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J.R. wants to know if Ava has convinced Jonathan to invest in his Internet business venture.  Ava, not wanting to admit failure at the task, stalls at giving J.R. the truth. 

After noticing Greenlee in her disguise, Jack wants answers about what she is up to.  Not wanting Greenlee to be arrested, Aidan urges him to calm down.  Greenlee and Aidan tell him that they are doing an investigation and tell him not to worry.  Aidan makes up a story and tells Jack that Greenlee is helping him as a decoy.  Jack is upset because Greenlee looks like a three-dollar hooker.  He tells Aidan that Greenlee has been hurt enough.  He trusts Aidan with Greenlee, but says Aidan better not make him regret it.  Greenlee and Aidan sit down to look at what was in the "robber's" belongings.  They find a cell phone, and a couple of bucks.  Aidan is disappointed, and then they find a personal check from Annie Lavery.  Aidan and Greenlee go through the phone numbers and the last call was made to Annie's voicemail.

Erica walks into Kendall’s home and says she want to talk to her about her plans for Greenlee.  Zack overhears, and starts to ask questions but Erica changes the subject to Ian by asking about his well-being.  Zach realizes that the subject is being changed.  Kendall and Erica try to fake the conversation, but Zach sees through it.  Zach leaves to visit Ian.  Erica wants to know why Kendall won't let Zach in on the plans for Greenlee.  Kendall doesn’t want to risk his involvement.  Erica does not want her to risk everything for revenge against Greenlee.  Kendall is willing to take the risk because she knows that Greenlee will never stop.  She knew that when she was holding Ian and Greenlee appeared.

Hannah stops by the hospital with paperwork for Zach.  Zach is unsure why she came to the hospital when she could have called him.  He is suspicious of her behavior because of her previous break-ins.  He reminds her of the day she broke into his condo before she left town.  She pretends to have forgotten it, and wants him to do the same.  He does not believe her.

Kendall intends to lure Greenlee in, and make her think that they are close.  Greenlee calls Kendall to chat and Kendall keeps up the pretense of wanting to reconnect with her.  They talk about Aidan and Greenlee remembers that Kendall has a history with Aidan as well.  Kendall gets Greenlee off the phone as Erica re-enters the living room after visiting Spike.  Erica does not understand what Kendall will do once Greenlee feels close to her again.  Erica is uncertain that Kendall will be able to keep up the act and reminds Kendall that she can expect retaliation from Greenlee if she figures out what Kendall is attempting to do.  Kendall believes she can handle it and declares that she will have her revenge. 

Hannah is aware that Zach does not trust her.  She tells him again that she is there to help and not cause any problems with him or Kendall.  He gives her a skeptical look.  She offers to leave Cambias if she is not wanted.  Hannah figures out that Zach thinks she is there to take Ian.  He tells her about Greenlee intruding on Ian’s first time he was held by his mom.  Hannah suggests getting rid of Greenlee.  Zach admits that he cannot do that.

Aidan finds a check for five thousand dollars made out to Eddie Johnson from a checking account in Annie’s name.  He hides the check from Greenlee until they finish going through his belongings. 

Jonathan did not commit to giving Ava, and J.R. the money.  Ava thinks that he will do anything for her.  J.R. tells her that they should forget about Jonathan for now, and work on ending the contract with Fusion.

Wes and Babe discuss J.R. and the part that he plays in Babe’s life at this time.  Babe assures Wes that J.R. removed himself from Babe’s heart a long time ago.  When Babe asks Wes questions about him and his past, he puts her off and talks her into joining him in a surprise activity that he has planned for her. 

Zack asks Hannah if she was serious about helping him and she says, ”Yes.”  He tells her to get Greenlee to come to his office as he leaves.

Kendall is discouraged when Erica seems to try to talk her out of getting her revenge on Greenlee.  Kendall says that she needs her mother’s help and encouragement if this plan is to work.  Erica tells her that she can count on her and that the Kane women cannot lose when they stick together. 

Hannah calls someone and says that things are going well.  She also says, “No he doesn't suspect anything.”

J.R. tells Ava to get Fusion to dismiss her by doing what she does best.  He explains to her that Fusion will get rid of her if she causes trouble.  He convinces her to go to the casinos and cause some trouble there. 

Wes and Babe go to a batting cage and Wes gives Babe batting lessons.  She doesn’t respond well to them because she was hit by a softball when she played in little league ball. 

Kendall is searching for keys to Greenlee's apartment.

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