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All My Children Update Thursday 9/13/07


Written By Bonnit
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Annie is looking through a small chest when Ryan tries to get into the house.  She goes to the door and removes the chain and lets him in.  She tells him that Aidan was with Greenlee at the Comeback and had the locket that they threw into the ocean.  She tells Ryan that even though she threw the locket away, she feels that no matter what she does, the past keeps following her.

Ava is asleep when Lily pleads with her to wake up.  Julia and Joe believe they need to remove her appendix immediately.  Joe schedules surgery after telling Lily that she can sign the paperwork.  Ava refuses surgery.  Joe demands to know what Ava wants to do.

Greenlee is waiting for Aidan at the beach and she gets upset because she thinks he has stood her up.  She starts to throw the food that she brought for the picnic into the ocean and she packs up the picnic basket and starts to leave the beach.  She spots Aidan lying in the bushes unconscious.  Someone hit him on the back of the head with a rock, but he did not see the perpetrator.  Greenlee suggests taking him to the hospital.  Aidan takes the rock that hit him on the head in order to try to find some fingerprints on it.  Greenlee thinks that one of Ryan's henchmen attacked him. 

Greenlee calls Ryan from the hospital and immediately accuses him of sending some of his men to attack Aidan because he has become friends with her.  Julia gets Aidan settled into the hospital and is tending to his head wounds.  Greenlee blames herself for the attack.  Aidan makes it clear that if Ryan is responsible for attacking him, then Ryan will know his wrath.

Ryan rushes to the hospital to find out how badly Aidan was hurt.  He convinces Aidan that he had nothing to do with the attack.  Annie panics when she and Ryan learn that the person who mugged Aidan stole the locket.  Annie is fearful and wants to know who would be interested in the locket.  Ryan hires Aidan to do some investigation.  Ryan lets him know what is needed.  Ryan asks Aidan to keep a watchful eye on Annie while he goes to pay her brother a visit. 

Ava has another excruciating pain and finally agrees to the surgery.  The interns wheel her out of her room to go to the O.R. and Lily, Jonathan, and J.R. follow her out into the hall.  Suddenly, several reporters and photographers rush forward shouting questions at Lily about Ava and her condition.  Lily and Jonathan move back into the hallway as Dr. Martin orders the reporters out of the hospital.  J.R. finds a reporter that he appears to know and tells him that Jonathan is a psycho and that he is the “mystery man” in the photos of Ava on the beach.  The reporter admits that he already knew that and that his magazine was going to build the suspense with subsequent stories and then reveal his identity later.  J.R. tells him that a magazine that is part of his company has the story also and that they are going to identify Jonathan soon.  When the reporter says that the other magazine doesn’t have photos, J.R. implies that they do prompting the reporter to rush off as though he intends to push up the publication of the information. 

Kendall and Zach visit Ian in the evening.  Zach thinks that it is time that Kendall held Ian in the kangaroo position.  She is hesitant because she believes that she is responsible for the injuries to both her boys.  She believes that holding Ian can cause him nothing but harm since she failed miserably with Spike and Dr. Hilliard.  Zach explains that Ian needs her to regulate his breathing and heartbeat.  He dismisses Kendall's belief that she's failing her sons, and convinces her to kangaroo with Ian.  She later acquiesces. 

Adam is watching Zach as he is convincing Kendall to hold Ian.  Adam looks in through the window.  He is not pleased because his contact on the phone is not giving him much in his update. 

Dr. Martin and the nurse assist Kendall with Ian.  She wonders if he will know that she is holding him.  Zach asks how she feels holding Ian and she respond, “Like a mother.”  She finally feels connected to her baby.  It is a touching moment for the Slater family.  Zach gets teary-eyed seeing them together.  Kendall tears up because of the feeling associated with holding Ian.  Zach leaves Ian and Kendall to have their “alone time.”  As he exits, he sees Adam waiting to speak to him. 

Adam heard that Zach was doing business in and around the hospital so he came to ask for his house.  His request has nothing to do with business, but with family.  He wants Little A to have the house as his legacy.  Having matters that are more pressing on his mind, Zach agrees to give Adam back the mansion.  At first, Adam does not accept the offer fearing Zach wants to set him up later by reneging on the return of the house.  He wants a formal agreement.  Zach asks for one dollar as purchase of the house.  Adam is offended because he believes that Slater thinks the house is only worth one dollar.  Adam vows to get back on top and get even with everyone who underestimated him.  He vows that Zach will not see him coming.

Kendall is enjoying her time with Ian.  She talks to him about being safe and promises that nothing will ever hurt their family again.  After saying those words, she looks into the eyes of Greenlee who is standing outside the NICU watching her.

Jonathan asks Dr. Martin about Ava’s condition.  Jonathan does not like J.R. being at the hospital with Ava.  J.R. tells Jonathan that he saved Ava by getting her to the hospital.  Jonathan insists that he leave.

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