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Ryan overhears Kendall telling Zach that she took Spike to see Dr. Hilliard.  Ryan is angry and proceeds to Spike’s room to get him.  Kendall wants to know where Ryan is taking Spike and he says that he wants to be alone with his son so he will take him to the park.  Ryan leaves with Spike.

J.R. now sees dollar signs when he sees Ava.  He is lying in bed with Amanda, discussing how the kiss between Ava and her created a media stir.  Amanda wants to know what he sees in Ava.  He tells Amanda that Ava is going to make him money and he gives Ava credit for the Fusion comeback.  Amanda gives credit to Babe, Di, Greenlee, and Kendall but J.R. thinks that Ava is a goldmine.  He wants to use her for something within his new business.  Amanda wants to makes sure he doesn’t screw over Fusion.  He promises not to interfere with Fusion.

Ava and Jonathan are at the beach and Jonathan is busy working on a business proposal for his brother.  Ava is interfering with his concentration by distracting him.  Jonathan tells Ava details about his brain tumor and credits Ryan for saving him.  He believes he owes everything to Ryan.  Ava can relate because she credits Lily with saving her Life.

Forbidden City, a new rock band has moved in next door to Colby’s house, and she is hanging out with them.  Colby wants to go to Philly to a concert with Sean and the band.  Stuart (who is Adam in disguise) chokes as he listens in.  Krystal and Tad ask if he is ok.

Kendall is preparing to go after Ryan, but Zach doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  Kendall says she has to try to make him understand, and asks that Zach not try to stop her.  She leaves and Annie says to Zach, “This is not going to go well.”  Zach agrees.  Annie tells Zach that she can’t tell Ryan everything.  She talks about their trip to Chicago saying it was not the best.  She confides that she doesn’t want Ryan to find out about certain things in her past.  Zach tells Annie that he thinks that she should tell Ryan the truth.  Annie doesn’t think that Ryan will approve of what happened in her past.  Zach tells her that Ryan didn’t marry her thinking life would be perfect and that she should give him the chance to prove that he’ll understand and love her no matter what it is that happened.  Annie thanks Zach for listening and asks about Ian.  Zach talks about Ian, and shows Annie his pictures.

Colby talks to Stuart/Adam about her dad and asks if he's healthy, and if he's eating well.  Stuart/Adam reassures her that he's fine.  Stuart/Adam thinks that she's worried about her dad, and advises her to go see him.  Colby thinks her dad always tries to make her feel guilty about living with Krystal and Tad.  Stuart/Adam disagrees.  Colby leaves to help Krystal with the dishes and asks Stuart/Adam to stay with baby Jenny for a few minutes.  Stuart/Adam plays, and talks to Jenny.  He calls her beautiful and tells her that one day she will be as beautiful as her mom is.  Krystal overhears him say this and tells him that it is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about her. 

Ryan is in the park with Spike and Kendall joins them.  Ryan wants to be alone, but she refuses to leave.  Ryan is enjoying the park and signing to Spike.  Kendall asks Ryan if he is bothered that Spike can’t hear anything and Ryan responds, “No.”  They begin to argue about Dr. Hilliard.

Annie asks about Ian and Zach gushes.  Annie is only too willing to hear him be hopeful and proud of Ian since Annie feels that she has not been hopeful in a long time.  Zach helps her remember how it feels by taking her to see Ian.

Ryan is so angry with Kendall that he tells her she is not different from Greenlee.  Kendall agrees that she is stubborn when she wants something.  She says, “When it comes to my kids, I’m a bulldog, and I will never stop fighting for Spike.” She apologizes to Ryan for not including him in decisions regarding Spike.  Her justification is that she just didn't want him to try to stop her.  She believes that Dr. Hilliard can help Spike.  Ryan thinks that Kendall treats him as if his opinion doesn't matter.  Kendall apologizes again, and begins to cry.  Ryan says that he didn't mean to make her cry, but Kendall laughs and say, "Everything makes me cry lately.”  He thinks she is exhausted.  Ryan wants to take Spike to the Carnival, but Kendall offer to take him to someplace better.

Stuart/Adam and Krystal are looking at Jenny and Krystal tells him that little Jenny adores him, and that he'd make a great daddy.  Stuart/Adam reminds her that he is a daddy.  They agree that you do not need to be a biological parent to be a daddy.  Krystal agrees because of how she feels about Colby and J.R.  Stuart/Adam says that Adam is glad that Colby has Krystal.  Stuart/Adam also tells her that Adam knows what a good woman she is.

J.R. and Amanda are in bed making out when someone knocks on the door and asks to see J.R. Chandler.  J.R. and Amanda initially ignore them by ducking under the covers.  The knocking continues and J.R. finally gets out of bed, and opens the door wrapped in a towel.  The voice yells, "J.R. Chandler we've come to repossess the yacht.”  Amanda leaps out of bed, certain that there is a mistake.  J.R. lied to her and said the boat belonged to a friend.  When Amanda repeats this to the repo-man, J.R. looks like a deer caught in headlights.  He no longer owns the yacht.

Jonathan and Ava are making out on the beach and they do not know that the paparazzi are hiding behind the rocks, taking photos.

Stuart/Adam offers to tuck baby Jenny in.  He continues to explain away Adam’s behavior when trying to give away Baby Jenny.  As he leaves for Jenny’s room, Krystal says, "Not so fast.  I am onto you.”  Stuart/Adam turns around with a look of a mouse caught in a trap.

Zach and Annie are with Ian and Zach convinces Annie that Ian gave him a high five.  Annie believes him and is in awe.  She asks Ian for a high-five.  Zach teases her by saying that surely she didn’t believe that a preemie can give you a high five.  They begin to laugh and Annie says that she cannot believe that she fell for that.  Zach is happy that he made her laugh.  She thanks Zach for bringing her there.

They hear knocking on the window, and see Kendall, Ryan, and Spike on the other side.  Annie leaves to see Ryan, and Kendall goes in to see Zach and Ian.  Kendall gives Zach a huge hug and he tells her that Ian is glad to see his sexy mom.  Annie, Ryan, and Spike look on.  Annie turns to Ryan and says, "I'm willing to talk, if you're willing to listen."

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