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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/19/07


Written By Linda
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For tactical mind games, J.R. continues taunting Ava about her non-marketability, after her public association with the sordid Jonathan.  As J.R. starts to leave Wildwind, Ava calls after him.  He then grins to himself over the apparent successful outcome of his ploy. 

At Fusion, Amanda notices Babe’s fashionable make-up changes and realizes immediately she is going out on a date.  After Amanda’s prodding, Babe finally tells her about her date with Wes.  An exuberant Kendall arrives, and the “love fest” amongst the three begins.  Kendall becomes anxious to get caught up on the latest developments.

To inform her about the locket situation, Aidan has Greenlee meet him at the Comeback.  Aidan has no clue as to the reason for her cold reception and venomous comments towards him.  Aidan becomes more perplexed, when Greenlee asks why he did not take the direct approach to dump her. 

A precautionary Ryan goes in first, as he and Annie return home.  Unbeknownst to them, Richie is secreted behind them.

Kendall first informs Babe and Amanda of Annie’s respite from work.  As an animated Kendall updates them on Ian’s progress, Di makes a surprise return at Kendall’s behest.  Babe cannot mask her disappointment, when Kendall announces her plans to run Fusion with Greenlee.  When the others balk in response, she advises them of the so-called “cease-fire” between her and Greenlee. 

Greenlee attempts to leave without explaining her behavior.  After Aidan coaxes her to sit, she begins repeating the nasty words she overheard him say to Ryan about her.  Aidan first strokes her face to reassure her.  Upset that he unintentionally hurt her, he then explains he was just telling Ryan what he (Ryan) wanted to hear, so that they could work together.  When he asks her for details about discovery of the locket, Greenlee immediately suspects his collaborative effort with Ryan has something to do with it.

Annie tries to impress upon the overconfident Ryan how dangerous Richie can be.  Ryan continues to reassure her and ease her pain of being separated from Emma.  After he heads upstairs, Annie stares at the word “Forever” inscribed inside the locket.  She then hears Richie’s following ominous words in her head, “Your day will come, Annie.”  Meanwhile, Richie presses his ear up to their door from outside. 

As J.R. reenters, Ava needs a moment alone with Jonathan.  In her conversation with Jonathan, Ava shows she is sharper than J.R. thinks.  Jonathan is then relieved to know Ava will stand by him despite his horrendous past wrongdoing.  After getting Jonathan in line, Ava calls J.R. back in.  Once alone, she then quickly lets him know she does not buy into his condescension or feigned disinterest in doing business with her.

At Cambias, Josh is startled by the sight of the grinning Hannah now seated behind his desk.  Showing slight anger over her apparent interest in Zach, Josh doubts she returned to be helpful as claimed.  Aware she previously propositioned Zach to impregnate her, Josh assumes she has returned to complete the mission.  A coy Hannah advises, “Zach is off the hook but you are not.”

Wes does the humble act with a deeply appreciative Krystal.  In addition to giving him a raise, she pledges her lifelong friendship to him.  Meanwhile, despite Greenlee’s prodding for information, Aidan will not budge.  To pique his curiosity, Greenlee prepares to leave and drops a tidbit about her reconciliation with Kendall.  Aidan nearly falls, as he chases after her.  Aidan realizes Greenlee truly cares for him, when she immediately tends to him.  He then shows the feelings are mutual.  Before she leaves, Aidan gives her a distracting kiss.  Aidan then quickly responds to a phone all concerning the locket.

Ryan returns downstairs and notices Annie’s blank stare.  While grabbing her from behind, he tries to distract her.  She becomes startled by a knock at the door.  Ryan gets mad, when an unaware Jonathan thoughtlessly announces himself as “Your killer brother.”

Hannah tries to wipe the slate clean with Josh without success.  A smirking Josh quickly puts her on notice that if she causes trouble for his family, she will have to contend with him. 

The other Fusion women hope to reach Kendall about her mistaken decision to work with Greenlee.  Babe shifts the subject to firing Ava, after Di shows them the latest negative publicity.  The rest concur, with Di as sole objector.  As she arrives, a hidden Greenlee listens in on the conversation.  She then bursts in on them and unilaterally orders that Ava remains. 

Meanwhile, J.R. smiles, when Ava is completely aware of all of his tactics.  Despite her keen insight, he still hopes to manipulate her into unwittingly getting investment money from Jonathan. 

Believing they are upset with him about his tabloid publicity, Jonathan apologizes to Ryan and Annie.  Now realizing they are not aware of it, Jonathan produces a copy of the negative press.  After they clear the air, Annie walks outside to give them privacy.  As Jonathan insists he is a negative for their business, Annie goes through her high school yearbook on the porch.  Annie grows cold with fear, while she revisits the content of what Richie wrote inside it.  Thoughts are racing through her head, when she notices his class picture has now been scribbled over.  She then frantically rips that page from her book.  Meanwhile inside, Ryan is more concerned about sticking by Jonathan than anything else.  Annie happens to walk in on the tail end of the discussion and concurs with Ryan.  After suffering from Richie’s twisted misdeeds, Annie applauds Jonathan’s reformation. 

Kendall reminds Greenlee she cannot make unilateral decisions.  As Greenlee then opens up the dialogue on Ava, Babe and Amanda are for dismissing her, while Di is not.  Greenlee dubs Ava as a person one “loves to hate.”  She then points out the decision is ultimately up to the partners.  To everyone’s shock, Kendall agrees with Greenlee to retain Ava. 

Meanwhile, the Machiavellian J.R. finally admits he planted the negative publicity and tells Ava how to suck Jonathan into investing into his concept.  He then begins enticing Ava with his big marketing plans for her.  Ava gets so turned on, she initiates a passionate kiss with the already willing J.R.

Josh quickly puts Hannah in her place in terms of business as well.  Hannah then admits she was using business talk as an icebreaker.  In hopes of really softening him, a vague Hannah admits her return to Pine Valley was for “personal” reasons.

The Fusion women try to come up with a way to control Ava.  Babe is unhappy about her demotion when solicited to be Ava’s keeper.  Kendall does her best to convince her to take on the role.

J.R. and Ava attempt to regain their focus on business after the passionate lip lock.  To his surprise, Ava is unwilling “to cheat.”

The brothers conduct business as usual.  As Ryan escorts Jonathan to the door, Annie throws the yearbook in the lit fireplace.

Although initially enigmatic, Hannah finally tells Josh she returned for him.  Josh finds her claims laughable.  He slightly gives in, when she whispers in his ear that she missed him.  He admits that he missed her as well.  As she strategically walks out, Josh’s eyes follow her moves.

Ava tries to clarify her reference to “cheating.”  When J.R. realizes she was speaking in terms of Fusion, he brags about how he can get around her obligation through his closeness with Babe.  As Babe walks in on his puffery, J.R. turns red from embarrassment. 

Once alone, Greenlee hands Kendall thoughtful gifts for Ian and Spike.  In carrying out her charade, Kendall acts overcome with emotion and asks for privacy.  After Greenlee leaves, she angrily throws them in the trash. 

While on the phone, the evil-grinned Richie tells a party, “I’m just starting to have fun.”  Meanwhile, Annie and Ryan snuggle on the sofa.  Ryan then answers the door to Aidan, as Annie heads for the kitchen.  Aidan blows Ryan away with the results of his package tracking information.  The identity of the sender of the original package containing the locket was none other than Annie.

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