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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/5/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

During her self-appointed evening shift at Fusion, Greenlee laments her solitary plight with “Alfonso,” her silent sounding board. As she nuzzles her nose up to the stuffed animal, she flashes to the passionate kiss shared with Aidan.

Meanwhile, Aidan appears immersed in thought at the Yacht Club. Jack has to call out his name several times to catch his attention. Jack wants to engage him in a conversation about him and Greenlee. Aidan looks as though this is the last subject he wants to address.

Erica happens to walk on in Greenlee playing with Alphonso and immediately wipes the smile from her face. In her scolding tone, Erica tells her to, “leave him alone, he is not yours.”

Annie and Ryan’s flight bound for Pine Valley is delayed. While they are stuck on the runway, Annie becomes agitated. Noticing that she is acting out of character, Ryan tries to cheer her up. When he mentions her reconciliation with her father, Annie flashes back to her threatening him with “the horrible thing she did before.” Concerned about Annie’s preoccupied appearance, Ryan attempts to ascertain that everything is all right with her.

As Kendall merrily heads for Spike’s room, Zach unexpectedly confronts her with Dr. Hilliard’s vitamin bottle. Not missing a beat, Kendall acts as though they are regular vitamins. In response, Zach interrogates her about Dr. Hilliard and her deliberate lies. Zach grows cold and very intolerant of Kendall’s excuses and demands an explanation for her blatant omissions.

As Jack takes a seat at Aidan’s table, he starts off by thanking Aidan for twice saving Greenlee’s life and being supportive. Through Jack’s words, Aidan gains some insight into Greenlee’s background. He then slightly winces, when Jack advises, “you get her.” Jack then tries to instill the importance of his friendship to Greenlee.

Meanwhile, the war wages over Alphonso. Believing she is referring to a man, Greenlee misinterprets the “him” in Erica’s comment. Erica sets her straight and informs her the stuffed tiger belongs to Ian. While placing “him” in her purse, Greenlee explains Alphonso was “a gift from a friend.” Having had enough of Erica’s jabs, Greenlee threatens to have her arrested for trespassing. Suspecting that Greenlee has now lapsed into a state of delusion, the sneering Erica claims to have pity for her.

A jittery Annie keeps rifling through her purse, as Ryan attempts to engage her in a conversation about her dad. Ryan appears even more troubled about her erratic behavior. Annie snaps, “ he fell down some stairs, it was an accident,” when Ryan revisits the fall causing her father’s deafness.

Through her so-called sympathetic words to Greenlee, Erica delivers many back handed compliments. Greenlee deftly dismisses Erica, as she then tries to provoke her. Unfortunately for Greenlee; Erica hits on a vulnerable spot, Jack. Greenlee finally loses it, when Erica throws his certain disappointment with her in her face and her inability to seek redemption.

At the hospital, Julia enters NICU and is amused by the sight of Josh giving Ian lessons in music. Julia is pleased to hear the news of Ian’s progress. As Josh engages her in small talk, Julia anticipates a crack about her break-up with Jamie. Uncharacteristically, Josh actually admits his wrongdoing during his last year’s medical treatment of Annie and apologizes for laying the blame at Julia’s feet. Josh attributes his metamorphosis to taking part in the familial unity surrounding the Spike and Ian crises. Before leaving, Julia shows her approval of the transformed Josh. His eyes follow her, as she heads out the door.

Zach does not accept Kendall’s excuse that the timing was not “right” to tell him. In response, a sputtering Kendall starts rambling and blurts out the fact Ryan mistreated Dr. Hilliard. Now that she has “stepped in it,” Kendall gives Zach the rest of the details. Zach becomes offended, when Kendall admits she feared he would react similarly to Ryan had he been informed of her intentions.

Ryan becomes increasingly confounded by Annie’s behavior, as she grows more and more agitated. Ryan tries to engage her about her mother’s watch. Annie then quickly declines his suggestion to fix it. Realizing she is in total bitch mode, Annie apologizes. Now that she has calmed down a little, Ryan admits he perceived that the interaction between her and her father, Walter, was a show for his benefit. Annie tries to deftly convince him the strain between them stems from Walter’s bitterness. To avoid further conversation, Annie lays her head on the airplane pillow. Since they are still stuck, a suspicious Ryan uses the opportunity to perform an internet search on “Walter Novak.”

