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All My Children Update Friday 9/7/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Annie is telling Ryan how she thinks she killed her mom. Annie accused her brother of hurting his dad. Once her brother was sentenced she went to find her mom to apologize, but her mom was dead. She drove her mom to it. Her father blames her for what she did to her brother. Ryan disagrees that she is at fault. He tells Annie to not blame herself.

Zach and Kendall are giving Spike his sippy cup. Zach drinks out of a pink one sitting on the table. Kendall thanks Zach for calling her out and letting her have it regarding honesty. She looks at Spike and tells him it is time for bed. She looks at Zach and tells him to wait on the sofa and not to leave, because she will be back. Zach is on the sofa when Kendall joins him looking sexy in her good-luck shoes, and a spies’ raincoat. Zach ask, "Are you going somewhere”? She replies that she has a date. He asks, “With anyone I know”? She responds, “With a rugged, sexy, tough, and handsome guy”. He replies, “Oh so it is not with anyone I know”. He starts to unbutton the raincoat at her urging. She opens the coat and drive Zach to distraction. Zach stand up as if he is stunned by the vision. We, the audience, get a glimpse of a “Go Red Wings” jersey with white ruffles around it. Zach is intrigued. He told her to call her date, because she was not going anywhere tonight. After their lovemaking she ask him to promise her that he will always be there. He asks her to promise him that she will always be honest with him.

Kendall unbuttons, and then takes off Zach’s shirt. They kiss and then fall together to the couch. Kendall encourages him to set the mood by turning out the light. He is so anxious that he knocks the light off the table. They hear Spike crying. Kendall believes that Spike hear the noise. She says to Zach, “Zach, Spike heard the noise, which is why he is crying”.

Annie’s brother Ritchie is what was terribly wrong with their family. Her parents made excuses for him. He was spoiled, petulant, and over indulged. He engaged in activities that were dangerous and cruel. His personality changed from being charming to cruel in an instant. His parents made excuses for him by calling him spirited instead of cruel. Their dad turned his anger toward Annie. He labeled Annie jealous. Annie worried that someone would get seriously hurt. Finally it happened when Ritchie pushed her father out of the window. They both denied that Ritchie was responsible, but Annie never believed them. The parents supported Ritchie at the trial, but Annie testified against him. Annie’s testimony put Ritchie in jail for ten years. The day they sentenced Ritchie is the day her mother committed suicide.

Annie lied about witnessing the incident. She thought that if Ritchie were convicted he would get help in an institution. She did not anticipate him going to jail. Ryan is understanding, and not judging. Ryan is sorry that she had to live with her secrete alone. He wishes she had told him sooner. She and Ryan wonder who has been making the phone calls. Annie was told that her brother was still in jail so she doubts that it is he. Annie make sure that Ryan understands that she lied and got Ritchie put away for something he may not have done. Ryan says he understands.

Ryan wants to know who sent the watch. Ryan tells Annie to let go of the past because it is not her life. She does not know how to let go. Ryan demonstrates by throwing away the watch. Ryan promises to not let the past hurt her again.

Erica, Greenlee, and Jack are having dinner. Greenlee tells Erica how she got help for Spike by hiring Dr. Hilliard. Erica is appalled that Greenlee is still invading her daughter’s life. Erica leaves after calling Greenlee deranged.

J.R. out talked the repo-man who decides to let him keep the yacht. Amanda is not impressed. J.R. convinces her to stay on the yacht. Amanda encourages J.R. to ask Adam for the money since Adam has J.R. shares. She undresses J.R., and they make out.

Krystal, and Stuart are reminiscing about Charlotte. They discuss how Adam loves the baby before it was born. Krystal intends to stop talking about the past. She tells Stuart that she does not love Tad, because Adam still has her heart. She knows that pretty soon what she feels will soon be over, and she will finally be free. She thinks that Adam has no love in his eyes or heart. Adam only has a will to win. She kisses Stuart and thanks him for being her friend. He leaves her with a knowing look upon her face.

J.R. mistakes Stuart for Adam when he realizes that they are switching identities.

Greenlee finds Annie’s watch on the beach.

After getting Val to research Dr. Hilliard, Erica enters his office. As she enters they both recognize each other and say each other’s name.

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