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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

As Aidan frantically searches for Annie throughout the Slater home, Ryan races to get home.  While he attempts to warn Annie about her brother Richie’s early prison release, Aidan heads outside through the open door with the home phone ringing in the background.  Aidan manages to answer Ryan’s call.  After learning this disturbing information from Ryan, the pieces begin falling into place.

Meanwhile, an animated Babe and Wes are engaged in conversation, when a menacing stranger approaches the bar at the Comeback.  As he orders a drink from Wes, the scenes shift back and forth between Ryan and Aidan discussing Richie Novak.  Aidan is disturbed by Ryan’s conclusions that Richie is likely responsible for Annie’s recent victimization.  As Ryan warns him to keep close to her, a frustrated Aidan attempts to get a word in edgewise.  After learning Annie “took off” Ryan appears sickened.

Kendall arrives unannounced at Greenlee’s.  In the middle of the doorway, Kendall proceeds to blast Greenlee for casting her dark shadow over her first precious moment with Ian.  She attempts to react graciously and apologetically, despite Kendall’s full frontal assault.  A contemptuous Kendall dismisses Greenlee’s apologies and charges inside. 

Upon his return to Cambias, Zach finds an unexpected visitor seated behind his desk.  He then begins flashing back to their last conversation in her Yacht Club hotel room.  Zach reacts to Hannah’s syrupy greeting without even flinching.  Hannah is somewhat thrown by his cold reception.  Realizing she is withholding information from him, Zach tries to cut to the chase with her.  In response, Hannah inquires about the extent of Kendall’s knowledge regarding their last evening together. 

Meanwhile, Kendall continues to chastise the guilt-racked Greenlee.  Her eyes well, as Kendall deals blow after blow.  At her first opportunity, Greenlee explains her presence at the hospital that evening.  A disdainful Kendall presumes the then-hospitalized Aidan was yet another one of Greenlee’s casualties.  Weary from both Ryan and Zach’s onslaught against her, Greenlee relents to whatever Kendall has in store for her.  Greenlee becomes dumbfounded, when Kendall states her intended purpose, “to find a way to forgive her.”

Upon arriving home, Ryan’s anxiety about Annie’s whereabouts quickly transforms into anger over Aidan’s presumptive negligence.  After Aidan relays that Annie responded to a noise outside, Ryan immediately jumps to the conclusion Richie has absconded with her and disregards Aidan’s deductions to the contrary.  Ryan stops dead in his tracks, after learning the “locket” wound up back in Annie’s purse.

Meanwhile, Babe keeps a curious eye on the beer-sipping stranger and hopes to figure out “his story” with Wes.  Instead, his interests lie in flirting with Babe.  Wes deftly works his way up to approaching the reluctant Babe for a date.  As Wes continues his pitch from behind the bar, Babe meanders around and performs her side work.  While the two are distracted by their conversation, the strange man heads towards the jukebox.  He then ambushes the unsuspecting Babe from behind and holds a knife to her throat.  In response to his demand for the register keys, Wes calmly and silently makes a deliberate approach towards them.  Intimidated by Wes’ close proximity, the stranger threatens to cut Babe’s throat.  Wes explains the keys are on Babe’s person and slowly retrieves them.  Wes uses the opportunity of the key exchange to strike back.  Babe frees herself and heads for the phone, while the two men struggle.  The man threatens to kill Wes and then dashes away.  Wes appears to have sustained an injury, and Babe rushes back to his side.

In the meantime, Ryan grows more confounded about the locket watch being back in Annie’s possession.  When Aidan considers the circumstances as “weird,” a concerned Ryan begins dispelling any mounting suspicions that Annie may have robbed him.  Aidan looks worried, after Ryan describes Richie’s “twisted” tendencies and cautions him to call the police.  As he heads towards the door to search for Annie, she appears in the doorway. 

Kendall appears amazed by her own actions, and a tearful Greenlee is overcome by joy.  Kendall then dampens Greelee’s happiness, as she reveals the intent behind her forgiveness.  Having recognized her hatred for Greenlee is consuming her, Kendall explains her need for catharsis.  A smug Kendall disbelieves her, when Greenlee claims she understands her motives. 

