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Erica is interviewing Jason as Kendall watches.  It is obvious that he is an extremely intelligent little boy.  Zach walks up behind her, and asks what she thinks of him.  Kendall wants to know why Zach is there.  At the same time, she realizes that Erica and Zach set her up.  She is furious because Zach could have told her that he had someone he wanted her to meet who was deaf.  Kendall wants to know whom to blame for the presence of Jason.  She feels like she was blindsided and that it is not fair.  Jason tells the audience that he is mainstreamed into a regular school.  A disadvantage of the implants is that he cannot wear the ear gear in the water.  Thus, when he swims, he cannot hear.  An advantage is that he has surround sound all the time.  He is a clever, as well as a funny, little boy.  Kendall tries to leave after the interview, but Zach holds her there.  Zach asks that she stay not for Erica, or him, but for Spike.  He thinks she needs to hear everything.  Kendall is in awe of Jason.  Erica looks at Zach with a questioning look.  Zach thinks their plan is working.  Erica let Kendall know that Zach is not to blame for the set up with Jason.  She was doing research when she stumbled upon information, and Jason.  She then told Zach about it. 

Babe and Wes are at the morgue to identify the man who robbed the Comeback bar.  He died of a drug overdose.  Derek noticed that he matched the description of the robber.  Wes volunteers to view the body alone in order to save Babe the trouble.  Babe and Wes identify the robber.  She overhears that Annie will be coming in as well, and she want to know the reason why.  Derek finally explains that the robber may be Annie’s brother.  Babe decides to wait for Annie.  Wes offers to stay with her, but Babe tells him that she will be okay.  He decides to leave, but gives Babe his telephone number before he does. 

Annie arrives at the morgue and she spots Babe.  She wants to know why Babe is there.  Babe offers her support, but Annie insists that she will be fine since Ryan is with her.  Annie, Derek, and Ryan are discussing the fact that the robber could also be her brother.  Annie is skeptical because her brother did not use drugs.  Derek senses that she is upset so he delays viewing the body.  Ryan tells Annie that at least she is over her brother.  He is shocked when Annie tells him that she will never be over her brother.  Ryan tells Annie that her brother is out of her life.  Annie says that if he is dead then the torture will stop, but he will never be out of her life.  Annie obviously loved Richie.  She remembers some funny times with him.  Her story is that Richie suckered you in, and then he did horrible things, so she made herself not love Richie.  Annie tells Ryan that if Richie is dead, she must tell the truth by admitting what she did to him.  Annie believes that she must pay for lying on the witness stand. 

Adam and Tad are discussing Adam’s children.  Adam wants Colby to return home.  Tad wants him to consider Colby first by letting her remain at his house.  Adam calls Tad’s house a “fun house” that is run by the clowns.  He said, “Places like that get old.”  He wants Colby to return to sanity.  He also accuses Tad of wanting his kids.  They argue back and forth.  Tad notes that what Adam really wants back is Krystal. 

Annie is upset that the robber could be Richie, which means he could be dead.  A robbery is not Richie’s MO because Richie usually keeps his hands clean.

Krystal apologizes to Stuart for giving him a hot kiss.  She explains that she mistook Stuart for Adam.  Stuart believes that she still loves Adam since she gave him a big, hot, kiss thinking he was Adam.  She cannot forget what Adam did to Jenny.  Stuart pleads Adam’s case, and says that he is lost without Krystal.  Krystal is furious that it was Adam in her home instead of Stuart.  To her, it is one more sign of his manipulation.  Krystal says that there will be no absolution for Adam.  Krystal is not pleased with Adam’s deception.  Stuart continues to plead Adam’s case.

Tad tells Adam emphatically to stay out of his house.  Tad does not trust him since he kidnapped Jenny and might do it again.  Adam accuses Tad of wanting everything he (Adam) has.  Adam yells that Tad lost Kate, and he deserved to lose her.  Krystal walks in and hears the two of them arguing so she hangs outside the door and listens.  Tad lets Adam know that if he messes with Jenny again, he will tear Adam in two. 

Erica’s show is over.  Kendall is upset that Zach did not tell her before Erica maneuvered her into watching the taping of the show.  Zach believes that Kendall must face Spike’s deafness.  He tells her that deafness does not have to be a problem for Spike, because it is just a little piece of who he is. 

Babe goes to the Comeback to find Wes and she sits outside the bar.  Wes comes outside and sees her and Babe grabs him and asks that he not leave her side just yet.  She remembers the robber’s attack on her with the knife, and is afraid.  Wes holds her as she shares her fears from that evening with him.  She knows she could have died and she starts to cry.  Wes holds her as she cries. 

Kendall knows that Zach and Erica did what they did because they love her but she still cannot accept Spike’s deafness.  They ask her to try.  She wants to leave.  Zach agrees to leave with her so that they can talk.  She tries to run away, but Jason asks to speak with her.

Krystal overhears Tad telling Adam that Krystal does not want him.  He believes that getting rid of Adam was the smartest thing that Krystal has ever done.  He knows that Krystal is happy, because everyday she sings.  Adam instructs him to get out.  Adam accuses Tad of being in love with Krystal.  Krystal is shocked to hear Tad agree with Adam.

Annie views the body and then faints. 

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