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Kendall pulls the toys brought by Greenlee out of the garbage as Erica walks in for a visit with Kendall at Fusion.  She asks about things at Fusion.  Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee and she are working together.  Erica is surprised to hear that news, as she does not think that Kendall should work with Greenlee.  Erica asks if Greenlee comes into the office.  Kendall responded, “Yes she does.”  They discuss Kendall’s joy of holding Ian for the very first time.  Kendall called it magical and Erica agreed.  Erica sees pain in Kendall's eyes, and wishes that she could take it away.  Erica invites Kendall to spend the rest of the day with her.  She wants her to see the taping of her show, have lunch, and get a pedicure and manicure.

Babe overhears Ava, and J.R. saying that Babe was easy after he convinced her to do him a favor.  He wanted her to talk to Fusion about Ava’s contract.  Babe wants to know what J.R. and Ava are planning.  Babe wants to head out the door, and let Ava fall on her face, but instead she emphatically tells J.R. that Ava belongs to Fusion.

Krystal set up a trap for Adam at the Comeback.  She knows that he is pretending to be Stuart and wants to catch him in the act. 

Ryan has shipping receipts that he wants to discuss with Annie.  Her name is on the receipt showing that she is the one who sent the locket to herself.  He is puzzled and wants to know what’s going on.  Annie explains that her name was forged and she blames Richie.  Her explanation is that Richie is trying to make her believe that she's losing her mind, and wants Ryan to doubt her. 

Josh discusses Hannah’s return with Zach and he tells Zach that he does not agree with rehiring her.  He asks Zach if he is out of his mind and if he slept with her.  Josh questions the reasons for Hannah’s return and tells Zach that it is a mistake to trust her.  Josh hopes that Zach does not live to regret rehiring Hannah.  Zach prefers to talk about the takedown of Chandler Enterprises.  Josh does not agree with Zach giving the house back to Adam.  Zach admits that he is not on top of his game because his first priority is his family.  He urges Josh to step it up even more and be more vigilant in their business dealings.  The reason he rehired Hannah is because he wants to be surrounded by people who are at their best.  Josh sees pamphlets on cochlear implants on Zach’s desk and after seeing them, volunteers to help him find more up-to-date information.  Zach loves Josh for his support of his family.

Krystal is talking to Jenny explaining to her that not all men are as terrific as her father is and that she knows that Adam has been pretending to be Stuart.  She tells Jenny that she knows that Adam misses Colby and that she plans to catch Adam in the act of posing as Stuart.  She tells Jenny to watch what she does next. 

When Stuart comes into The Comeback, Krystal begins to flirt with him.  She starts to ask "Stuart" how Adam is, and then starts talking about how she can't help but long for the good ole days.  Stuart looks lost as his breathing becomes labored.  Krystal says that changing a light bulb makes a girl hot.  She takes off her sweater, and then starts rubbing a cold beer bottle on her chest.  She asks if he wants a drink and starts talking about passion and takes a drink of the beer, making sure to spill some down on her cleavage.

Babe wants to know what J.R. has planned and how it affects Fusion.  He tells her that he intends to sell Fusion products on the web which Babe thinks is a great idea.  J.R. tells her that he knows what Ava can do for business because of what she did for Fusion.  Babe does not buy his spiel and vows that if he is not straight with her, she will tell Kendall and Greenlee.

Ryan believes Annie, but he wants to know how Richie can know, before anyone, what they are doing.  Annie says that Richie just knows.  Annie rehashes her feeling about Richie, and how her parents were hard on her, but fooled by Richie.  Annie’s biggest fear is that Richie will convince Ryan that she's the crazy one.  Ryan tries to quell her fears but she still believes in the power and persuasion of Richie.  She also believes that Richie can change how Ryan looks at everything.  Ryan tells her that he believes in her, loves her, and will always fight for her.

Erica has a ten-year-old boy on the show named, Jason.  She introduces him to Kendall so that they may have time to chat.  Kendall is impressed with the boy, who has many interests, and who is a high achiever.   

Zach tells Josh to keep his eye on Hannah and says that he's thankful for everything that Josh has done.  He says that he's glad that Josh is family, and he loves him.  Josh has teary eyes and says thanks, but he's going to bust him every time that he thinks he's wrong.  Zach says that he wouldn't have it any other way.

J.R. tells Babe that he's trying to change and he wants people to respect him instead of looking at him wondering what evil he's currently up to.  According to him, he is doing everything he can to be a better person.  He wants to be someone that Little A can be proud of.  He wants Babe to believe in him by letting him have this deal but she tells him that she can't.  She may not be a partner at Fusion anymore, but she has put in a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.  J.R. wants Babe to keep his idea a secret until he thinks it’s a good time to pitch it to Greenlee and Kendall.  Babe decides that it wouldn't hurt to let J.R. talk to Greenlee and Kendall.  Ava has been listening at the door to the entire exchange between Babe and J.R.  He walks back into the house and Ava tells him that she is impressed by him.  She says that she knew he was evil, but didn't know he had a brain. 

Stuart suggests that Krystal tell Adam how she feels.  Krystal wishes that Adam would come to her and tell her what he wants.  She finally lets Adam know that she knows.  She says, "You bastard, you think I didn't know it was you the whole time.”  She then pulls him in for a kiss.  When Krystal and Stuart pull away from the kiss, she is startled.  She says, "Oh my gosh, Stuart, it’s really you.”  He responds, "Yeah,” and then laughs. 

Babe arrives at the Comeback and sees Wes working outside the bar.  She asks if there's any way that she can take him up on his offer of a date.  He is thrilled and tells her that he just got off work. 

Ava says that she has given Fusion two of the best months of her life and she's ready to move on.  J.R. persuades her to get the money from Jonathan or the dream will always be a dream and she'll be stuck with Fusion.

Ryan and Annie are still talking when Derek knocks on the door.  He tells them that they just found the body of a dead man.  The cause of death is a drug overdose.  He suspects that the man is Richie based on the description that Ryan gave him and he wants Annie to identify the body.

As Kendall watches from the wings, Erica interviews ten-year-old Jason and explains all of his accomplishments.  Zach enters the studio and joins Kendall off stage as Erica tells the audience that Jason is totally deaf.

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