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All My Children Update Thursday 10/4/07


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J.R. spots Greenlee in The Comeback bar and he tries to warm up to Greenlee by noting common enemies such as Zach and Kendall.  He tells her that Zach made idiots of them both.  Greenlee makes it clear that she does not want to tangle with Zach. 

Aidan joins Greenlee at The Comeback bar.  J.R. teases Greenlee about getting Kendallís leftovers, meaning Aidan.  Greenlee seems uninterested.  J.R. pretends to be able to deliver to Greenlee, what she really wants.  She expresses that she wants things the way they were.

Hannah comes into Zachís office, and states that she lied.  He wants to know what she lied about.  She tells him that she lied about wanting to have a baby with him.  She admits that she did not want to have a baby with him; she wanted him.

Kendall is at the hospital visiting Ian at night when Josh brings in Spike.  Kendall gushes all over him as if she has not seen him for a while.  She is upset because a preemie died, which means that a new mother will be going home without her baby.  Josh calms her down.  She talks to Spike about his little brother, Ian.  The nurse tells Kendall the good news that she can now feed her baby with a bottle, since the nasal breathing tube has been removed.  Kendall wants to tell Zach before she attempts to do it because she feels that she needs Zach there.  Josh insists that Zach would not approve of her leaving when she has an opportunity to feed Ian.  She should feed Ian now, and tell Zach later. 

Ryan and Annie know where Spike is, but does not know who has Emma.  Julia isnít answering her phone.  Ryanís intent is to post Richieís picture ASAP.  When Julia doesnít answer, Annie and Ryan become concerned.  Julia finally calls to tell Annie that Emma is with Babe for a play date.  She ensures Babe that the guard is with Emma which calms Annie down.  Annie and Ryan become suspicious that maybe Richie searched the apartment after finding things out of place.  Ryan wants Aidan to find Richie so that he can tear him apart.

Babe, Wes, Little A, and Emmaís picnic was rained out so they find a cabin for shelter.  They eat some of the snacks that they brought and play a little.  Wes asks Emma is she knew that there was a house-eating bunny and she laughs with him.  The kids are put down for a nap and Babe and Richie talk in detail about family.  Babe is surprised at how good he is with children.  Wes gives some details about his family.  He mentions that his mom is dead, but he is close to his father.  He tells Babe that his sister ruined their relationship.  Richie leaves Babe with the impression that he still loves his sister.

Zach assures Hannah that she need not be honest about what she wants from him but she insists.  Hannah fantasizes and tells him that the last night they spent together was the most beautiful night of her life.  Zach tries to discourage Hannah from giving him additional details about her true motives about him.  Hannah pretends (in her mind) that it happened, and that it was beautiful.  Zach has no clue as to what she is talking about, because he does not remember the incident the same way she does. 

Annie finally reaches Babe on the phone.  Babe gives Annie details about the storm, and tells her they will come home after the storm is over.  Emma letís Babe know that they are with Wes.  Babe wants to take Wes to meet Emmaís mom.  Emma talks with Annie and she asks her if she has ever heard of a house-eating bunny.  Annieís face loses its color.  Babe tells Wes that Annie would like to see Emma as soon as possible so he goes out to see if he can make it to the car. 

Hannah has convinced herself that Zach wanted her, and they had a beautiful night together.  Zach tells her that it didnít happen the way she described it and that he did not make love to her.  She reluctantly agrees and admits that her version is what she wishes had happened. 

Kendall feeds Ian and talks to him during the feeding expressing her love to baby Ian.  She wants to tell Zach about the feeding so she and Josh decide to go see Zach together. 

Hannah goes on and on about how it took her over two months to come to terms with the fact that Zach did not want her.  He states firmly that he loves Kendall.  Hannah continues to go on about spending two months at an expensive in-house care facility where she dealt with her feelings concerning Zach.  Zach does not want to know all of the details.  She wanted to tell him before someone else did.  When she starts to cry, Zach takes her in his arms to comfort her.  Josh and Kendall enter the office with Chinese food and are stunned by the scene before them.

Ryan and Annie arrive at The Comeback with the picture of Richie.  They show it to Aidan and Greenlee and Greenlee identifies him as Wes, the bartender at The Comeback.  Annie blanches and tells Ryan that he has Emma, Little A, and Babe in a cabin. 

Babe is trying to get through on her cell phone without any luck.  Wes comes back into the cabin and is soaking wet.  He tells her that there is zero visibility out there and that the rain is coming down very hard.  He suggests that they wait out the storm in the cabin and are lucky that they brought along snacks.  He tells Babe that ďto be safe, we should stay here tonight.Ē  The look on his face implies that he is appreciative of this lucky break for him.

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