AMC Update Friday 9/14/07

All My Children Update Friday 9/14/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
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Kendall is “kangarooing” Ian at the hospital while Greenlee looks through the window.  Kendall sees her, and says to herself, "Get the hell out of here, Greenlee.  Go.  I swear to God if you hurt Ian like you hurt Spike.  If you come anywhere near this baby, I will kill you."

Ryan goes to the prison after hours to see Annie’s brother.  He is in the warden’s office insisting on seeing Richie.  An older gentleman enters the room and says to Ryan, “Mr. Lavery, I believe I’m the man you are looking for.”  Ryan knows that the man who entered the room cannot be Richie.  The man is Richie’s doctor.  When Ryan insists on seeing Richie, the psychologist informs him that Richie has been released.

Ryan is confused because Annie just called a couple of weeks ago, and was told that Richie was still locked up.  The psychologist insists that someone made a mistake.  Ryan is afraid that Richie is terrorizing his wife.  The doctor believes that Richie is innocent.  Ryan doesn’t buy it, but the doctor tries to explain why he believes Richie is innocent.  The doctor obtained a lawyer for Richie who helped to get Richie released.  The doctor asks Ryan, “How well do you know your wife?”

Aidan takes Annie home.  He is surprised that the house is empty.  She looks into her purse and gasps at something she sees.  She pulls out the locket that was taken from Aidan.  Aidan asks, “Where did you get this?”  Aidan realizes that something is odd about Annie.  Aidan, holding the locket, asks Annie what is going on.  She says Ryan hired him to protect her not interrogate her.  He said he was knocked over the head and has stitches because of this locket. 

Aidan wants to know how the locket ended up in her purse.  Aidan can tell Annie is keeping something from him.  Annie is confused when answering the questions and is acting suspiciously.  She believes that Aidan thinks she stole the locket from him.  He gives her a suspicious look.  Annie tries to leave the room, but Aidan is not having it.  Annie tries to throw Aidan out, but Aidan wants to know what happened.  Ryan remembers Annie telling him that she lied.

The doctor thinks that Annie is the psychotic one.  Ryan is hustled out of the prison for his forcefulness. 

Kendall, while holding Ian, looks at Greenlee.  She begins to have numerous flashbacks of Greenlee’s miscarriage, Ian’s premature labor, Greenlee and Spike’s accident, and deafness. 

Zach walks in and kisses Kendall on the forehead.  She tells him of Greenlee’s presence in the Neonatal Unit.  Kendall wishes she could stay all night holding Ian, but the doctors won’t let her because Ian needs his rest.  She plans to take Spike to the carnival, and asks Zach to meet them later.  He agrees to meet them after he goes to the office to do some work. 

Greenlee protests as she is being dragged through the hospital lobby by one of Ryan’s goons.  Zach approaches her and she accuses Zach of having her carted off.  Zach lets her know that his men would have taken her away immediately.  Zach blames Greenlee for taking away Kendall’s happiness by not allowing her five minutes of happiness before Greenlee ruined it.  He asks Greenlee to leave.  Greenlee refuses and says that she believes that she can fix things.

Emma, Spike, and Rachael, are at the carnival.  Kendall shows up and suggests they go on the rides.  Kendall has a plan to stop Greenlee from dealing with her family.  There is no turning back because she knows what needs to be done.  She is now sure.  She asks that Spike forgive her for what she is about to do.  She knows what she has to do, and says she must do it tonight.  Greenlee hurt her family and Kendall now knows she will not stop.

Annie sends Aidan on a wild goose chase by pretending that someone is watching them.  Aidan leaves to check out Annie’s fear.  Aidan finds nothing outside.  Meanwhile, Annie starts to hear Richie’s voice.

Hannah is in Zach’s office wearing a weird smile.  There are flashbacks of her asking Zach for a baby.

Greenlee answers her door and Kendall is there on a mission.

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