Zach is incensed by Hannah’s question concerning Kendall in light of Spike and Ian’s horrendous circumstances.  Hannah advises she was aware of the foregoing, and Zach grows more indignant.  Believing whatever occurred that evening is “between them only,” Zach demands an explanation for her veiled comments and return to Pine Valley.  Appearing sincere, Hannah expresses her sympathies for their plight.  She then begins prattling on about her empty womb and desire to have his brown-eyed child.  She appears offended, as she realizes Zach suspects she has returned to “proposition” him again. 

Greenlee’s joy is renewed, as Kendall advises how she plans to proceed with her.  Regarding Fusion as their neutral territory, Kendall thinks work is a good starting point.  Greenlee becomes elated, when Kendall is receptive to “getting close” again.  Anxious to rekindle their bond, Greenlee reaches out to embrace her.  In reaction, Kendall quickly backs away. 

Claiming she went for “a walk,” Annie acts perplexed by Ryan and Aidan’s hysteria over her whereabouts.  Aidan leaves to give them privacy.  Once aware Ryan knows about the reemerging locket, Annie begins sputtering her suspicions Richie is somehow responsible.  Before filling her in, Ryan gives her a reassuring hug.  He then slowly leads up to Richie’s release.  Annie appears numbed by the news. 

Although concerned he may require stitches, Babe administers first aid to Wes’ laceration.  Wes trusts in her capabilities.  As Babe praises his heroics, Wes remains humble and plays himself down.  Babe gets a glimpse into Wes’ background, as he explains his reason behind fighting with her attacker as opposed to just complying with his demands.  With that, Derek responds to the scene.

Annie becomes unglued.  After Ryan calms her, she shares a solitary pleasant memory of her childhood with Richie.  She then reveals the first tell tale sign of his proclivity for violence.  As Ryan asks Annie for a detailed physical description of Richie, the scene shifts to Babe and Wes describing him in response to Derek’s inquiry.  During the description process, the scenes shift back and forth between a pacing Richie; Annie and Ryan; and the Comeback scene.  As Annie mentions the spider tattoo on his neck, this distinguishing characteristic is then highlighted on Richie’s neck. 

Kendall sets boundaries with Greenlee and insists she keep their “truce” in strictest confidence.  Although willing to comply, Greenlee fears Ryan’s detectives will reveal their “secret” regardless.  To resolve that problem, Kendall hopes to convince Ryan to stop tailing Greenlee.  Kendall lays out her final condition for her: to pledge to steer clear of her children.  A sobbing Greenlee beseeches Kendall to recognize she would never intentionally hurt them.  For the time being, Kendall insists on this contingency and anxiously awaits Greenlee’s response. 

Zach presses Hannah for answers and grows impatient.  He appears taken aback, when she wants her previous position back under the auspices of unburdening him.

After providing the police with Richie’s description via phone, Ryan again attempts to reassure Annie of her safety.  Just like the prison personnel, Annie fears no one else will see through Richie’s act.  Ryan cannot believe his ears, when Annie advises that her parents held her, instead of Richie, responsible for her father’s fall.

Babe relays the incident and Wes’ heroics over the phone to Krystal. Krystal tells Babe to inform Wes that his actions earned him a raise.  After Derek leaves, Babe decides to accept Wes’ date invitation.  Wes happily agrees to keep things “casual.”

Seemingly relieved, Zach remains skeptical about Hannah.  After she assures him of her desire to help him, Zach begins to give into her.  He then delights in the fact she will be forced to work under Josh.  Once he agrees, a grateful Hannah throws her arms around him. 

Kendall forces Greenlee to make “the promise.”  A smile emerges through her sobs, when Kendall remains open to amending this condition in the future.  Although Kendall keeps her at arms length while leaving, Greenlee rejoices in the prospect of someday renewing their bond.  Meanwhile outside of Greenlee’s, Kendall’s true intentions are revealed.  As she thinks aloud, she states, “Round one, she bought it.”

A shattered Annie insists that Richie intentionally pushed her father.  Ryan again attempts to calm her.  Annie begins fearing for the safety of her children and those around her.  In his firm level tone, Ryan hopes to convince her he is capable of “stopping Richie.”  After Ryan heads upstairs, Annie thinks aloud that she is the only one able to do so.

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