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Presuming Aidan is responsible rather than herself, Greenlee has him meet her at The Comeback to call him out for telling Jack about her discovery and solicitation of Dr. Hilliard.  Knowing the certain fallout from Erica finding out, she really lays into Aidan.

Meanwhile, Erica pays a visit to the illustrious Dr. Hilliard and is shocked to find her former acquaintance, “Don,” is one and the same.  As the doctor stretches out his arms to greet her, she rebuffs him.  Based on their history, he is confounded by her aloofness.  To his further chagrin, Erica then refers to him as a fake. 

Believing his screams indicate that he can hear, an overjoyed Kendall grabs hold of Spike and directs Zach to call Dr. Hilliard.  Zach reserves becoming hopeful, when Spike does not respond to the sound of his hands clapping.  A deluded Kendall believes that Spike is too upset to react.  As Spike continues screaming, Ryan and Annie return home.  When Kendall gives them her amazing news, Ryan appears initially stunned and then manages a smile.

While at his former home, J.R. realizes his uncle and father switched identities.  The snickering J.R. begins mocking Adam’s impersonation of Stuart.  As Adam quickly tires of J.R.’s jabs, Stuart begins “covering” for Adam.  Fearing Stuart will inadvertently reveal Adam’s plot, he tries to quickly shut him up.  Adam’s secretive behavior arouses J.R.’s further curiosity. 

Armed with a manila envelope, Babe approaches the Comeback bar.  An enamored Wes warmly greets her and becomes interested about its contents.  Based on Babe’s professional achievements, Wes is surprised by Babe’s proud display of her high school diploma.  Babe beams, as Wes lavishes her with more compliments.  Slightly embarrassed by his outpouring, Wes cuts his comments short.  Babe awkwardly excuses herself.  His eyes follow her, as she walks away from the bar.  With that, Jonathan and Ava arrive arm in arm.  Ava eats it up, when Wes recognizes her as a model.  Meanwhile, Greenlee continues harping on Aidan.  In response, Aidan tries to bait Greenlee into admitting her feelings for him.  Although grinning, Greenlee denies her feelings and reverts to nagging him.  Aidan decides to set her straight about her drug-induced admission.  While acknowledging Jack told her the same thing, Greenlee still claims she disbelieves both of them.  Aidan draws close to her and makes reference to her other revealing comments while inebriated.  As Greenlee coyly smiles, Aidan confesses he “likes her.”

Amidst the commotion of Spike’s screams, Ryan attempts to ascertain why Kendall believes Spike can hear.  As the wound up Kendall babbles on, Ryan begins wondering whether there is another explanation for his cries.  As Kendall remains emphatic, Zach tries to make a phone call.  When he advises that Dr. Norton is en route, Kendall insists that Zach call Dr. Hilliard instead. 

Based on their previous close friendship, Dr. Hilliard is perplexed by Erica’s harsh reaction to him.  The pieces fall into place for him, when he learns Spike is Erica’s grandson.  Through their continued conversation, the history of their forged relationship at the Betty Ford Clinic and Dr. Hilliard’s recovery from drug addiction are revealed.  Despite her admissions of her former admiration for him, Erica begins her attack.  The doctor quickly sets her straight that his medical license is restored.  Not missing a beat, Erica shifts to blaspheming him for providing false hope.  Despite his efforts to convince her of his “enlightenment,” Erica threatens him with her means and power to expose him as a charlatan. 

Worried he appeared overly friendly towards Ava, Wes serves Jonathan some complimentary extras, as a friendly gesture.  Once alone, Jonathan reacts receptively towards Wes.  As Babe waits on tables, Wes does not hide his interest in her to Jonathan.  Greenlee and Aidan are seated and the chemistry between them is apparent.  As the fact she blabbed to Jack finally sets in, Greenlee needs a drink. 

While Zach calms Kendall, Ryan escorts Dr. Norton inside.  Kendall does not respond to him, when he addresses her.  While the doctor examines Spike, Zach attempts to prevent Kendall from placing another call.  Meanwhile, Dr. Hilliard does not cower from Erica’s threats and rests on his laurels.  Erica begins attacking him again.  Dr. Hilliard questions the change in the open-minded Erica he once knew.  He learns she is not so receptive when her daughter is involved.  Their conversation is interrupted by Kendall’s call.  Through his end, Erica is aware he is speaking with Kendall and listens intently.  The scenes shift between his office and Kendall’s home.  As the excited Kendall begins describing Spike’s so-called response to the breaking lamp, Dr. Hilliard questions her certainty.  After further details, Dr. Hilliard feels the news is promising and agrees to examine Spike at her request.  Erica becomes tongue tied, as he advises her of the apparent progress and invites her to join him.  In the meantime, Dr. Norton detects a rash on Spike and questions an unaware Kendall about it.  With that, Spike becomes silent.  Realizing he stopped breathing, Ryan screams for the doctor to help Spike.  Kendall becomes hysterical.  Their mutual spouses try to calm them, as the doctor administers CPR to Spike, now in anaphylactic shock.  The relief amongst the four is obvious, when Spike lets out another scream.  The tearing Kendall scoops her baby up to her.  Zach remains stoic, as both parents gasp, “Thank, God.”

