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Written By Linda
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During his confrontation with Adam, Tad blurts out the fact that he is in love with Krystal.  After overhearing the unexpected admission, a flabbergasted Krystal enters the Chandler living room for confirmation.  As Adam mocks their anticipated nuptials, the red-faced Tad quickly collects himself and attempts to save face with his opponent.  Krystal does not go along with Tad’s declaration of her mutual love for him.  As she tries to state her piece, Krystal finds herself being physically pulled in opposite directions by the two men.  In resisting the tug-of-war, Krystal threatens to kick both of them in an unpleasant area within striking range.  In response, they willingly release her.

At the set for New Beginnings, Kendall awkwardly approaches Erica’s guest, Jason.  Although his hearing is facilitated by cochlear implants, Kendall speaks to him in a loud tone.  The precocious child quickly reminds her that he can hear and brings up Spike’s situation.  Kendall looks to Zach to elaborate.  After Zach’s brief comments, Jason advises the two that, “being deaf isn’t what you think it is.”  A discerning Jason picks up on Kendall’s sadness over Spike’s condition, while dispelling her presumptions that Erica shared that with him.  Kendall smiles at his perceptiveness.

Greenlee merrily skips along the beach path, while Aidan remains serious about their purpose.  Greenlee attempts to entice him into “having some fun” without success.  Despite Greenlee’s denials to the contrary, Aidan perceives her comments as sexual ones and reminds her of their agreement.

Meanwhile after viewing the dead body in the morgue, Ryan has to brace the fall of the collapsing Annie.  Ryan becomes shocked, when Annie advises the deceased is not her brother.  Positive that Annie would identify the body as Richie’s, Derek repeatedly questions her certainty once they are back in the police station.  Ryan reacts supportively, as Annie remains adamant.  After Derek leaves to take a call, a hysterical Annie believes Richie purposely sought out his decoy, down to the spider tattoo.  Despite Ryan’s efforts to calm her, Annie reacts inconsolably.

Trying to reconstruct the night he was knocked out, Aidan tires of Greenlee’s silliness and pushes for her assistance.  As Greenlee retraces her steps and actions of that evening, she mentions her then-made resolve never to sleep with Aidan again.  Her comments distract Aidan into following up on her comment.

Zach wraps his arm around Kendall, as Jason relays his experience with cochlear implants.  Kendall and Zach appear both marveled and encouraged by Jason’s active lifestyle and lack of inhibition.  When Jason leaves with his mother, the two seem to be absorbing their encounter with him.

Krystal and Tad mutually question the other’s presence at Adam’s.  Adam cannot refrain from leveling insults at Tad.  Krystal sets boundaries with both men and refuses to respond to Tad’s inquiry.  While Tad, on the other hand, answers hers by confirming his feelings.  To mark his territory, Tad leaves, after planting a big kiss on the unsuspecting Krystal.  Once alone, Krystal looks at Adam quizzically, when he baits her with, “You had me right where you wanted me.”  Adam does not buy her disinterested routine.  Krystal appears to be giving into him, when he presses her to admit her feelings.

Having had enough of the brief detour, Aidan ignores Greenlee’s continuing efforts to seduce him.  Greenlee cannot understand Aidan’s determination and prods him for an explanation.

Meanwhile, as Annie becomes more tightly wound over Richie, Ryan tries his best to reassure her of her safety.  With that, Derek re-emerges with revealing information about the deceased, Eddie Johnson.  Not only was his tattoo just a few weeks old, Eddie was none other than Richard Novak’s neighbor during their prison incarceration.  Ryan appears stupefied, while Annie looks numb.

With the rock used to strike him, Aidan has Greenlee reenact the scenario.  Greenlee then quickly surmises Aidan suspects that Annie was the perpetrator.

After returning home, Annie freaks out about Richie’s mind games and ability to impact her family.  In reaction to Annie’s concerns about her brother, a level-toned Ryan seeks her permission to buy her a gun.

While dining at the Comeback, Zach tries to engage Kendall in conversation.  Despite Jason’s positive input, a contemplative Kendall cannot look past Spike’s injury sustained at the hands of Greenlee.  Zach encourages her not to view him as “broken.”  Meanwhile on the other side of the bar, Tad consults with Joe over a beer about his actions concerning Krystal.

To Adam’s chagrin, Krystal opts to throw Tad in his face instead of admitting any lingering feelings for him.  A smug Adam then begins hurling insults.  In response, Krystal prepares for the next round in their ongoing war.

Recalling her accidental shooting of Ryan, Annie will not even consider owning a gun.  While clasping her hands in his, Ryan assures her they will find an alternative.  With that, he confirms the house doors are secured and heads off to obtain more information on Eddie and Richie.  Before leaving, he makes certain that Annie feels secure by herself.  Now alone, Annie sits with her back against the front door.

Zach tries to reason with Kendall.  He starts with the fact that Spike taught him “how to be a father.”  He then points out that Jason is not handicapped by the implants.  Kendall finally admits why she is resistant to the implants.  She equates accepting his deafness to giving Greenlee a free pass for her transgressions.  Meanwhile, Tad reveals his so-called motives for proclaiming his feelings for Krystal.  He claims his priorities are to keep Krystal from Adam not settling down with her.  In reaction, his father urges him to come to terms with his loneliness. 

As Adam draws within kissing distance of Krystal, she shifts the conversation to his attempted manipulation of Colby.  As Adam tries to divert her, she snatches up a gift box conspicuously lying on the mantle and opens it.  After viewing its contents, an inquisitive Krystal demands to know how Adam reacquired his wedding present to her.  Adam shrinks into silence.

Aidan hopes to evade Greenlee’s probing questions about Annie without success.  Once Greenlee pledges confidentiality, Aidan shares his limited knowledge of Annie’s family history surrounding the locket watch.  He then relays the watch was rediscovered in Annie’s purse, after his being robbed.  After ascertaining that Aidan believes Annie robbed him, Greenlee hopes he is fully aware of the implication flowing from his suspicions.

In the meantime, Annie deliberately rises from the floor and opens wide all doors to the house.

Kendall continues to worry that Greenlee will regard her acts as insignificant in the wake of the implementation of the implants.  While scooting next to Kendall, Zach manages to find the right words to reach her.  Joe insists that Tad consider the possibility Krystal may have mutual feelings for him.  Intimidated by her connection with Adam, Tad continues to reject that notion.

Meanwhile, Adam denies any sentimentality attached to the gift and makes light of the reacquisition.  The two then exchange mutual insults, as they reminisce over their marriage while under the influence.  While claiming regret for their nuptials, they lean towards each other within kissing range.

Greenlee reflects upon how Annie’s previous empathy towards her may tie into Aidan’s suspicions.  As she views him as a bright spot in her recent darkness, she begins stroking his face.  He responds to her affections, and the two share a passionate kiss.

Krystal and Adam retreat into their respective corners of the ring.  Adam acts nonchalantly about the gift, and Krystal coldly snatches it from his hand.  She then storms from the room and hesitates in the foyer.  When Adam heads towards her, Krystal walks out.

Joe appears disappointed by Tad’s defeatist attitude.  He sadly watches him leave, as Tad heads for home.  Meanwhile, Kendall’s actions speak louder than her words, when she approaches Joe.  After greeting him warmly, she inquires about cochlear implants.  She then looks over at Zach, and he nods approvingly.  Joe cannot help but smile.

As Greenlee and Aidan lie on the beach in the throes of their kiss, Ryan interrupts them. 

Now lying in wait for Richie, a knife-wielding Annie begins singing aloud “Ring around the Rosie.”

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