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All My Children Update Tuesday 9/4/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Krystal and Tad return home and find Colby and Sean asleep in each other’s arms. As Krystal coos over the sleeping couple, Tad startles them awake. Tad then yanks Sean from the couch and hustles him out the door. While Krystal chastises him for his treatment of Sean, Colby digs Tad about “getting cozy” himself. As Colby drags herself upstairs, Krystal asks whether his “kiss” translates into him wanting to “get cozy” with her.

At Greenlee’s, an inebriated Aidan checks his pockets for his missing keys. While attempting to retrace his steps, he realizes where he is and whom he is with. Free from inhibition, Aidan admits to Greenlee how “cute” she can be, especially under the influence of “meds.” In reaction, the coy Greenlee begins blushing.

Zach walks into his living room and is touched by the sight of a peacefully resting Kendall holding Spike against her chest. To avoid stirring her from sleep, Zach gently pries Spike away. As Zach heads for the bedroom with the baby, he passes by Spike’s vitamins conspicuously lying nearby Kendall.

Juxtaposed with Annie confronting her father, Ryan hurriedly dresses in their Chicago hotel room. The scene shifts back to the confrontation. A cold and deliberate Annie threatens him “to stop.” As her father reacts contemptuously, Annie turns to leave and advises, “You do what you have to do, and I’ll do what I have to.” When he relents, Annie begins laying out her directives.

Tad tries to deftly skirt the “kiss” issue to no avail. As Krystal forces him to address the subject, Tad is surprised to learn she actually enjoyed it. While they both discuss maintaining things at a kiss level for the time being, they stare lustfully into each other’s eyes. The awkward moment is interrupted by Jenny’s cries. With their arms intertwined, both parents head to check on their baby. Tad then wraps his arm around her and lovingly kisses Krystal on the forehead.

Zach returns downstairs and starts cleaning up. Now awakened, Kendall manages to distract him enough to put the vitamin bottle down before he gets a good look at it. Anxious to whisk Kendall upstairs, Zach empties his hands and carries her over the threshold. The vitamins along with Spike’s “sippy” cup now remain in the same spot.

Greenlee suggests that the now-staggering Aidan should sleep off the alcohol at her home. As Aidan babbles on, Greenlee playfully tosses a blanket over his head and starts for her room. Aidan gently pulls her towards him and begins softly kissing her. Greenlee responds by kissing him back. She then welcomes his touch, while he slowly disrobes her, rib bandage and all.

Now back in the hotel room, Annie opens the door to a frantic Ryan. As he enters, he questions her about her sudden disappearance from their room. In an effort to evade him, she begins undressing and offers a lame excuse. Before he can continue barraging her, she feigns weariness and jumps into bed.

With their household disrupted by boisterous music in the wee hours of the morning, Tad and Krystal rush into cradle Jenny. Presuming that Colby is the culprit, they have a “rock, paper, scissors” challenge as to which one of them gets to reprimand her. Before a victor is declared, an annoyed Colby enters and advises the music is coming live from next door. The winner emerging from the three of them must confront the offending neighbor.

Greenlee wakes up on the sofa with a satisfied smile. She looks over at the presumably sleeping Aidan and tries to move without disturbing him. Much to her surprise, he announces he is already awake.

Meanwhile, Kendall runs downstairs ahead of Zach to grab the vitamin bottle. She barely pockets it, before he reaches the living room. Overjoyed about her secret regiment for Spike, she wraps her arms around Zach and kisses him. He becomes curious over her sudden positive outlook. Kendall attributes it to Spike and Ian’s general progress.

Ryan awakens to the sight of Annie staring out the window. He remains silent, while he continues to watch her.

To avoid showing vulnerability, Greenlee insists on rebandaging her ribs herself. Aidan ignores her and slowly performs the task. As he finishes, he seductively strokes her back. With that, a grinning Greenlee turns to him and threatens to “break his face, if he apologizes for last night.”

Armed with doughnuts, Sean returns to Krystal and Tad’s unannounced. Krystal advises him that Colby had to pay a visit next door. With doughnuts in hand, the curmudgeon Tad heads for his room. With that, Colby shocks the other three, when she walks in and introduces the band, “Forbidden City.”

