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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At The Comeback, Zach continues to dangle the proverbial carrot in front of J.R.’s nose.  Growing tired, J.R. demands to know if Zach is going to help him with serious investors for his network or not.  Zach keeps him intrigued with his mysterious comment about how J.R. is going to be “helping him” instead.

While Kendall rifles through Greenlee’s belongings, Greenlee returns home with Aidan.  Kendall gets a chance to secret herself, while the two passionately lock lips outside the front door.  The two lovers make their way into her dimly lit home and wind up on the couch.  Kendall remains hidden from their view. 

After kissing him by the park, Babe lets Wes know she is interested in him.  Wes smiles in response.

Meanwhile at their island hideaway, Annie frightfully exclaims, “That’s Richie,” when Ryan shows her a photo Aidan obtained from Eddie Johnson’s cellular phone.  The photo depicts an almost identical resemblance to Wes after Ryan updates the image with software.  Ironically, Annie would not put it past her brother to “hide in plain view.”

In the meantime, Wes tells Babe how glad he is about coming to Pine Valley and gives her a general response regarding his future plans for remaining there.

Despite the fact she and Ryan are secluded, Annie begins freaking out about Emma and Spike’s safety with Richie on the loose. 

Having seen J.R.’s car parked outside, an excited Ava arrives at The Comeback and finds Jonathan outside.  Her hopes are quickly dashed when he sternly advises that he will not invest in J.R.’s business in order to protect her.  Meanwhile on the inside, Zach reels J.R. into negotiations.  As the investor, Zach deftly persuades J.R. to come up with a realistic figure.  When Zach willingly agrees to invest three million dollars, J.R. wonders about the quid pro quo.  With a smirk, Zach advises J.R. that he has to “get rid of Greenlee” in return. 

At her apartment, Greenlee and Aidan get down to business, as Kendall remains stuck.  Their interlude is interrupted by a call from Ryan.  Kendall can overhear Aidan’s end from her vantage point.  During the exchange, the scene shifts between Aidan and Ryan.  As Ryan prints the updated photo, he manages to advise Aidan that Annie confirmed it as Richie.  Their reception begins breaking up, as Ryan requests Aidan to disseminate the touched up photo upon receipt of it from him.  Aidan cannot hear Ryan when he advises they are in the process of returning home immediately.  When Greenlee realizes what is going on, she wants to participate in more action.  Aidan disappoints her when he dashes to the office without her.  Kendall begins stirring.  After turning on a light and scary movie, Greenlee hears a noise and reaches for a pair of scissors. 

A thunderstorm immobilizes Ryan and Annie.  She then calls Julia to warn her to keep a close eye on Emma.  Due to the interference form the storm, Julia cannot hear Annie, and Annie cannot hear Julia’s remark about Kathy being sick.  As Ryan tries to calm a now-hysterical Annie, the power goes out.  Ryan attempts to make his way through the darkness to reach a flashlight.

With his talk of plans for the future, Wes tells Babe what she wants to hear.  She is beginning to fall under his spell. 

To manipulate him, Ava twists Jonathan’s warnings about J.R. into his preventing her from succeeding.  As he protests the allegations, Ava continues with the drama and breaks a glass.  Meanwhile inside, Zach wonders about the commotion outside.  Anxious to get back on track, J.R. wants Zach to spell things out for him.  J.R. does not know how to respond when Zach wants him to convince Greenlee to hand over her shares in Fusion to him.  J.R. wonders how he can pull this off.  In the meantime, Ava continues having a tempter tantrum, while Jonathan tries to reason with her.  Back inside, J.R. cannot understand why Zach approached him, of all people.  Zach satisfies his curiosity with, “Greenlee will never connect you to me.”  J.R.’s interest is piqued as Zach advises he is in possession of the perfect bargaining chip.

Greenlee tries to determine the source of the noise.  When Kendall thinks the coast is clear, she emerges from behind the fireplace.  Greenlee starts thinking her mind is playing tricks on her and shuts off the movie.  After Greenlee heads upstairs to shower, Kendall takes another crack at her laptop.

Now powerless and deprived of phone access, Ryan leaves Annie to get help.  With the benefit of candlelight, Annie stares at Richie’s enhanced picture and begins hearing echoed voices chanting, “Ring around the Rosie.”

Wes and Babe continue their romantic evening outdoors.  With that, Julia happens to call her.  The scene shifts back and forth between the two during the exchange.  Wes hears Babe willingly agree to babysit Emma tomorrow.  After Babe fills him in about Emma, Wes jumps at the chance to volunteer as Babe’s assistant babysitter. 

Now intrigued, J.R. tries to guess to what Zach is referring.  Zach wryly smiles when J.R. mentions that the bargaining chip is offering Greenlee “Ryan Lavery’s kid.”

While Greenlee dries her hair, Kendall tries to conclude her undercover operation.  Just before Greenlee returns to living room, Kendall manages to sneak out.  Someone knocks at the door.  Armed with her handy scissors, Greenlee opens it to Aidan.  After attempting to explain them away, Greenlee presses Aidan about his office trip, and he reveals he never received Richie’s enhanced photo and suspects Ryan is without power.  As Greenlee basks in the success of her role as “Mrs. Eddie Johnson,” Aidan returns to the scissors subject.  Greenlee finally admits she suspects that there was an intruder inside her home.

Wes’ plans to take her and the kids for a little day trip blow Babe away.  She cannot help but accept his inviting offer. 

Meanwhile, as Annie fixates on Richie’s picture, she flashes to when she and her brother were playing Ring around Rosie as children.  Through her flashback, Richie’s diabolical tendencies are revealed, as he breaks her doll and threatens to tell their parents that she broke it.  Ryan happens to return while Annie remains in deep thought.  After he jars her out of it, Annie is more determined than ever to track Richie down.

Ava’s efforts to draw Jonathan in as an investor result in an unexpected turn of events.  Her jaw drops as he gets down on bended knee and proposes marriage to her. 

When Greenlee cannot come up with anything concrete, Aidan suspects she's just unnerved by the Eddie Johnson and Richie Novak mystery but offers to stay overnight for her peace of mind.  Greenlee gladly accepts, and the two pick up where they left off on the sofa.  Meanwhile, after her covert activities, Kendall accesses Greenlee’s computer remotely.  While reciting Greenlee’s so-called “message to Spike,” the details of Kendall’s set-up of Greenlee unfold.   

After returning home, an excited Babe leaves a follow-up message on Julia’s voicemail concerning arrangements for Emma and her plans to bring Wes along. 

Meanwhile, Ryan does his best to reassure Annie that Emma is safe with Julia.  Now frantic, Annie relays more horror stories about Richie’s cruelty as a child such as when he killed another little boy and literally stole his life. Ryan grabs hold of her as Annie has a mini-breakdown about being stuck overnight on the island while Emma is at Richie's mercy.  Wes enters Annie and Ryan’s home and, with an evil grin on his face, strokes Emma’s picture and tells her he is her “Uncle Richie.”

Ava is overwhelmed by Jonathan’s heartfelt proposal and runs off.  In the meantime, inside The Comeback, Zach leaves J.R. to ponder whether he destroyed all of Greenlee’s eggs and other unanswered questions.  Once alone, J.R. appears to contemplate his next move.

While Greenlee and Aidan make love, Kendall continues to carry out her plan.  The scene shifts between Kendall furiously typing from Fusion and the two lovers.  Through speaking aloud, Kendall reveals the damning content of “Greenlee’s message” contrived by her.  Words like, “Mommy and baby together again, forever” are carefully selected to set Greenlee up.  With an expression of extreme satisfaction, Kendall “sends” the message.

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