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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/3/07


Written By Linda
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At Fusion, Kendall resents her mother’s intrusion and insistence she abort the “Greenlee project.”  Confused by the about face, Kendall demands an explanation.  In response, Erica advises she is acting out of concern for Kendall.

Aidan greets Greenlee with a warm kiss, at the Comeback.  In the course of conversation, Greenlee mentions the reconciliation between her and Kendall and requests his strictest confidence.  Greenlee then loudly asks whether he received Richie’s updated photo from Ryan.  Concerned for her safety, Aidan encourages her to use more discretion in public. 

Kendall remains unsatisfied with Erica’s so-called explanation.  In turn, Erica feels Kendall is acting too hastily.  Kendall insists on following through with her plan.  After she apprises Erica that her scheme involves hacking into Greenlee’s computer, Erica then warns her about the negative repercussions stemming from her illegal actions. 

Meanwhile, when Greenlee does not take Aidan’s caution seriously, he reminds her Richie could be anywhere, including the Comeback. 

As Zach proudly watches over Ian in NICU, J.R. walks up behind him to discuss their transaction.  Knowing he has reeled J.R. in, Zach advises him to concern himself only with his return from the deal.  Intrigued by Zach’s mysteriousness, J.R. keeps pushing for details on the bait he is to use on Greenlee.  Zach grins wryly, when J.R. wonders if he really salvaged any of Greenlee’s fertilized eggs.   

Trying to relate better with Colby, Adam allows her to bring Dre, Wren, and Corrina to the mansion to make a demo.  The loud music grates on Adam’s last nerve and Colby gives him some earplugs.  Adam then leaves the room to take a business call.  Sean arrives and mentions his covering of a civil disobedience rally for his school paper.  His comment opens up discussion amongst the band members.  Dre takes great umbrage with Wren’s comment that “war is good for big business.”  Sean then adds to the contentious atmosphere with a sarcastic quip directed at Adam for setting him up. 

After complimenting her on her pool skills, Krystal informally introduces herself to Hannah.  As the women engage in some girl talk, Krystal tries to ascertain whether Hannah is actively looking for “Mr. Right.”  In response, Hannah reveals she may have “met him once” but is no longer in the “market.”  Krystal relates to her sentiments.  Meanwhile, in hushed tones, Greenlee revisits the subject of Richie’s photo.  While acknowledging receipt, Aidan tries to discourage Greenlee’s interest in it without success.  Greenlee becomes incensed, when he discharges her as his assistant in Richie’s case. 

Kendall considers Erica’s change of heart as disloyal and remains resolved to exact her revenge.  In hopes of reaching her, Erica explains the reasons behind her new perspective.  Erica then further advises that she, along with Jack, is concerned Kendall’s hatred for Greenlee is consuming her.  Kendall begins appearing receptive, when Erica advises her to focus her energy more positively. 

To cut off further inquiry about his end of the bargain, Zach reminds J.R. of his transgressions against Kendall.  J.R. can barely look Zach in the eye, as he relays the fact Kendall asked him to spare J.R.’s life despite the fact he almost cost her hers and Spike’s. 

Adam urges Sean to move on, while Sean throws Colby’s ability to forgive his actions in his face.  As the rest of the room falls silent, Colby shoots an angry look at Sean.

The ever-petulant Greenlee resists giving up this opportunity to make amends with Ryan, while Aidan tries to impress upon her the inherent danger in her working on Richie’s case.  Aidan appears to have gotten through, when he reveals that he is cutting her out based on his caring for her. 

Despite Erica’s poignant plea, Kendall remains resigned and begins shutting Erica out.  A now desperate and defeated Erica starts pulling out all t he stops.  When she hunches over and refers to giving up her sobriety, she catches Kendall’s attention and concern. 

A contrite J.R. reminds Zach Babe was the target of his aggression at the time.  Despite the forgoing, Zach expects J.R. to make amends through his role in Zach’s scheme involving Greenlee.  J.R. again questions how he can convince Greenlee about the legitimacy of her eggs.  With that, Zach hands him supporting documents, and J.R. marvels at his ingenuity. 

Colby has a private discussion with Adam outside about Sean and Krystal.  Adam gives his reluctant approval of Sean while Colby looks for a strategy to help him win back Krystal.  Colby has a light bulb moment and enthusiastically suggests that he take Krystal fishing.