Adam dismisses him when Stuart tries to persuade his brother to be truthful with J.R.  Stuart departs realizing that Adam will not do as he asked.  Summarily dispensing with J.R.’s further mockery, Adam demands that he get down to business.  J.R. presents his on-line women’s site concept to a non captive audience.  With the mere mention of involving Ava, Adam completely rejects J.R.’s idea.

Meanwhile, Babe notices Ava, now seated alone.  She then learns Ava is repeatedly vomiting.  Regarding her advice as a lecture, Ava ignores Babe’s suggestion to “take it easy.”  As Babe watches the nauseated Ava, she appears as though she suspects the reason behind it.  At their table, Greenlee and Aidan wax philosophical.  She then hands him the pocket watch locket she found on the beach.  Aidan laughs at its inscription, “Forever.”  Relying on the moral from the “The Gift of the Magi,” Greenlee has a romantic view of the inscription whereas a jaundiced Aidan does not.  Greenlee holds onto her belief that a loving couple is looking for it.  As Greenlee prattles on, Aidan appears as if he is really falling for her.

While Kendall holds him, Dr. Norton confirms that Spike has stabilized.  At Dr. Norton’s behest, Joe Martin arrives.  Kendall appears dumbfounded, as Joe advises Spike could have died from this allergic reaction without a quick response from Dr. Norton.  Ryan tries to pinpoint the cause.  While determination is difficult, Joe questions them about any changes in Spike’s regimen.  Kendall’s mention of the vitamins becomes lost in the discussion, as she begins focusing on his hearing.  Kendall becomes intolerant, when Joe suggests his so-called response to the noise was probably just the allergic reaction.  Joe refocuses her to the vitamins.  Zach hands Joe the vitamin bottle.  Since the ingredients are not listed, Joe cannot make an informed determination.  Ryan becomes infuriated, when he realizes Dr. Hilliard prescribed the vitamins.  With that, Erica and the doctor rush inside the home.  Ryan immediately attacks Dr. Hilliard.  As the doctor offers to provide an ingredient list, Zach has to hold the clenched-toothed Ryan back from him.  While Joe cautions them the vitamins may not be the source, Ryan and Erica hold Dr. Hilliard responsible.  Before parting, Dr. Hilliard makes it clear he never promised “to cure” Spike.  After he leaves, a devastated Kendall starts feeling guilty for possibly jeopardizing Spike’s life. 

J.R. defends his judgment to an unreceptive Adam.  The more J.R. justifies his decision to utilize Ava, Adam suspects that J.R. has “a thing” for her.  J.R. vehemently protests and insists on her marketability.  Adam grows quiet, as J.R. continues his pitch.  Despite his efforts, Adam remains disinterested and presents a counteroffer to include him in a Chandler Enterprise partnership.  Wanting to remain detached, J.R. flatly declines. 

Greenlee tries to shake Aidan’s cynicism.  The two wager on the connection behind the locket.  Greenlee bets on love, while Aidan bets on “evil.”  Greenlee questions how they should proceed in “solving the mystery.”

Ava becomes offended by Babe’s inquiry into her sex life.  When Babe suggests she may be pregnant, Ava appears to be calculating that possibility. 

Meanwhile, Adam hopes to entice the unwilling J.R. by mentioning his recent yacht acquisition.  J.R. reacts angrily and regrets coming to his father.  J.R. then pitches his idea again without success.  An inspired J.R. reminds Adam of his rise from humble beginnings and announces his intentions to follow in his footsteps

With Zach by his side, an angry Ryan discusses the situation with Joe.  As Joe cautions Dr. Hilliard has not broken the law, he returns with the list of ingredients.  Ryan lunges at him again.  Dr. Hilliard reacts empathetically and extends his best wishes before leaving.  In response, Erica looks up incredulously.  Erica and Zach calm Kendall, as she self-deprecates.  Erica then assures she will no longer blame herself, when she has all the facts. 

Citing his lacking drive, Adam slams J.R.’s belief that he can attain the same level of his success.  Emboldened by his father’s doubts, an angry J.R. leaves more determined to surpass Adam than ever.  Once alone, Adam appears to regret his comments. 

Although denying Babe’s supposition, a clearly worried Ava dashes away and yanks Jonathan out of the bar along with her.  Wes then sneaks up on Babe and surprises her with a congratulatory cupcake.  Greenlee retains Aidan’s services to investigate the locket with a dollar.

Meanwhile, Erica fills the four in on her history with Dr. Hilliard.  Ryan begins questioning how she rediscovered him.  His mouth goes agape, when Ryan learns of Greenlee’s involvement.  At the same time, Zach reacts emotionlessly, while Annie and Kendall are stunned into silence.

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