  Annie then pleads with him to recognize that Ritchie has orchestrated this entire situation.   

The diabolical Ritchie attempts to convince a skeptical Babe of Annie’s resentment towards him since childhood and her eventual plot to send him to prison.  He then claims Annie unsuccessfully tried to undermine his close relationship with their parents.  When Babe challenges his veracity, he artfully uses his mother’s suicide to evoke her sympathy.  As Ritchie continues, Babe begins to soften. 

To help Ava with her decision, Lily reviews the pros and cons of her marrying Jonathan.  Through this process, Ava reveals her uncertainty about being in love with him.  She then points out the biggest “con” of all, “hurting Lily.”  In reaction to Ava’s comment, Lily appears to be on the verge of tears. 

Despite Amanda’s revelation, Jonathan continues to defend Ava.  Playing devil’s advocate, Amanda urges him to reassess his feelings to confirm he truly loves Ava. 

When Babe remains unconvinced about Annie, Ritchie starts stroking her hand and proclaiming his feelings for her.  Still doubting him, Babe pulls her hand away.  In the meantime, his father conveniently walks in and lovingly embraces Ritchie.  A shocked Babe does not know what to think. 

Greenlee bumbles through her efforts to comfort Annie in the police station.  Regardless of her stumbling, a distraught Annie welcomes the company.  While noting his Machiavellian ways, Annie concedes Ritchie’s brilliance.  When Greenlee wishes he could put his intelligence to good use, Annie slips and says she thought the same about Greenlee.  Greenlee takes umbrage at being compared to a sociopath.  Not meaning to offend Greenlee, Annie quickly contrasts the fact she has a conscience while her brother is devoid of one.  In the interrogation room, Jack confers with Ryan and Aidan about Ritchie.  Ryan adamantly refuses to accept Aidan’s offer to take sole blame for everything.  Clearly on their side, Jack wants them to come up with something concrete to “bury Ritchie with.”  As they try thinking of ammunition for Jack, Aidan and Ryan look at each other as if they are grasping at straws. 

For Babe’s benefit, father and son cast Annie in the worst light possible, as Ritchie relays how he wound up in the hospital.  Babe looks dumbfounded, when Mr. Novak immediately suspects Annie is behind Ryan’s alleged attack on Ritchie.

Meanwhile, Greenlee is horrified to learn that Annie suspects Ritchie pushed their father from a four-story window and is likely responsible for the death of a childhood friend, Jay Banachek.  Greenlee becomes more frightened, when Annie ominously adds; “Ritchie always gets what he wants.”  Inside the interrogation room, Jack is unimpressed with Ryan’s assertions about Ritchie playing “sick and twisted games.”

Since her foremost concern is Lily, Ava tries to ascertain her feelings about Jonathan.  Through their ensuing conversation, Lily unselfishly points out that Ava deserves Jonathan’s love. 

Hoping to get Jonathan to reconsider, Amanda mentions the impact the marriage will have on Lily.  Growing tired of Amanda’s concerns, Jonathan sharply tells her to back off.

Seated alone on the sofa, Ava tries to envision her future with Jonathan.  Images of fame juxtaposed with her being an overwhelmed housewife and mother strike fear in Ava. 

Father and son continue their scripted conversation about the so-called kidnapping and torture.  As she listens in, Babe has great difficulty believing Aidan and Ryan would attempt to hang Ritchie. 

Before Aidan and Ryan are escorted to lock up, Jack assures them he will make every effort to get their bail set.  As the officer leads them through the station, Annie and Greenlee rush up to their respective mates.  Greenlee’s kiss stops Aidan from prattling on.  She then warms him, when she admits she mutually “gives a good damn about him.”  Meanwhile, Ryan tries to console the overwrought Annie.  Fearing he will never be released, Annie wants to try to reason with Ritchie.  Ryan forbids her and insists that she promise not to approach Ritchie.  He is then escorted away before getting her assurances.  Now bound and determined, Annie leaves to speak with Ritchie.  Greenlee hugs her father and tearfully begs him to help Aidan and Ryan.  For Greenlee’s sake, Jack does his best to remain positive about the outcome of their case. 

Lily reemerges with her “pro and con” lists for Ava.  Having made her decision, Ava advises they are no longer needed.  Ava greatly appreciates Lily’s assistance in helping her figure things out.   

Despite his rejection, Amanda offers her future support in the event he needs it.  Now realizing her genuineness, Jonathan appreciates her forthright opinion.  Before walking off, Amanda gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek. 

In reaction to Ritchie’s version of events, Mr. Novak begins condemning Annie for causing her mother’s death and being responsible for the attack on his son.  Babe becomes so uncomfortable she rushes to leave with Mr. Novak following behind her.  As she opens the door, Annie happens to arrive.  On sight, her father immediately blasphemes her for trying to kill Ritchie and killing her mother.  As she tries to get a word in, her father slams the door on her.  Annie is rendered silent, as Babe now eyes her with caution.  Julia appears uncomfortable also, when she runs into them in the hallway. 

Meanwhile, Lt. Perry closes the cell door shut on Aidan and Ryan.  As he leans on the bed, Ryan tries to come to terms with their predicament. 

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