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All My Children Update Monday 10/8/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Outside in front of The Comeback, the sight of Richie holding Emma horrifies Annie. She reacts in silence, as he addresses her as “sis.” In response to the inquisitive Emma, Richie explains that he is her Uncle Richie. Meanwhile inside, Krystal, Adam, Colby, J.R., and Julia attack Wes and bombard Babe with questions about Emma. Now confounded, Babe demands an explanation. She appears sickened, when she learns from Greenlee and Tad that “Wes” is really Annie’s “lunatic” brother, Richie. Back outside, Annie summons the courage to insist that Richie hand Emma to her. He finally hands her over, after trying to engage Annie in small talk. Once Emma is in her arms, Annie clings to her and advises him to remain put. As she heads inside, Babe is trying to wrap her head around this startling news. J.R. reconfirms it for her. After she sets Emma down safely inside, Annie, accompanied by J.R. and Adam, return to the front to confront Richie. Annie is alarmed to discover that he is gone.

At Cambias, after hearing Hannah wanted to be impregnated by Zach, a stunned Kendall tries to process this revelation. In the meantime, Zach begins filling in the details. With a pained expression Kendall surmises Zach considered sleeping with Hannah. Kendall appears as though she sustained a blow to the gut, when Zach acknowledges her supposition.

Greenlee and Krystal manage to temporarily calm Annie, while Julia watches little A and Emma in the back. As Annie begins worrying whether the place is secured, Adam reassures. When Babe and Colby reemerge, a grateful and teary-eyed Krystal grabs hold of Babe. Tad and J.R. return after their fruitless search for Richie. A concerned Annie now begins pacing over the fact Ryan and Aidan have not returned from searching Richie’s room. Meanwhile while en route from the hotel, they run into Richie and physically confront him. When Richie acts as though he is startled by their actions. With a sarcastic tone, Ryan introduces himself and Aidan. When Aidan makes snide comment about Richie striking him with the rock, Richie feigns ignorance. A sardonic Ryan places his hands on Richie’s and tells him he can drop the act.

Kendall manages to smile with relief, when Zach elaborates and reaffirms his loyalty to her. A calm Kendall assures Zach of her trust in him but not in Hannah. Zach is perplexed by Kendall’s composed exterior and wonders what is going on. 

Meanwhile, a distraught Hannah returns to her hotel room. As she makes her way through the door, a concerned Josh is immediately behind her and inquires why she ran off. Despite her best efforts, Josh refuses to leave without truthful answers from her. In the process of replying, Hannah asks, “have you ever mistaken obsession for love?” 

While an anxious Annie listens in, Tad summons Officer Perry. As Babe still tries to come to terms with Wes’ true identity; J.R. scolds her for taking off with him in the first place. When Krystal yells at him to back off, Adam takes her side. Krystal appears taken aback by Adam’s actions, while Tad watches the interaction from the background. As Annie becomes more and more and unsettled by her inability to reach Ryan, Tad and Greenlee attempt to reassure her. In the meantime, Ryan continues confronting Richie about his arrival in Pine Valley. Playing victim, Richie claims he has forgiven Annie for testifying falsely against him and came in hopes of getting Annie “some help.” With an astonished tone, Ryan starts challenging his ridiculous comments. In turn, Richie tries to convince him about “how sick Annie is.” Ryan reacts viscerally and tries to force “the truth” from him.

Zach smirks, as Kendall attempts to maintain her composure. She begins to lose it, when she truly absorbs Hannah’s request. Zach does his best not to laugh, when the now sputtering Kendall admits, “I want to kill the little bitch.”

In the meantime, Hannah admits through psychiatric help she got over her obsession with Zach. Her revelation causes Josh to become more confused about her return to Pine Valley.

When Richie continues with his little games about Annie, Ryan throws Eddie Johnson, the staged robbery and the circumstances surrounding the locket in his face. Richie tries to convince Ryan that Eddie was acting on his own, after hearing how Annie set Richie up. Ryan immediately lets him that a con cannot be “conned.”  

Hannah reveals her misguided feelings for Zach caused her to return to Pine Valley. Before Josh can finish chastising her, Hannah surmises her days at Cambias are numbered under the circumstances. Josh immediately shifts into feeling sorry for her and offers to persuade Zach to keep her. 

Kendall gets more and more wound up over Hannah. After she concludes Hannah also wanted Zach in addition to his baby, Zach informs her that he is firing Hannah tomorrow. To his surprise, Kendall relies, “Oh no, you’re not doing that for me.” 