Zach surprises Kendall with a new visual monitor. She then delights in observing Spike sleeping from their living room. Kendall begins marveling at Zach’s ability to ground her, during the most horrendous of circumstances. With no words necessary on his part, Zach just puckers his lips to kiss her.

Ryan joins Annie on the sofa. With a thoughtful expression on her face, Annie confesses she lied about her whereabouts last evening. Ryan hopes to get her to open up. Annie relays she visited her mother’s grave site and was successful in her endeavor to resolve lingering issues. Ryan assures her that he will never leave her. Appearing relieved, Annie reaches her arms out to Ryan. They are startled from their embrace by a knock on the door. Ryan looks at her curiously, when Annie appears to be expecting the visitor.

In light of her excursion with Spike during Ian’s crisis, Zach’s continued patience and tolerance amaze Kendall. He offers a simple explanation, “I love you.” He then attributes his initial anger at the time to fear. Betting now on “hope,” Zach kisses Kendall.

Krystal exchanges introductions with the band members, Ren, Dre, and Corrina. Tad does not share in the delight that the group has their musical equipment next door. Tad appears as though he would like to kill Krystal, as she welcomes the band inside. His mood changes; however, when he learns Corrina is a “wiz” at setting up a wiring hub for his system.

In a prodding way, Annie pulls her father inside the hotel room. Somewhat strained, he makes Ryan’s acquaintance. As the three are seated, her father makes brief reference to their estrangement and claims happiness in the fact that Annie has a family. She slightly tears, when he engages Ryan in a conversation about Emma. Ryan is excited to show him his granddaughter’s photos. As Ryan reaches for his wallet, an anxiety ridden Annie looks nervously at her father.

Aidan and Greenlee become awkward around each other. They both try to come up with the appropriate reason for their encounter. While Aidan opts for the drug and alcohol induced explanation, Greenlee reminds him of her “mercy” offer. Appearing anxious to leave, Aidan promises, “this will never happen again.” Despite the clumsiness, Aidan jumps at Greenlee’s invitation to use her shower. After he heads into the bathroom, an elated Greenlee holds “Alphonso” up to her grinning face.

Tad is excited that his system is wired and ready to use. Colby and Sean make plans with the band, as they leave to get ready for an appearance. Tad astounds Krystal with his announcement of his so-called intentions to join them.

Annie attempts to keep things going smoothly by prattling on about Emma. To prevent his discomfort from showing, her father makes up an excuse that he has to leave. He again reiterates his happiness for Annie and rises from the sofa. In furtherance of their charade, father and daughter share a strained embrace. As he heads for the door, Ryan stops to thank him for the “present.” When he reacts quizzically, Annie quickly steps in and reminds him about the watch piece. Her father follows her lead but takes the opportunity to jab her with it. Annie looks away, when he refers to it as a “reminder.” Before going to the bedroom to pack, Ryan proclaims his love and unwavering support for Annie to her father. Once alone, her father expresses his shame in her. Annie coldly suggests they maintain their agreement to stay away from each other. She closes the door on him, as he enters the hallway. Annie then lets out a sigh of relief.

Tad and Krystal begin reminiscing about their party days. Unbeknownst to Tad, Krystal stands behind him, as he tells Jenny that “he still has it.”

While they stand in her doorway, Greenlee has Aidan agree to pretend “this never happened” before he leaves. Appearing to be savoring their time together, Greenlee lingers by the door and begins running her hands across it.

While Annie finishes packing, her distraction becomes obvious to Ryan. He tries to determine the source of what is troubling her. Without revealing the truth, Annie chalks her silence up to the emotionally filled day. As he talks about returning home to the kids, a clearly grateful Annie clings onto her husband for dear life.

Resting in each other’s arms, Zach and Kendall watch a sleeping Spike on the monitor. As they make plans to visit Ian, Kendall springs up in response to the cries of the awakening baby. Kendall does not realize that Spike’s vitamins fell from her pocket, as she rushes to the bedroom. Zach becomes confounded, when he discovers Dr. Hilliard’s magical bottle lying on the sofa.

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