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All My Children Update Friday 9/28/07


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After practice time in the batting cage, Babe and Wes discuss baseball.  Babe wanted to be a ballerina when she was growing up.  Wes wanted to be a pro baseball player.  Babe and Wes talk about themselves and continue to get to know each other. 

J.R. is talking on the phone at The Comeback when Jonathan shows up.  Jonathan teases J.R. about his lack of business funding.  J.R. pretends that he has other partners. 

Greenlee and Aidan discuss all the things that they found in Eddie Johnson’s belongings and then Aidan shows Greenlee the check written on Annie’s account.  Greenlee decides that that seals Annie’s fate and that she is the guilty party since the evidence of the locket, check, and the last call on the cell phone is overwhelming.  Aidan points out that all of this evidence is too pat and that what it really determines is that Annie was being set up and that Ryan was right. 

Annie likes the beach and feels safe and loves being there.  Ryan promises to build her a sand castle.  He takes her makeup compact, empties it out, and fills it with sand as a keepsake.  Annie and Ryan are both hot and wet from swimming.  Annie rubs oil on Ryan's back, and then kisses him.  Rolling around on the bed, they remove their clothing and make love. 

Wes and Babe discuss their time at the batting cages and Babe feels that, after 12 years, she should be able to deal with getting hit in the face with a softball.  Wes laughs and says that he can just see Krystal going after the player who hit Babe.  Babe tells him that she not only went after that kid, she went after the catcher, the coach, and the pitcher.  Babe informs Wes that she wanted to be a ballerina when she was young but that they never stayed in one place long enough for her lessons to amount to anything.  He talks about being drafted to play baseball in the big leagues but that things in his personal life changed causing him to miss out on this opportunity.  They agree that their inner ballerina and inner baseball player should hang out together.  Babe asks Wes what his big secret is and he tells her that “what you see is what you get” and that he has no big secret to tell her about. 

Kendall sneaks into Greenlee’s apartment and finds a big mess.  Slowly she looks around the place and finds a framed picture of herself and Greenlee.  She has flashbacks about Greenlee and her starting Fusion together, and the making of the green tea fragrance.  After looking at the Fusion scrapbooks and Simone’s rap sheet, Kendall hesitates and momentarily decides that she cannot destroy Greenlee.  Then she finds a rattle that Spike had in the car the night of the accident, and the horrible feelings from that night come over her making her hate Greenlee all over again.  As she's finally about to leave, Kendall hears Aidan and Greenlee in the hallway making out as the key turns in the doorknob.

Zach and Hannah brainstorm ideas for getting Greenlee away from Fusion.  When Lily walks in, Hannah suggests she leave because she is Greenlee’s sister, but Lily points out she's only related to Greenlee by adoption.  Zach trusts Lily and tells her to stay.  Lily understands that what is said at Cambias stays there.  Since they can't get either Kendall or Greenlee away from Fusion, Hannah’s big idea is that Cambias destroy Fusion.  Zach is not sold on destroying Fusion because that would destroy Kendall.  Hannah believes that Kendall can start another company without Greenlee and be grateful for it, but Zach is adamant that they will not destroy Fusion. 

Lily gives Zach information about J.R.’s beauty network proposal for his new company.  Zach decides that J.R. is the key to bringing down Greenlee. 

Aidan calls Ryan and apologizes to him for doubting Annie.  He tells Ryan that Richie is a very dangerous man who put a lot of time into trying to make his sister look guilty.  He tells Ryan that he found some photos in Eddie Johnson’s things and says that he is going to send a photo to him that he thinks might be Richie.  Ryan tells him to e-mail it to him because he has his laptop with him.  Ryan uses his computer program to erase the long hair, beard, and mustache, revealing the face of Wes, the new Comeback bartender.  While examining the picture, Ryan decides he will find Richie.  Annie sees the photo and yells, “Oh, my God.  That's Richie.  That's my brother.”  The show then flashes to Wes kissing Babe and back to the photo of Richie.  The big reveal is that Wes and Richie are one and the same.

Zach visits The Comeback to speak to J.R.  He teases J.R. about not being able to go after Fusion and Kendall without him finding out.  A defeated J.R. tells Zach that it doesn't matter anyway, because his plan is dead in the water, due of a lack funding.  Zach then gives him hope by saying, “What if I told you it doesn't have to be?”

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