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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/18/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Prior to airing “He Said, She Said,” Erica and Jack assure a concerned Pam their rekindled romance will not undermine the required on-camera contentiousness. 

In reaction to the attempted robbery of the Comeback, Krystal has an OCD cleaning moment until Colby intervenes.  As Tad joins the two women in the living room, Babe arrives with little A and J.R. behind her.  Krystal greets Babe with chastisement for not complying with the robber’s request, while Tad counts down the seconds it takes for Krystal to hug her rather than scold her.  A hasty Krystal then considers closing down the Comeback.  To everyone’s chagrin, Adam arrives with his proclamation to remove Colby from the inherent danger of Krystal’s bar.

For the sake of entertainment, the “he” and the “she” begin debating their different views concerning child rearing.

Kendall shares her excitement with Zach over confirming that she is communicating with Spike appropriately.  A grim-faced Ryan and Annie dampen her mood, when they announce their intentions to move out.  In reaction, Kendall automatically presumes they are attempting to remove Spike from her. 

Erica and Jack continue their on-air bickering.  The dissension between the two becomes reality, as Erica makes veiled jabs at Jack’s parental views regarding Greenlee. 

At Wildwind, Julia tends to Ava’s post surgical needs along with an attentive Jonathan.  Despite Julia’s best efforts, Ava remains vain about the incisions.  Kathy is the only one who manages to cheer her up.  Once alone, Jonathan tries to get through to Ava about her priorities. 

J.R. attempts to reason with Adam, as Tad makes cracks from the “peanut gallery.”  Now holding Jenny, Tad feels exempted from any further duties delegated by Krystal.  While Babe assists her mother, Colby appeals to Adam about continuing her work at the Comeback.  Adam comes up with a compromise that will allegedly ease his concern.  Colby initially bulks at his suggestion to return to the Chandler mansion.  Through their continued conversation, Adam reveals his reacquisition of the mansion.  Krystal, Colby, and J.R. are surprised and impressed by the news.  J.R. then summarily declines the same offer extended to Colby.  Tad and Krystal force Colby to make her own decision about returning to the mansion.  With that, Dre, one of the band members arrives and mistakes Adam for Stuart.  Tad quickly clues him in.  J.R. pulls Adam aside and toys with him about apprising Krystal of his daily identity swapping with Stuart.  Adam does not appear amused by this. 

Erica keeps directing her commentary about “out of control” children towards the defensive Jack.  His eyes open wide, when she poses a hypothetical about his take on “one family member kidnapping the child of another family member.”

To explain the situation to Kendall and Zach, Annie gives the floor to Ryan.  After Ryan gives them the bare minimum details, Annie begins shaking.  Zach offers Ryan his assistance.  Considering Annie as “family,” Kendall immediately hugs her and insists the two remain with them.  Although appreciative, Ryan and Annie feel her presence there may imperil Spike.  Zach then mentions Emma and before Ryan can make the request, Kendall realizes Annie is worried about imposing upon them.  Without hesitation, Kendall immediately offers to care for Emma and assures Annie she is “doing the right thing.”  Picking up on the next course of the conversation, Kendall preempts Annie from mentioning Emma’s fate in the event of her and/or Ryan’s demise.

The Dre gives Tad a CD of the rock concert.  Tad tries to act as if he has “still got it,” and Colby and Babe start teasing him.  Colby walks away, when she becomes everyone’s next teasing target.  With that, Julia arrives with Kathy.  As per usual, Kathy instinctively rushes into Tad’s waiting arms and gives him a drawing.  Tad’s eyes well, when Julia hands him Jamie’s copy of Huckleberry Finn.  Both agree how rewarding parenting can be, as Tad shares the legacy behind the book with Julia.  Meanwhile, Adam does not take kindly to his perceived threat from J.R.  Knowing his father’s motive, J.R. advises him to directly approach Krystal about his feelings instead.  As Adam denies J.R.’s suppositions, his son has an epiphany.  Adam tries to mask his reaction, when J.R. accuses of him trying to win the whole family back, including Jenny.  Babe notices the love in Krystal’s eyes, as Adam and son emerge back inside the living room.  Krystal tries to deny that she still cares for Adam but Babe is not fooled. 