In retaliation, Greenlee begins hitting Erica below the belt about her numerous marriages and her habit of yanking Jack’s chain. Never shying away from a show down, Erica makes a dig about Greenlee’s tendencies to drive over cliffs.

Although not completely unreceptive to alternative treatment, Zach encourages Kendall to remain realistic. An emotional Kendall remains resolved that Spike will be cured. Kendall’s fears are then realized, when Zach finally acknowledges that he shares Ryan ‘s belief that Spike’s deafness is incurable.

Ryan finds an article concerning Walter’s fall from a four-story window and ensuing investigation. As he digests this information, he glances at Annie to confirm her eyes are still closed. In the meantime, Annie begins having a vivid and haunting nightmare. The dream starts with a pair of tear filled eyes. Annie then emerges and holds her hands to collect water from a leaking roof. She opens her hands and finds her mother’s watch inside. This image jolts Annie into a conscience state. As she comes out of it, she lets out a scream. An extremely concerned Ryan tries to find out what is wrong with her.

Erica begins pointing out Greenlee’s hurtful transgressions against her family. In self-defense, Greenlee makes a vague reference about how she is trying to help them. Erica reacts viscerally and forcefully warns Greenlee to “leave her family alone.” Now disengaged, Greenlee silently grabs her purse and skulks out.

Kendall reacts incredulously to Zach’s close-minded position and demands an explanation for previously placating her. Zach tries to offer hope through the use of the implants. Now hysterical, Kendall lays out all the disadvantages Spike will undergo with them. Zach then recognizes Kendall will stop at nothing to find a cure for Spike, even it means cutting him out of the loop.

Ryan tries to get Annie to open up. While making light of her dream, an incensed Annie notices Ryan’s “research.” Annie angrily shuts him down, when he questions her concerning her lies about the fall. As her anger escalates, a flight attendant intercedes. To avoid unpleasant ramifications, Ryan stops Annie from arguing with the stewardess. After she walks away, Annie jerks her hand away from Ryan’s clasp. As she apologizes for getting upset with Ryan, the pilot announces the passengers are free to disembark. Angered by her resistance to be forthcoming, he heads off the plane ahead of her.

Julia rejoins Josh and begins marveling at the miraculous Ian. Her comments prompt Josh to inquire about Kathy. Julia smiles proudly, as she brings him up to speed about her daughter. Through their conversation, Josh reveals his desire to have children. Josh smiles at her, when Julia proclaims that he would “make a great father.”

Erica begins going through her gifts for Ian and finds the picture frame with his birth date embossed on it. As she caresses the engraving, she appears struck by the date.

Greenlee bumps into Jack and Aidan. While greeting her with a kiss, Jack’s phone rings. As he answers, the scene shifts to Erica begging to see him. With that, the other two are left alone together. Aidan teases Greenlee that he told Jack about their liaison. Although embarrassed, Greenlee keeps the subject going. Almost trying to convince herself, Greenlee insists “it” will never happen again. While leaning in close proximity to her, Aidan claims he concurs.

Zach takes umbrage with Kendall’s unilateral decisions concerning Spike. Kendall finally recognizes Zach’s skepticism about Dr. Hilliard is justified. An emotional Kendall is relieved, when Zach decides to give the doctor a chance. Considering Annie and Ryan as part of their family, Zach insists on involving them with Dr. Hilliard’s treatment. An adamant Kendall refuses to include Ryan.

Although she initially declines, Julia takes Josh up on his invitation to go for coffee. Josh’s parting words to Ian charm Julia.

Greenlee rises from the table, as they conclude their “friends without benefits” conversation. Aidan takes this as a signal for him to leave and gives her a friendly kiss goodbye. As she longingly watches him walk off, Greenlee appears to now regret her decision.

Erica tearfully opens up to Jack about her despair over Ian’s belated homecoming. Jack instinctively knows Erica needs him and escorts her out of Fusion.

Zach chastises Kendall for cutting out Ryan. Kendall tries to justify her position. As Zach threatens to inform Ryan in the event that she does not, Ryan and Annie walk in. Ryan looks confounded about their conversation.

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