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All My Children Update Tuesday 10/2/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

After snuggling by the home fireplace, Jack needs to use Erica as a sounding board about Greenlee.  As he expresses concern over her recent “PI” stint with Aidan, he grapples for the appropriate word to describe her behavior.  Erica has no trouble filling in the blank with this suggested adjective, “Dangerous?”

At Fusion, Kendall scowls at the tardy Greenlee, while Amanda and Babe go over the rack of clothing projected for spring.  The women speculate as to whether Ava will grace them with her presence.  When Babe is anxious to leave work early, Amanda teases her about having another date with her new guy. 

Meanwhile, Wes/Richie busies himself with work, while Krystal sings his praises to Tad for coming in on his day off and making Babe happy.  Ironically, at the same time, Wes/Richie stares at his niece, Emma’s, picture and notes the likeness of her eyes to her mother’s.  In their island paradise, an anxious Annie fixates on his updated photograph, while threatening him aloud to stay away from Emma.  Ryan returns and advises the weather conditions are still not conducive for travel.  Sensing foreboding doom, Annie becomes more desperate to get home.  Ryan tries to soothe her with a warm hug.  The scene shifts back to Wes/Richie still looking at Emma’s photo with an evil grin on his face.  Then back to Annie attempting to impress upon Ryan the imminent danger their daughter is in.  Through the circulation of Richie’s photo, Ryan reassures Annie that he will be apprehended.  After all that they have endured, Annie starts believing their relationship is jinxed.  Realizing Annie cannot withstand much more, Ryan works on coming up with an alternative method to leave the island. 

Wes/Richie describes his plans for the children’s’ outing to Krystal and Tad.  Once alone, Krystal continues to rave about him.  With that, Tad takes notice of the fact Hannah has arrived.  As he draws Krystal’s attention to the entrance, Adam darkens the Comeback.  Tad jokingly refers to him as the, “anti-Wes” to Krystal.  Having ended things with him, Krystal attempts to shoo Adam away. 

Jonathan heads over to Lily’s for information on Ava’s whereabouts.  After learning Ava stayed there last night, he asks Lily about Ava’s emotional state.  In response, Lily wonders if Jonathan in any way contributed to Ava’s pillow punching. 

As Ava arrives at work, the last thing she wants to see is Babe, now trying on a wedding veil.  Suspecting the Fusion women are somehow in on Jonathan’s marriage proposal, an angry Ava begins trying to pry the veil from Greenlee and Babe’s hands.  While the others grow confounded by her actions, Ava starts rambling on about the pitfalls of being married.  Kendall manages to make sense of Ava’s rant and starts saying what transpired aloud.  The rest then catch on and finish her sentence.  A melodramatic Ava grabs hold of Greenlee for relief from her terrible plight of being proposed to.  Greenlee mouths “Help,” to the rest of the Fusion women. 

Meanwhile, Jack continues in his efforts to make sense of Greenlee’s recent actions.  As always, Erica jumps to the conclusion that Greenlee is up to no good.  Jack immediately presumes the opposite, hence, their impasse over Greenlee escalates.  When Jack reasons that Greenlee’s return to work bodes well for her relationship with Kendall, an uncomfortable Erica plays down the significance.  Jack appears saddened, when Erica doubts Kendall will ever forgive Greenlee.  She then appears empathetic, when Jack laments that both Lily and Greenlee narrowly escape happiness.  While clasping her hand in his, Jack still hopes Kendall can somehow forgive Greenlee’s transgressions.  Knowing Kendall is hell-bent on vengeance, Erica’s discomfort level grows. 

While Ava sobs over the situation, Kendall and Greenlee advise her to take things slowly.  Babe and Amanda, on the other hand, try to ascertain Ava’s feelings.  When an insensitive Greenlee points out the oddity in Jonathan proposing to his former wife’s look-a-like sister, Ava starts crying uncontrollably. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan struggles to find the right words to respond to Lily.  Sensing his awkwardness, Lily turns to head inside.  With that, the ring box drops from Jonathan’s hand.  Jonathan is now forced to tell Lily the truth.  After learning about his intentions concerning Ava, Lily begins hyperventilating and counting backwards.  Once she starts calming, Jonathan attempts to assess Lily’s reaction.  Back at Fusion, Greenlee cannot resist asking the already traumatized Ava, if Jonathan ever mistakes her for Lily.  When Ava, Amanda, and Babe balk at the question, Kendall begins chastising Greenlee.  As Kendall and Greenlee bicker, the other three take this opportunity to leave.  When they are alone, Kendall perplexes Greenlee, when she begins roaring with laughter. 

