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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In the spirit of self-fulfilling prophecy, J.R. orders a bottle of champagne from Del at ConFusion.  He then proceeds to brag about his near acquisition of Ava to Amanda.  Meanwhile, Jonathan and Ava arrive.  To avoid further stigmatizing her, Jonathan discourages Ava’s public display of affection.  He smiles, when a brash Ava disagrees with him.  With Ava’s effective art of persuasion, she tries to entice Jonathan into investing in J.R.’s web-based concept.  As Jonathan wonders how she got around J.R.’s feigned disinterest in her, a guilty-faced Ava begins flashing to their passionate kiss. 

As Greenlee takes umbrage with him for interrupting her beach tryst, a curt Ryan cuts her off and insists on speaking with Aidan alone.  Greenlee gives the two men privacy.   

When Kendall returns to the New Beginnings set, Erica is initially unsure about Kendall’s reaction to Jason.  Erica appears grateful and relieved, as a gracious Kendall throws her arms around her mother. 

With the benefit of darkness, Hannah rifles through Zach’s desk at Cambias.  She looks like a startled deer, when Zach flips on the lights and catches her in the act. 

Erica beams at Kendall’s enlightenment from Jason and positive outlook.  Her smile broadens, when Kendall advises she broached Joe Martin about the implants.  Before Kendall gets to the sour note in all of this, Erica reads her thoughts of damning Greenlee’s return to Pine Valley. 

Ryan cannot resist digging Aidan about hooking up with Greenlee.  As the conversation continues, Ryan becomes defensive over Aidan’s veiled references to Annie.  When he admits he suspects her of robbing him, Ryan verbally challenges him.  When Ryan fails to react to the commentary with his “fist,” Aidan perceives Ryan is not completely sure about Annie’s innocence. 

Ava manages to snake her way around Jonathan’s question.  He then tries to curb her enthusiasm over being involved with J.R.’s “network” idea.  In turn, she again approaches him about investing in it.  To her surprise, an aggressive Jonathan wants to steal J.R.’s concept.  Meanwhile, Amanda draws J.R.’s attention over to Babe’s grand entrance with her “new hot guy.”  Noticing J.R.’s reaction, Babe becomes uncomfortable over Amanda’s insistence that they join them.  Wes confidently nods at him, as J.R. sizes him up.  Babe then shoots a glare at Amanda. 

A grappling Hannah gives the excuse she was looking for a file.  Overhearing their conversation, Lily enters with Josh and rattles off its location.  Realizing the feebleness of her excuse, she admits she was attempting to locate a “personal” item.  Her use of the word “personal” prompts Lily to inquire innocently whether she and Josh are “going to have sex in the office again.”  By all appearances, Josh and Hannah want to crawl under a rock.

Babe is not amused by Amanda’s idle chitchat.  In between jabs, J.R. then credits Wes for saving Babe’s life.  Wes and J.R. leave the table.  After informing her about her trip to the morgue, Babe angrily questions Amanda’s motives behind her invitation.  Amanda appears stunned, as Babe accuses her of undermining her civility with J.R. and marking her territory.

Ryan reaffirms his faith in Annie’s innocence and enlists Aidan’s services to prove it.  Fearing the outcome of his search may be unpleasant for Ryan, Aidan ascertains whether he is prepared for that event.  Ryan wants him to proceed regardless of the result. 

Things get heated at ConFusion as Babe and Amanda continue to argue.  J.R. and Wes, with Del as back up, exchange mutual digs at the bar; and a cunning Ava tries deftly to discourage Jonathan’s plans.   

With Zach withholding laughter in the background, Hannah politely gives Lily a professional response.  Unfortunately for Josh and Hannah, Lily continues elaborating on how non-conducive the office is for sex.  Zach cannot help but laugh.  Once alone with Zach, Hannah confesses that she was searching for a post proposition letter addressed to him.  Based on his failure to respond, she asks whether he received it.  In response, Zach holds up the envelope containing the correspondence.   

Erica questions the soundness of Kendall’s judgment in deciding to return to work with Greenlee.  Having to attend to other matters, Erica leaves but tells Kendall that she wants to revisit the subject upon her return.  Almost by telepathy, Greenlee happens to phone Kendall over her concerns their secret reconciliation is subject to detection by Ryan’s tail.  In keeping with her charade, Kendall tells her about Jason.  Erica happens to reemerge and listen in as Kendall reinforces the importance of keeping their contact confidential. 

