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All My Children Update Friday 10/5/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

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Kendall and Josh walk into Zach’s office to find Hannah and him in an embrace.  Josh and Kendall stare as Zach releases Hannah.  Zach says, “Hi” to them.  Kendall responds and says, “Hi yourself” and welcomes Hannah back.  She mentions that Zach told her that Hannah had returned, but she had not had a chance to see her.  Josh asks if they are interrupting something.  Zach immediately explains the hug by saying that Hannah was having a tough day.  Kendall is sorry to hear that.  She explains that they are there to share the champagne in a celebration.  She begins to tell Zach about Ian’s feeding.  He is shocked and happy and hugs his wife in celebration. 

Ryan and Annie passes Richie’s picture out at The Comeback.  Ryan starts asking who has seen the man on the flier.  Greenlee comes over and identify the man as Wes.  Ryan and Annie freak out because Wes/Richie is with Emma, Babe, and Little A.  The guard returns Annie’s call to tell her that he is not with Emma, because he was dismissed for the evening.  Annie begins to shake with fear.  Greenlee apologies to Annie for her past wrongdoings and then consoles Annie for her current trouble. 

Aidan and Ryan are at Wes' hotel room.  The place is unusually clean with nothing left behind.  They presume that Wes knew they were coming and did not leave a clue.  Aidan calls Wes/Richie smart.  They then find a picture of Emma which Aidan suggests Wes/Richie wanted them to find as a message to them. 

Babe is becoming antsy and a bit suspicious of Wes/Richie.  She is also uncomfortable because of the storm and the absence of a phone.  Babe discusses Annie and Emma.  She mentions how Annie defends Emma and loves her with all of her heart.  Wes/Richie tries to tell her secrets about his family.  He continues to reel Babe in by telling her that he doesn’t want to mess up their possible relationship.  He doesn’t want Babe to hate him.

Emma wakes up and ask Wes/Richie where are they, and can they go home.  He tells her that they can go home when the rain stops.  She responds that the rain has stopped.  Babe looks outside then agrees with Emma; the rain has stopped. 

Kendall, Zach, and Josh are eating mu shu pork.  Hannah is not a part of the party.  The three start talking about the babies, Ian and Spike, while showing pictures.  Hannah sits on the sofa looking jealous.  Kendall tries to include her by showing her the pictures.  Hannah finally excuses herself from the room.  Josh follows her and joins Hannah in her office.  He demands to know what just happened between Zach and her, and what happened that night in May.  She tells him that nothing went on because Zach rejected her.  Hannah tries to shoo Josh away, but he insists that she needs kisses.  They kiss, pet, and begin to undress, but Hannah recovers then leaves abruptly.

Julia arrives at the Comeback bar and apologies to Annie for letting Emma stay with Babe.  She explains that Kathy was ill, and she did not want Emma to become ill.  Tad reassures Julia that she did the right thing, and it is not her fault. 

Krystal and the Chandlers are at the Comeback bar worried about the absence of Babe and Little A.  J.R. is being “J.R.” which entails being demanding, yelling, and accusing.  Adam is sullen as he looks at Krystal, now knowing how she felt when he arranged for Jenny’s kidnapping.  He is truly concerned about Little A.  He apologies and Krystal accepts, but she does not want to forget.  Tad looks on.  Krystal believes that his apology will not mend their relationship.  The police sergeant is on the case because Derek is in Hawaii seeing his daughter, Danielle.  The sergeant gets details from Annie about her brother. 

Ryan and Aidan are trying to figure out Wes/Richie.  Ryan believes Wes/Richie wants to torture Annie by kidnapping Emma.  Wes/Richie wants to destroy their family.  He asks, “Where are they?”  Ryan explodes and makes a deadly threat into the air aimed at Wes/Richie. 

Kendall did not know that Hannah was back.  She looks at Zach and says, “So Hannah is back, and she is all yours.”  She wants to know what is going on with Hannah and Josh.  Zach tells her that Josh and Hannah are having an office romance.  She also wants to know what the real deal between Zach and Hannah is as well.  Zach tells Kendall that the last time that Hannah was in town, she wanted something from him.  Kendall asked, “What did she want from you Zach?”  That “something she wanted” was to have his baby Zach tells her.

Krystal and the Chandlers wait for word at the Comeback bar.  Babe walks in with Little A in her arms.  They all express their joy, and then immediately ask about Emma.  They also express their concern about Wes/Richie.  Babe does not understand because Wes/Richie is right outside following her.  Annie runs outside and sees Wes/Richie.  He hugs Emma tightly and says, ‘Hi sis” as if nothing is amiss.

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