AMC Update Tuesday 9/11/07

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/11/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the Yacht Club, Ryan and Jonathan meet with a venture capitalist concerning investments into “Bio-Tech” Research for deafness.  Ryan allows Jonathan wide latitude, as he leaves him alone to conclude the meeting.  Meanwhile, J.R. stands nearby and places calls to prospective investors for his Internet based retail concept without success.

Amanda returns to Fusion and catches the tail end of Annie telling Babe about Spike’s anaphylactic shock scare.  After learning Greenlee initially contacted Dr. Hilliard, both Babe and Amanda presume devious motives on her part whereas Annie does not.  At the very least, Babe hopes Greenlee will seek psychiatric counseling. 

Kendall and Zach return home after visiting Ian.  Although Kendall maintains a positive attitude about Ian, Zach is fully aware she is dying on the inside over the Spike situation.  As Kendall blasphemes Dr. Hilliard, Zach reminds her there was no way for him to anticipate the allergic reaction.  Zach then shifts the real blame to Greenlee for setting the events into motion. 

Meanwhile, as Ryan heads out, he notices Greenlee seated at a table.  He jars her from her apparent daydream by sardonically thanking her for finding Dr. Hilliard.  Not picking up on the sarcasm, a beaming Greenlee advises she was unaware the doctor conceded to take Spike’s case.  A screaming Ryan quickly rips the smile from her face, when he tells her of Spike’s near fatal attack.

Kendall is not as quick to blame Greenlee.  To Zach’s shock, she accepts sole responsibility for what happened with Spike.

In the meantime, Ryan plops himself down at Greenlee’s table and puts her on notice to stay away from his family.  In between her pleas for him to recognize her good intentions, Ryan goes as far as to accuse her of deliberately baiting Kendall into chasing phony cures. 

Amanda begins giving Greenlee the benefit of the doubt.  When Babe disagrees, Amanda points out their respective previous transgressions against their own “best friends.”  Since Amanda perceives Annie as free from wrongdoing, she gives her the unwanted designation of “the only innocent one in the bunch.”  Annie appears as though she would like to crawl under a rock. 

With a crisp bill, a frustrated J.R. manages to get the Yacht Club server to divulge the identity of the “suit” seated with Jonathan.  He seethes over the fact “psycho” Jonathan is meeting with a venture capitalist.  With that, the scheming J.R. decides to check in on Ava.  As he clicks on “YuPhlash,” he sees an ill-obtained photo of Ava and an “unknown mystery man” having sex on the beach.  Meanwhile, as Jonathan concludes his business meeting, Ava calls him for an update on Spike.  As Jonathan inquires about her queasy stomach, the scene shifts to Ava holding a pregnancy test in the Fusion bathroom.  At the same time, J.R.’s attention is riveted to the photo.  He immediately calls Amanda to have her view the “link.”  Her rant over his abruptness halts, as she clicks onto the site and sees Ava’s photo.  The scenes shift between the Yacht Club and Amanda at Fusion.  Babe and Annie stand within earshot of the gasping Amanda going on about the likely negative impact on Fusion.  As J.R. sees its potential for him and Amanda, the other two turn their attention to the photo splashed over Amanda's computer.  Ava walks in the office, while the three women freak over the shot. 

Sean, Colby, chaperone Tad, and the rock band have a post concert breakfast at the Comeback.  Tad eats it up, when they all tell him how “cool” he is.  Josh is seated at the bar.  Jack approaches and gets Krystal’s permission to turn on the television.  The entire bar becomes respectfully silent, as the television announcer commemorates ”9-11.”

With his put-on syrupy tone, J.R. parks himself at Jonathan’s table.  He then slyly baits the unreceptive Jonathan into a conversation about Ava's future.  J.R. delights in showing Jonathan the real subject matter of his comments concerning Ava.  Jonathan looks like he wants to curl up and die when he sees the compromising photo of himself and her.  Meanwhile, Ava wonders what is causing the commotion at Fusion.  Babe diplomatically begins addressing the situation whereas Amanda finishes it with a more direct approach.  As she whips Ava’s chair around to view the photo, Ava explains her actions were not intended for commercial consumption.  As the other three chastise her, she tries to put a positive spin on the situation.  When they point out its negative effects on Jonathan’s company, a devastated Ava rushes out. 

