AMC Update Wednesday 9/12/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/12/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Arriving at the studio, Erica puts Pam in her place for sending a tape to the network of her and Jack arguing about Greenlee.  Although Pam displays some "abject humility," Erica would like a new producer but at the moment is stuck with her.  When Jack arrives late, because he's trying to practice law in his spare time, Erica asks him to find a way to disarm his sociopathic daughter and end her reign of terror.  Tough he attempts to steer clear of discussing their children, Erica informs Jack how Greenlee's phony "doctor" prescribed a toxic vitamin cocktail for Spike which caused him to stop breathing.  Jack apologizes but continues to defend his daughter who never tried to intentionally hurt Spike.  Erica insists she's not going to stop assailing Greenlee as long as she continues to attack her family.  Pam interrupts with the topic of the day's show, an engaged couple to be married in a month.  Turning to Jack, Erica wonders if the fiancée should meet her betrothed at the altar or kick him to the curb.  Once the "He Said, She Said" begins, Erica and Jack take turns talking to Jud and Elaine, each siding with the same-sex member's issues about their relationship.  As Jud mentions how Elaine is trying to control not only him but the whole world, Jack assures him he's come to the right place for advice, because Erica is where the center of the universe got her start.  As they continue talking, however, Jack and Erica find themselves agreeing that marriage is a life-changing 50/50 proposition full of compromise.  Calling for a break, Pam exclaims that while they were busy agreeing, America fell asleep and advises them to take the gloves off, because their viewers want to see fireworks not sugar water.  When Pam sees Jack and Erica's fiery chemistry as they talk to the unhappy couple, she starts the tape rolling without their knowledge and captures Erica accusing Jack of being "the great suffocater" while he accuses her of sucking the air out of every room she walks into.  Jack and Erica are surprised when Pam stops taping, calling their repartee "brilliant" -- just what the network wants, honest, spirited, dramatic.  While Pam runs to call the network, Erica tells Jack they just can't keep doing this anymore.  Offering her a cup of tea, Jack listens as Erica bemoans their habit of fighting, then making up until something else sets them off.  Since she wants to stop their constant bickering, Jack proposes that they use their show as an outlet to get their anger out.  Sure it will work, Erica and Jack agree to use the show as their own personal on-air relationship therapy by venting on camera instead of in their real lives, then they kiss.

Exasperated at the idea that Ava could be pregnant and ruin the whole Fusion Green campaign, Babe makes an offhand comment about wanting to "toss her out the window."  Upon hearing that, Annie has a flashback to a child singing "Ring around the rosie" and a man adding, "We all fall down."  Trying to snap out of it, she wonders why her haunting memories don't all go away now that she's confided in Ryan.  Although Babe sympathetically offers to listen, Annie makes light of her situation and tries to get back to business.  When Babe brings up a meeting with their legal department, however, Annie flashes back to the day when she falsely testified against her brother in court and calls herself a liar.  Taking her precarious emotional condition seriously, Babe suggests that Annie take a few days off then invites her to accompany her to The Comeback for a drink.  As she turns off the lights at Fusion, Annie recalls finding her mother's body swinging from a noose.  When her mother's pocket watch falls to the floor, she kneels down to pick it up.  Babe calling for her snaps her out of her reverie, and Annie follows her friend into the elevator. 

