AMC Update Friday 8/31/07

All My Children Update Friday 8/31/07


Written By Bonnit

Krystal is upset because Tad has not arrived at his birthday party yet. She asked J.R. about Tad’s whereabouts. J.R. explains that they were supposed to meet at the boathouse and Tad never showed. The Martins, and the Careys decide to look for Tad. Tad finally shows up. He says, “Hey what’s the occasion”. Crystal is not amused. Tad asks, “Is it a party for me?” He jokes about old pictures that no longer look like him. J.R. tells Tad that he scared him, because he thought that he would not show up.

Jack visits Greenlee. She is in pain because she is not taking her meds. She doesn’t want to be doped up anymore. Jack doesn’t think it is safe to stop taking her meds. Jack invites her to go with him to Tad’s party. She declines. She lies and says she has a dinner date. Greenlee is dining alone. She is self-conscious because she is eating at the Yacht Club alone. She sees an old friend, and pretends that she is waiting for her dinner companion. She goes to the party and literally run into Aidan. The pain in her ribs starts again.

Kendall, and Zach arrive at the party. Ruth talks to Kendall about the babies, and is glad that they are all right. Kendall thanks Babe for being Fusion’s lifesaver. Ruth tells Kendall that she understands that Spike is a good candidate for the implant. She says that a doctor in Pittsburgh has a flawless record. Kendall ignores all Ruth’s suggestions.

Babe hosts a game where the guests guess the year of Tad’s hairstyle. Opal and Ruth knew them all. The guests toast Tad. When Julia arrives at the bar, Jonathan welcomes her back. Julia asks Babe about Jaime.

Annie and Ryan arrive in Chicago. He asks about her. She is afraid to deal with her father. Ryan wants her to know that he has her back. Annie is glad to have Ryan with her. Ryan assures her that he loves her. Annie and Ryan make love. Ryan sleeps, while Annie leaves their bed. She sneak out to meets her father.

Tad flirts with Erica. He asks about Jack and her. She mentions the new show she and Jack will be doing. She offers Tad a birthday kiss. He teases her sayings that Jack will see it and know they’re up to no good. There are individual happy birthday wishes from everyone. Even Jaime sent a video taped message wishing Tad well. Krystal sings "Our love is here to stay." Joe tells funny stories about Tad's first kiss.

Tad comes up behind Krystal, puts his hands around her neck, and says, "Thank you, thank you." She says it was all Jenny’s idea. They kiss and are surprised at how they feel. Krystal walks away, and Tad says, "See you later."

Annie tells her father that she knows he can get the phone calls to stop. If he doesn’t, that horrible thing she did before, she’ll do it again with no regrets.

Annie’s father wants to know why she is there. Annie tells her father that she wants to end all of this for her family, and shows her father her new family picture. Her father tells her that it won't last. You'll tear them apart, just the way you tore us apart. He says that he doesn't care about them, and good luck to them. Annie says that she's going to make sure that no one will hurt them. Annie tells her father that she knows he hates her. He says that he doesn't want to see her, and go away. Ryan wakes up, and realizes that Annie is no longer in bed with him.

Kendall gives Spike Dr. Hilliard's vitamins. She tells Spike that it's going to be their little secret. She believes that the vitamins will make him better. Zach arrives home to the sight of Kendall asleep on the couch with Spike in her arms. He kisses her forehead. The vitamins from Dr. Hilliard are still on the coffee table.

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