Officer Perry responds to the Comeback and interviews Babe. To Annie’s frustration, Babe relays he never felt threatened by Richie. She then sings his praises about how wonderful he was with the kids. The officer now cannot understand Annie’s previous characterization of Richie. As J.R. apologizes to Babe for scolding her earlier, Babe again praises Richie for keeping her calm. Annie realizes Babe is falling under his spell.

She tries to impress upon Babe that Richie always has ulterior motives. Krystal feels responsible for hiring him in the first place, while Adam reassures her the situation is not her fault.  

Ryan and Aidan are relentless in the mission to wear Richie into a confession. He proves to be a formidable foe. No matter what they throw at him, Rithcie has an answer. Having had enough, Ryan gets in his face and fiercely lets him know to stay away from both Annie and Emma.

Secure in their relationship, Kendall advises Zach to fire Hannah on his own accord not hers. She then reaffirms her beliefs in his inscription on her wedding ring, “Always only you.” At moment, Zach looks at Kendall with loving eyes and passionately kisses her.  

Meanwhile, Josh believes he can validly argue to Zach that retaining her is a sound business judgment. Before leaving, he tries to ascertain whether she has any interest in him. After she indicates she does, he gives her a warm kiss goodnight. Once alone, she places a mysterious phone call and advises the party she must meet with them tonight. 

Tad calms Greenlee, as she begins worrying about Aidan. Meanwhile inside, Babe advises Annie she was just relaying the events with Richie as they occurred. Annie tries to get through to Babe about her bother again. Babe believes she can rely on her own instincts instead. Growing tired form Babe defending Rithcie, Annie advises her that he is a “sociopath.” To score points with Krystal, Adam tells her about the full security force that he recruited to locate Richie. As he caresses Krystal’s arms, Colby takes the cue and head to check on the kids. Tad again keeps an eye on Adam’s maneuvers from the background. Krystal tries to figure out Adam’s moment for being so nice to her. In the meantime, the officer receives word that Ryan and Aidan left Richie’s hotel over an hour ago. Over hearing the information, Annie becomes frantic.  

Aidan pulls Ryan aside to knock some sense in him about his unsuccessful tactics. Ryan gives Aidan some “alone time” with Richie to utilize his “techniques.” While Ryan calls Annie, Aidan gets in Richie’s face and tries to intimidate him with his special “ops” background.  

As Zach and Kendall plan for a romantic interlude at home after stopping by to see Ian, Josh returns. Kendall surprises with a big thank you hug for being a great uncle to Ian. Once alone, Josh brings up the subject of Hannah. With that, Zach immediately advises of his plans to relieve her. In turn, Josh shocks Zach with his suggestion for him to keep her.  

Adam insists that there are no ulterior motives behind his warm and fuzzy side. Krystal does not buy his syrupy act and reminds Adam of her contempt for him. Julia emerges from watching the kids and apologizes to Babe for putting her in this position. In the meantime, Greenlee jokes with Annie to cheer her up. As she begins reassuring her again about Ryan’s safety, Annie receives a call from him. Although cryptic about their whereabouts, Ryan tells her they have Richie. Ryan abruptly cuts her off, as she frantically questions him about his plans. J.R., Lt. Perry, and Tad stand nearby to the conversation. After Annie describes the “polka” music in the background, the police conclude they are at Memorial Park and head for that location along with Annie.  

Meanwhile, Ryan reemerges and finds Aidan has confined Richie in a fenced area with a noose around his neck.  

Zach surmises Josh just wants to have Hannah around for himself. Zach appears impressed, when Josh reveals he believes Hannah is withholding information from them.

Kendall walks back in to grab Zach. She instinctively know that something is up, based on his facial expression. Without getting into his opinion, he relays Josh’s suggestion to retain Hannah, as they head for the hospital. 

Meanwhile, an incensed Adam meets Hannah at her hotel room and cracks the whip on her. Since she has been unable to track his one hundred million at Cambias, he menacingly reminds her about her “secret she must protect.” Hannah shakes, after he strokes her cheek and leaves.  

With Little A in his arms, J.R. starts working Greenlee with Zach’s bait. She smiles to herself about the thoughts of motherhood, after he leaves. Babe continues to defend Richie to Krystal, Tad, and Colby. The other three start looking at each other, as Colby points out Annie may be the “liar” not Richie.  

Meanwhile, Ryan questions Aidan’s judgment, and Richie begins goading Ryan. As the police begin banging on the door, Richie kicks the chair from under his feet to give them the worst impression. Ryan tries to grab him by the legs to relieve the pressure, as Annie and the officers enter. She gasps at the sight, while the police react accusatorily.

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