Quite hung over, Aidan sidles up to the bar and orders a non-alcoholic drink at The Comeback.  While he recalls passionately kissing Greenlee, she taps him on the shoulder and asks him to sit down because stretching hurts, then she slaps him almost off his stool, accusing him of being a fake spy for hire who takes on any devious job that comes his way.  As she continues to rant and rave about him pretending to like her and taking her to bed while working for Ryan, Aidan calmly holds her face in his hands and assures her she's wrong.  Once she calms down, Greenlee believes Aidan and apologizes for smacking him.  While applying ice to her sore hand, Greenlee realizes she's stupid, selfish, and dangerous.  When she wonders why she's allowed to walk among the normal people of Pine Valley, Aidan challenges her to name three normal people in town.  When Aidan asks why Ryan would hire him to follow Greenlee around, she relays how Spike almost died because of her, but Aidan assures her she did nothing wrong.  After she confides how Ryan is having her followed 24/7, Aidan recognizes an old friend who has just sent over a drink for her and rushes over to teach him a lesson on how to leave Greenlee alone.  Pleased at how Aidan is coming to her defense, Greenlee smiles.  Aidan throws the amateur detective out of The Comeback while Krystal objects, but when she starts to hear Greenlee's story of being followed, she decides she doesn't need to know more and backs off.  Greenlee and Aidan sit down again as she relays her admiration of his chivalrous actions.  Aidan explains that he hates bullies who kick people while they're down and promises to take care of them for Greenlee while she concentrates on her love story about her beach treasure.  Since she believes the pocket watch inscribed with "Forever" has a love story behind it while he thinks it's more of a horror story, they make a bet for a dollar and a movie -- a chick flick for her, something with blood and guts for him.  Since Aidan wants to make their wager more interesting, Greenlee proposes that the loser has to do what the winner wants.  Mulling this over, she recalls Aidan removing her shirt while he relives their intense liplock.  After Annie and Babe order drinks at The Comeback, Krystal alerts them to Greenlee's presence.  Shocked to see her mother's pocket watch hanging around Adrian's neck, Annie makes a quick exit, leaving Babe to confer with Wes, the bartender, about how to get a troubled friend to open up.  Standing outside, Annie peers through the bar's window wondering why it all keeps coming back, even though she tries to get rid of it.  When he invites her to dinner, Greenlee offers to take a picnic to the beach in an hour while Aidan does a little investigating about the locket, hoping to find its answer and collect his winnings for dessert.  While Greenlee hums and happily sets up her picnic blanket and basket of food on the sand, Aidan approaches and bends down to pick up something.  Suddenly, someone hits him on the back of the head with a large rock, causing him to hit his face on a boulder then fall down unconscious.  Dropping the rock, his assailant yanks the chain off Aidan's neck.

While Ava writhes in pain thinking she's pregnant, J.R. wants to leave her with her pregnancy test sticks, but she urges him to stay or she will tell the world this baby is his.  J.R. carries a screaming Ava into the ER and informs Julia that "the bun in the oven's angry at the mama."  Claiming she hurts all over, Ava begs for strong painkillers while Joe questions her about taking drugs again which she denies.  After J.R. tells Joe she might be pregnant, they take Ava to a room, leaving J.R. to worry that she's not faking it and might actually be in bad shape.  Once she's in a room, Ava is relieved to learn she's not pregnant and just has appendicitis, but Joe and Julia don't want her to take her serious condition lightly and insist she has to have surgery before her appendix bursts.  Adamant that no one is going to slice her up like human sushi, Ava begs for some other treatment that won't leave scars on her perfect body.  Suddenly, J.R. bursts into Ava's room, urging her stop being an idiot and get the operation she desperately needs, which sends her into another paroxysm of pain.  J.R. refuses to help Ava leave the hospital and tries to understand why she's so scared.  When she insists it's all about her career, J.R. tries to paint her a picture of fame and money that he has planned for her where she's the star of a whole network.  Ava keeps refusing surgery even though Julia warns her she may become septic and die just as Lily arrives.  Afraid for her sister, Lily urges Ava to follow Dr. Joe's advice and save her life.  Upset at J.R. for involving Lily, Ava kicks him out of her room then recalls when she was little and injured herself.  After her mother took her to the hospital and left her in the nurse's care, Ava was terrified that she would die there alone with just a bunch of strangers.  Gently touching her hand, Lily assures her sister that she'll never be alone again, because she has her now.  Still angry at J.R. for dragging Lily into this, Ava suddenly screams loudly then loses consciousness as Joe and Julia rush in to check her vital signs while J.R. watches from the doorway.

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