Tad amuses himself by watching Hannah play a solitary game of pool.  His introduction to her is unnecessary, as she was aware he investigated her during the satin slayer case.  Hannah begins to resist the charms of the impressed Tad.  He manages to break the ice, when he challenges her to a $100 stake pool match.  With a wry grin, Hannah responds with, “Rack ‘em.”  Tad winces at the thought of the alternative connotation.  Meanwhile outside, Krystal reaffirms her position to Adam.  In turn, Adam claims he is only approaching her for reconsideration in terms of Stuart.  Krystal resists, since Stuart is a painful reminder of Adam.  She appears taken aback, when Adam remarks she is the best at telling the two brothers apart.  From inside, Wes/Richie calls Babe to confirm their plans.  The scene shifts back and forth between him and Babe.  An excited Babe comments on their upcoming outing and its anticipated “fun.”  After hanging up, Wes/Richie says aloud, “You have no idea,” as he grabs a sharp knife from the bar counter and slides it into his backpack. 

Ryan and Annie approach the island proprietor, Mr. Litchfield.  As he declines them means of departure, Ryan requests he summon the Coast Guard.  As he resists, a tearful Annie begs him to reconsider as “a matter of life and death” regarding her brother.  When Ryan follows her lead and Annie continues imploring him, Mr. Litchfield caves in and agrees to make the request.  Ryan appears to view her with suspicion, based on her latter convincing performance. 

Jack tries to impress upon Erica the importance of Kendall letting go of her hatred.  When Jack advises, “how lucky he is to have her,” Erica appears racked with guilt.  She becomes so uncomfortable, she makes an excuse to cut their conversation short. 

Kendall explains their circumstances warrant a show of contention, especially in front of Babe and Amanda.  Greenlee agrees with Kendall’s reasoning.  Despite their “agreement,” Kendall then allows her to inquire about Spike and Ian.  After learning of their progress, an ecstatic Greenlee reaches out to hug Kendall.  In keeping with her “terms,” Kendall deflects her gesture.  Before Kendall leaves Greenlee to do her work, Greenlee admits their pretense, for the benefit of others, causes her pain. 

Despite Jonathan’s best efforts to reach out to her, a clearly upset Lily darts inside and closes the door.  He appears distraught over Lily’s reaction.  As he then turns from the porch, he sees that Ava has arrived. 

After Hannah beats him hands down, Tad tries to engage her in small talk about her return to Pine Valley.  Unsure of his motives, Hannah remains coy.  Tad appears intrigued.

Meanwhile, Babe arrives with the kids and fleetingly greets Krystal outside with Adam.  Adam takes another crack at her about Stuart.  As a matter of her own survival, Krystal remains resolved.  Inside, Wes/Richie gets reacquainted with little A and warms up to Emma.  He then begins “psyching” the kids up about their “picnic.”

After growing up the way she did, Annie immediately picks up on Ryan’s vibes and confronts him.  Ryan explains his initial reaction to her performance and reconfirms his faith in her.  With that, Mr. Litchfield returns with good news.  The ecstatic couple embraces each other. 

Jack sees a distraught Lily rocking back and forth on the sofa.  When he learns of Jonathan’s intentions, he appears anguished for Lily and tries to comfort her.  Outside, after Ava apologizes for her abrupt departure last night, Jonathan advises her about Lily.  As Ava faults him for being premature in his disclosure, he explains how Lily found out.  While giving her the ring to hold onto, Jonathan proclaims his true love and willingness to back her in her quest for fame.  After he leaves, Ava appears torn about her decision.  Inside, Lily picks up on Jack sadness.  In reaction, Jack tells her how much he loves her, and Lily expresses her mutual love for him. 

Erica arrives at Fusion, as Kendall drafts another message to Spike from Greenlee.  A startled Kendall quickly shuts off the computer and addresses Erica in a sharp tone.  With that, Erica immediately proclaims, “The Greenlee project is over.”

While watching other Comeback patrons toast to “best friends,” a wistful Greenlee flashes to a warm toast between her and Kendall.  Outside, Tad walks up on Krystal and Adam.  Tad then leaves, after the two men exchange mutual barbs.  While approaching her one last time on Stuart’s behalf, Adam slips and says, “Please give me another chance.”  As an emotional Krystal heads inside, she advises that Stuart is welcomed in her home anytime.  Meanwhile inside, Wes/Richie asks Babe about the need for Emma’s guard.  As they head for their picnic, Wes/Richie lifts Emma from her seat and grabs a basket and the bag containing the knife.  Mistaken in her feeling of security, Babe approaches Emma’s bodyguard and relieves him.  Although he questions the soundness of her judgment, Babe assures Chuck that Emma is safe without him.  As they say goodbye to Krystal, Wes/Richie holds Emma.  Meanwhile, the proprietor escorts Ryan and Annie to their transportation.  At the same time, Wes/Richie carries Emma, while Babe holds Little A.  Wes/Richie briefly pauses to kiss Emma and to tell her, “You are the spitting image of a girl I knew a long time ago.”

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