While watching the commemoration, Jack, Krystal, and Josh reflect upon its impact and what they were doing at the time.  Meanwhile, Tad and the others at table begin sharing their personal experiences on that day.  The scene shifts back to Jack and the other two in the midst of a similar conversation.  A somber Tad raises his glass to the fallen, and the rest of his table follows suit.  With that, Kathy arrives and rushes excitedly up to Tad.  A touched Julia quietly watches, as Tad lavishes Kathy with kisses and scoops her up on his lap. 

Zach tries to stop Kendall from self-deprecating.  She insists on berating herself for every one of her perceived failures from the first moment that she brought Spike home.  Now teary-eyed, Kendall reasons she is the “real threat to Spike,” as Zach silently listens. 

Based on Annie’s calm demeanor, Babe realizes she followed her advice and confided in Ryan.  She is pleased to learn her suggestion had great results for Annie.  Now holding her stomach, Ava again emerges.  She then ignores their advice to head home.  A supportive Babe approaches her, as Ava hunches over in discomfort.  After Babe turns, Ava shoves an obscured box into the garbage can. 

To save face, Jonathan mockingly turns the tables on J.R.  Without missing a beat, J.R. begins cleverly approaching him from the vantage point of Ava’s need for an image overhaul.  As J.R. speaks in non-specifics, Jonathan appears intrigued.

Meanwhile, a stern Ryan makes his intentions towards her clear to Greenlee.  In an effort to curtail any direct or indirect contact between her and Spike, Emma, or Ian, Ryan advises he has placed a tail on her, chronicling her every move.  When she disbelieves him, he delineates a blow-by-blow account of her actions from the evening prior.  Ryan then hands a folder over to the fear-struck Greenlee. 

While she sits on his lap, Zach finds the right words to console Kendall.  After cheering her up with talk of Ryan’s investment in Bio-Tech Research, Kendall again bristles at his follow-up comment about cochlear implants.  Zach does his best to bring her onboard. 

Tad acquiesces to Kathy’s request for more syrup and makes a mess of her pancakes.  Julia laughs in response.  Tad then gets up to greet Jenny, now cradled in Krystal’s arms.  Both parents cherish their bright ray of hope.  Josh heads over to Julia’s table and joins them.  As Josh mentions the day’s significance, Julia has Kathy get her some orange juice.  Once alone, Julia revisits her witness protection relocation with Josh.  He then overhears Sean advise Jack about a planned memorial service.  Since she has to work, Julia declines Josh’s invitation to attend it with him.  Meanwhile, Dre solemnly refuses to join his fellow band members and Colby, as they plan to attend also. 

Coming off like a used car salesman, J.R. begins his pitch by attempting to persuade Jonathan to act as her manager and to steer Ava from Fusion.  Completely repulsed, Jonathan flat out rejects him.  In typical J.R. mode, he laughingly mocks Jonathan for the missed opportunity and leaves the table.

The other Fusion women busy themselves with work, as Ava preoccupies herself with her “bloat.”  Babe notices the discarded pregnancy test.  Ava appears embarrassed when Babe inquires whether it is hers.  Ava tries to deny the accusation.  Although Annie, Babe, and Amanda offer to stand by her during the test, Ava angrily takes off. 

Greenlee is sickened by thought of losing her privacy.  Ryan offers her the option of leaving Pine Valley instead.  Ryan abruptly gets up from the table, as Greenlee tries to convince him her motives concerning Spike were purely well intentioned. 

Kendall begins sobbing, as she simulates Spike’s deaf world.  Her tears stream, while she plays a CD with earplugs in. 

Dre angrily cuts Colby and Sean off, when they attempt to persuade him to join them.  Everyone becomes quiet, as the news coverage begins on the memorial service. 

A waiter serves Greenlee a drink, compliments of “Mr. Lavery.”  She begrudgingly accepts and notices Ryan observing her actions from the poolside bar.

Zach comes up on Kendall from behind.  When she pulls a plug from her ear, Zach realizes the horrendous pain she is encountering and grabs hold of her. 

J.R. bumps into Ava outside of the Fusion entrance.  Racked with pain, a hunched over Ava attempts to run past him.  J.R. appears put out until Ava collapses into his arms.

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