Knowing how Kathy feels towards him, an intuitive Tad sees through Julia’s excuse for the visit.  After he extends them an open invitation to come over anytime, Tad apologizes for his previous unwillingness to act as Kathy’s surrogate father.  Julia realizes Tad’s initial reservations were stemming from his pain over the missing Kate. 

As she did with him, J.R. admonishes Babe for potentially rendering their son motherless.  J.R. then accesses the Internet via his cellular phone and shows Babe a rendering of the robbery suspect.  Babe immediately recognizes the person depicted.  Out of mutual love and respect, the two share a warm embrace.  Adam attempts to reassure Krystal about Babe’s safety.  As she expresses her happiness about his reacquisition, Adam starts pulling at her heartstrings over his empty “house.”  Meanwhile outside, the Dre tries to gain insight into Colby’s background and she attempts to do the same about him.  By his veiled comments, Colby can tell he is withholding secrets from his past.

Despite Jonathan’s warnings about J.R., Ava maintains her interest in his business proposition.  The conversation shifts to her pregnancy scare.  Ava tries to avoid the discussion.  When Ava slips about lapses in her birth control, she becomes offended by Jonathan’s insistence that he should take precautions.  Through their ensuing discussion, Jonathan reveals that he never wants to become a father. 

Once alone, Kendall again forces Annie to refrain from considering her premature demise.  As she reassures her, Ryan enters the room.  Before they leave, Kendall refers to his having Greenlee tailed.  After Kendall comments on his so-called needless endeavors, a perturbed Ryan questions her apparent sudden concern for Greenlee.  As a diversionary tactic, Kendall engages Ryan in a discussion about Richie.  Meanwhile, Zach talks with Annie and learns she took his advice to be forthcoming with Ryan.  Zach is gladdened by the results. 

Jack hits Erica between the eyes with his comments concerning the duties of “step parents.”  Through their exchange of general barbs, they actually reveal to each other unresolved issues in their relationship. 

J.R. has no desire to reveal Adam’s secret, provided his actions do not result in hurting Krystal.  When they revisit his Ava business concept, J.R. attempts to leave Adam with the impression he missed out on the opportunity.  After he heads off, Tad resumes his conversation with Julia.  She appears skeptical about Tad’s claims that he only considers Krystal as a friend.  As Babe and Jenny interact with their mother, Tad marvels at the sight of Adam watching them through loving eyes. 

Ava hopes she can change Jonathan’s decision.  For fear of inflicting his past on his children, Jonathan remains resolved.  As she persists, he appears somewhat receptive to her points.

Before leaving, Ryan and Annie bring Emma downstairs.  To prevent Emma from catching onto the circumstances, Zach invites Emma to stay overnight.  The other three follow suit.  Annie appears ready to burst into tears when Emma wonders if she will be okay without her. 

As Colby notices his tattoo (or scar), Dre quickly covers it and heads off for school.  When she goes back inside, Colby is amazed by her father’s ability to calm Jenny.  Krystal starts viewing him with a suspicious eye.  Tad cannot resist making one additional wisecrack before leaving.

Although unexpected, J.R. interrupts the two with news of bad tidings for Ava’s future.  As a tactical maneuver, J.R. announces that Ava’s connection to “multiple murderer” Jonathan has been publicized, thereby, devaluing her as a commodity, and stigmatizing her.

As Adam listens in from the background, Babe and Krystal encourage Colby to spend more time with Adam.  He is elated by Colby’s counteroffer to stay at the mansion on the weekends.  While embracing Colby, Adam mouths a “thank you” to Babe and Krystal.  As Adam leaves to take Colby to school, Krystal gives him a message to relay to Stuart. 

After the segment winds down, Pam compliments Erica and Jack on their “performance.”  Erica slightly pulls back from him, when Jack tries to resume their off-camera romance.  As he stares into her eyes, she begins caving in.

Ryan and Annie wave goodbye to Emma on their way out the door.  Once outside, they do not notice Richie lurking around the corner of the house.

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