Meanwhile, Krystal and Hannah continue with their girl talk about their “exes.”  While admitting her uncontrollable attraction to him, Krystal refers to hers as a “toxic mess.”  Hannah, on the other hand, terms hers as “one of the good ones.”

As Zach takes back the so-called corroborative evidence, J.R. cannot resist asking whether those documents indicate that Zach actually possesses Greenlee’s fertilized eggs.  J.R. finally gets the hint, when Zach remains mute.  To cover all angles, J.R. worries Greenlee may wonder why Zach held onto her eggs fertilized by Ryan.  Zach lets J.R. take a stab at the answer on his own.  Zach approves of J.R.’s response, which is “leverage.”

In the meantime, Greenlee remains persistent.  Greenlee is amazed, when she realizes Aidan suspects her stubbornness equates to her having lingering feelings for Ryan. 

Kendall’s concern for Erica transforms into anger for “being played.”  She was hoping Kendall would connect the damaging aspects of Erica’s addiction to her own, exacting revenge on Greenlee.  Kendall finally begins tearing, when Erica implores her to see the wake of her destructive path and to focus on her family’s well-being. 

As a show of good faith, Zach hands J.R. half of the agreed upon “seed money.”  Zach then conditions the remainder upon J.R. acquiring Greenlee’s stock in Fusion.  Zach reveals his intentions are ultimately to deceive Greenlee, when he informs J.R. that she gets “nothing” in exchange for her shares.  With an evil grin on his face, J.R. becomes a willing participant.  Zach subtly forebodes J.R. from “double crossing” him.  In turn, J.R. reassures him that he will deliver “the goods.”

Realizing the error of her ways, Kendall claims she will terminate “project Greenlee.”  As Erica gives her a hug of encouragement, Kendall fixates on a photo depicting all of the Fusion women together. 

Greenlee cites examples as proof of her romantic disinterest in Ryan.  Sensing Aidan’s continued disbelief, Greenlee accuses him of being jealous.  Meanwhile, Krystal and Hannah continue commiserating over their “exes.”

When Adam feels hopeless about his ability to reconcile with Krystal, Colby pushes him to reconsider before it is too late.  As she walks off, Stuart shows up.  Anxious for answers as to why Krystal cut her ties with him, Adam accuses Stuart of “outing” him to her.  Meanwhile inside, Sean shows Colby and the band members his shots for their album cover.  As Wren refers to the conspicuously missing Dre as “the invisible man,” he counters with, “faces lie.”  Colby appears troubled by Dre’s guarded anonymity.  Outside, Stuart is hurt by Adam’s false accusation.  A big smile then emerges on Stuart’s face, when Adam informs him Krystal withdrew her ban on him.  Adam smiles as he deduces that Krystal prefers the imitation Stuart to real thing.  Convinced Krystal still loves Adam, Stuart gives him a congratulatory hug. 

Before heading home, Hannah lets Krystal know how much she enjoyed their conversation.  Back inside, Greenlee grins, as Aidan profusely denies her jealously accusations.  With her arms now around his neck, a confidant Greenlee feels sure that Aidan finds her irresistible. 

After Erica leaves Fusion, Kendall calls Bianca for help with “a big problem” that is their mother. 

Adam asks Corrina, if she knows any classic love songs.  As she belts out a familiar tune, Adam appears wistful.  With the music in the background, a contemplative Krystal prepares to close the Comeback for the evening.  Inside, Aidan abruptly walks out, as Greenlee insists she is over Ryan.  The scenes then are juxtaposed between a teary-eyed Adam and a reflective Krystal and Greenlee.  Greenlee’s immersion is interrupted by the slick J.R. now laying Zach’s groundwork. 

Kendall manages to bait Bianca into inviting the meddlesome Erica to Paris.  Kendall reacts as though it was Bianca’s idea and resumes fabricating “Greenlee’s journal.”  Ironically, Erica’s prophecy seems to come true, as a concerned Kendall has to cut short her call to Bianca to answer one from the hospital. 

Meanwhile in his office, Zach is deep in thought.  To his surprise, Hannah shows up and says, “I lied to you.”  Zach appears as though he is now waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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