After filling Aidan in on “Eddie Johnson,” Ryan requests he follow up on any leads.  Despite this revelation from Ryan, Aidan maintains his suspicions about Annie. 

Erica continues eavesdropping, as Kendall treats Greenlee with sensitivity.  After they conclude the call, Greenlee says aloud, “I love you Kendall and someday you will love me again too.”  The scene shifts back to Erica, now in the throes of confronting the unsuspecting Kendall. 

In the meantime, Ryan urges Aidan to check out Eddie’s backpack held in police property, as Greenlee positions herself to eavesdrop on the conversation.  Aidan predicates his services upon Ryan ceasing his surveillance over Greenlee.  While conceding, Ryan reveals his intentions to hold Aidan responsible for any future wrongdoing by Greenlee.  Greenlee scowls, as Ryan then forebodes Aidan about getting involved with her.  Aidan refuses to heed his warning. 

Hannah attempts to explain her mental state, at the time she wrote the letter.  Zach cuts her off by claiming he never read it.  He grins, when Hannah accuses him of lying.  To avoid further discussion about the touchy subject, Zach encourages her to move on and he leaves the office. 

Wes hopes to appeal to J.R.’s sense of fair play without success.  The two revert to mutual quips.  As Wes heads back to the table, J.R. slinks nearby Ava and positions himself behind Jonathan.  J.R. gives Ava his best smoldering look, while Jonathan lectures her about the pitfalls of dealing with him.  Meanwhile after setting aside their respective anger, Babe begins cautioning Amanda about J.R.  Amanda then clasps Babe’s hand in hers, as a warm gesture of appreciation.  J.R. continues to be the topic of discussion at Ava’s table as Ava employs subterfuge in persuading Jonathan to invest in J.R.’s business.  J.R. slyly winks at her.  To prevent Jonathan from noticing their interaction, Ava drags him out.  Without noticing their departure, J.R. tries to control his romantic feelings towards Ava.  Once all four are again seated, Wes diplomatically hints for some privacy with Babe.  Amanda takes the cue and pulls the reluctant J.R. away from the table.  Now relieved, an appreciative Babe leans closer to Wes and thanks him for finding a way to get J.R. and Amanda to leave.   

Greenlee interrupts, just as the two finalize their agreement.  After Ryan leaves, Greenlee wants to resume their activities.  Aidan remains focused on business.  Greenlee tests Aidan’s loyalty to her by asking him to relay his conversation with Ryan.  While avoiding the surveillance part, he tells her everything else.  Having insight into Ryan’s feelings about her, Greenlee hopes to attain Ryan’s forgiveness by assisting Aidan with the investigation. 

While blasting Kendall, Erica realizes she is up to something.  Through their conversation, Kendall reveals her true motive is to “get rid of Greenlee.”  Erica smiles approvingly.

Amanda becomes angry, when she notices J.R.’s curiosity over Ava’s empty table.  To cover his actions, he pretends he saw Tad.  Clearly onto him, Amanda storms out. 

For extra measure, Ava takes Jonathan to a romantic setting and proceeds to seduce him.  He willingly responds to her passionate kiss. 

Babe and Wes finally begin enjoying their date.  When he asks her about a second one, Babe responds with a kiss. 

After reassuring her about his respect for her honesty, Zach sends Lily home.  Once alone, he replays in his head Hannah’s request to impregnate her.  Meanwhile, Josh pays Hannah a visit at her hotel room.  After a brief verbal exchange, Josh draws her against his body.  The chemistry between the two is evident from their intense lip lock.   

Aidan allows Greenlee to help him on the condition she complies with his orders.  An elated Greenlee comes clean about her eavesdropping and then thanks Aidan for asking Ryan to call the tail off.  Despite his promises to Aidan, Ryan orders a tap on Greenlee’s phone in addition to continuing the surveillance. 

Kendall begs Erica to keep her Greenlee agenda from Zach.  As Erica willingly offers her assistance to Kendall, Zach happens to call.  The scene shifts to Zach, as he attributes the reason for the call to his thoughts of her.  Kendall delights in the prospect of Greenlee’s demise, when Zach mentions the “good days ahead of them.” 

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