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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Aidan stoops over Greenlee to prepare her for their collaborative “undercover operation.”  The more excited Greenlee becomes about her role, the more Aidan regrets involving her.  As Greenlee rises, Aidan’s work is shown in plain view.  Her disguise as “Mrs. Eddie Johnson” is enhanced by Aidan’s tattoo artistry.  As Greenlee readies to enter the police department, the “Eddie tattoos” on her body are very visible.

At their home, Ryan gives Annie a comforting hug, before asking her why she left the house doors wide open.  In response, Annie offers her resolve to put an end to Richie’s terrorization as explanation.  Ryan appears greatly disturbed by her words.

Sean does a photo shoot of the band at the beach.  Clad in dark glasses, Dre tries to thwart Sean’s endeavors by picking a fight with him.

Meanwhile, Colby has breakfast with Adam at the Chandler mansion.  In hopes of relating to her better, Adam acts like Joe cool.  To his surprise, Colby asks her father just to “be himself.”

Tad happens to walk in their living room just as Krystal warns Jenny about the pitfalls of being vulnerable to certain men.  After kissing Jenny, Tad promises to protect her from the “silver-hair devils” her mother was referring to.  When Tad then comments on her weakness concerning Adam, Krystal does not like the direction the conversation is taking.  In turn, she forces Tad to explain his “I love Krystal” declaration to Adam.  In light of Adam’s transgressions against all who love him, Tad claims he was trying to toy with Adam’s mind.  Krystal then tries to convince Tad she went to see Adam in reference to her concerns for Colby.  Tad does not buy her explanation for one second. 

Knowing her actions are illegal, Aidan grows more worried about Greenlee’s nonchalant behavior.  Before entering the police department, “Mrs. Johnson” reassures him she can dupe the police into giving her Eddie’s property.  A receiver clad Aidan paces in the parking lot, while Greenlee approaches Officer Jeter.  Although the officer is willing to comply with her request, he must clear it with the “chief.”  As he places a call to Derek, Greenlee appears panic-stricken.  Overhearing the exchange from outside, Aidan laments his decision to involve Greenlee in the operation. 

Ryan’s efforts to reassure Annie fall on deaf ears.  While taking issue with her “dare” tactics, Ryan whips out the knife she planned to use to defend herself against Richie.  Annie becomes speechless, as Ryan questions the soundness of her judgment.  Ryan has to calm her, when a now hysterical Annie rattles on about Richie’s methodical manipulation skills.  Despite his best efforts, Annie remains resolved to confront Richie head on. 

Greenlee tries to sweet-talk the officer without success.  She and Aidan breathe a sigh of relief, when Derek cannot be reached.  She again uses her art of persuasion with the officer, while Aidan gives instructions.  She manages to convince the officer to seek permission elsewhere.  Just as Aidan gets another feeling of relief, Jack enters the parking lot.  Aidan quickly jumps out of Jack’s view.  Once Jack heads inside, Aidan rushes in after him. 

Sean takes out his laptop and begins interviewing the band members to create their respective biographies.  Corrina starts first with her close family background. 

While Krystal insists her intentions are to keep Adam at arm’s length, she cannot help but admit she still wants to see him sometimes.  Through his humorous, albeit serious, reference to the “twelve-step program,” Tad gets Krystal to admit she is addicted to Adam.

Colby convinces Adam “to chill” with her by going fishing.  With fishing poles in hand, the two enjoy their warm father-daughter moment. 

Annie finally quiets, as Ryan reminds her that she is not facing Richie alone as in the past. 

Aidan attempts to divert Jack before he runs into Greenlee.  With all of his stammering, Jack thinks Aidan is attempting to get his blessing to marry Greenlee.  When Officer Jeter returns to the office without Eddie’s personal effects, Greenlee creates a commotion and plays the discrimination card.  Jack overhears her disguised voice and wonders what is going on, while Aidan feigns ignorance.  With that, the phone rings and the officer receives permission to release the items.  Greenlee finally shuts up as the officer heads for the property room.  In the hallway, Aidan manages to divert Jack’s attention back to him.  When Aidan keeps grappling for words, Jack advises he was kidding about the marriage comment.  Jack appears confounded, when Aidan comes up with a lame excuse for stopping him.

Ryan advises Annie he rented a fully secured half of an island for a brief respite.  After convincing her that Spike and Emma are secure with Zach and Kendall, Annie concedes to go with him.  She even smiles, when Ryan begins kissing her. 

Tad continues in his efforts to purge Adam from Krystal’s system.  Krystal is not convinced Tad’s “declaration” was only for Adam’s benefit, based on his recent affections towards her.  She then puts Tad on the spot concerning his true feelings. 

Adam shares fond memories of him and Stuart fishing together.  Through their conversation, Adam realizes he has misplaced his values by putting money before love and family.  As a teary-eyed Adam seeks forgiveness from Colby, she throws her arms around him and advises she loves him.

Ren is equally forthcoming with his biographical information.  Dre becomes indignant when Sean tries to take a close up of him.  Sean is puzzled by his behavior.

While holding Jenny, Tad beats around the bush.  Deciding to keep things light, he claims he loves the “roommate” set-up and starts harping on her about Adam again.  After giving him an affectionate hug, Krystal leaves the house.  Tad suspects she is headed for Adam’s. 

Colby now hopes to persuade a resistant Adam to forgive Krystal.  The progress of their conversation is interrupted, when Adam has to help her reel in a fish.

Aidan runs after Jack to block his view of Greenlee in the office.  Meanwhile the officer emerges with Eddie's items at the same time.  Greenlee manages to rush out without being detected by Jack, while Aidan employs the same diversionary tactic.

The other band members get the reluctant Dre to pose for a group close-up shot.  As Sean clicks the camera, Dre turns his head around. 

Tad has a loving unilateral talk with Jenny and promises always to be there for her.   

Krystal finds Colby and Adam in the back yard.  Colby rushes off to give them privacy.  After making idle chitchat, Krystal cuts ties with Adam through symbolic gestures.  Based on his identical appearance, Krystal requests Adam to advise Stuart no to come to her house any longer.  Adam appears devastated, when she hands back his wedding gift to her also.  Krystal takes one last look at him, before leaving. 

Greenlee meets Aidan in the parking lot with the box.  As she rifles through it for clues, Aidan admits how impressed he is with her performance.  As they delight in their joint effort to evade Jack, he walks up behind them and demands an explanation. 

Annie and Ryan get on their penthouse elevator to leave for their trip.  After the door closes on the kissing couple, a shadowy figure emerges from the hallway and tries to gain access to their home.

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