AMC Update Thursday 8/30/07

All My Children Update Thursday 8/30/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is at Dr. Hilliard’s office insisting that he fix Spike.  She refuses to leave, until Dr. Hilliard agrees to help them.  Initially Dr. Hilliard tries to offer Kendall a list of other doctors.  She crumbles the list up.  Kendall pleads with him to work with Spike.  She will not take “no” for an answer.

Kendall gives Dr. Hilliard details about Spike’s, and her story.  She talks about Spike’s inception, birth, and the accident.  She details her love for Spike.  She blames herself for the accident, because she feels as if she turned her back on him.  She insists on fixing her son.  Dr. Hilliard sympathizes with her, and tells her not to blame herself.  Kendall is insistent that Dr Hilliard, Spike and she work together. She will not tell Ryan, nor Zach about Dr. Hilliard.   He wants all parents on board, but he finally agrees that she as the “lone parent” is fine.  He gives her a prescription for vitamins to put into Spike’s milk.  He wants Spike’s medical records.

Annie receives a package.  Ryan is curious about the sender since they just moved to Zach’s place last night.  Annie tells Ryan that the package is from her dad.  She opens the package to find a watch that belonged to her mother.  She thinks it might be her father’s way of saying he has forgiven her.  A note was attached that read, “It’s almost our anniversary. What did you get for me?”  If Annie dad want to forgive her, Ryan think she should go for a visit.  He wants her to call and book two flights to Chicago.  She does not understand why two.   He volunteers to go with her.

Opal is at the Comeback helping with the decorations for Tad’s birthday party.  She has old pictures of Tad.   Joe and Ruth are there as well.  Wes, the new bartender comes in, and Babe shows him around.

Tad bought a new TV so that he can watch college football.   J.R. is visiting and asks about Tad going to the Comeback bar.  Tad wants to stay put, but J.R. insists. Tad gets suspicious and asks, “Is something going on over there?”   J.R. responds,  “No, I just wanted to hang out for a couple of hours.”

Annie tries to discourage Ryan from taking the trip with her.  She does not want to leave Kendall and Zach alone.   Ryan insists that Zach will understand.   The trip will only be overnight.   Annie wants to visit her father alone.  Ryan says they should visit him together, to show him their family.  Ryan pushes her to tell him what is bugging her about her dad.  She avoids his questions.  

Jonathan tells Ava that he wants her to relax, and stop putting on airs.  She says, “I’m a celebrity, I have to put on airs.”  Krystal informs Ava, and Jonathan that there is a surprise party at the bar and does not want any problems.   Ava promises to behave.  Amanda comes over and Ava, teases her about kissing, and making-up.  Colby thank Ava, for helping Sean, but Ava shrugs her off.

Josh shows up and begin talking to Dr. Joe.  They engage in family bonding. Ruth share stories with the group about Tad as a young Martin.

While Tad, and J.R. are putting together the Plasma screen, the TV goes out.  Apparently the power has gone out.  J.R. insists that they go to the bar. Tad will not budge until the TV is working.  Tad’s generator kicks in.  J.R. calls Crystal, who is wondering where they are.   J.R. explains and says they will be there within the hour.

Zach is still with Ian, when Erica comes in.  Erica talks to Zach about Kendall walking into a patient’s room, and asking the mom to hold the baby.  Erica remembers when Bianca took “Bess/Miranda” from the hospital.  Zach admits to being afraid when he walked upon Kendall in the room.  Erica asks about the Slater’s houseguests.  He thinks the houseguests are good for Kendall because, she slept thru the night.  Erica asks how long the houseguests will stay.  Zach says until Kendall is more confident.

Kendall arrives at the hospital and began talking to Erica.  Erica gushes about Zach holding Baby Ian.  Kendall is in disbelief.   Kendall asks, “Can I hold him?” Erica says, yes you can.   Kendall asks to see her baby.  She is excited to see the baby and happy to see Ian and Zach bonding.  Erica invites them to Tad’s surprise party.  Kendall agrees to it and so does Zach.  Zach get a call from Ryan.  Ryan tells Zach that he and Annie need to go to Chicago overnight.  Emma is with Kathy and Julia. 

J.R. arrives at the Comeback with shouts of surprise, but Tad isn’t with him.

Zach waits for Kendall.   She hides the folder she has for Dr. Hilliard.

Annie has a flashback about her past.  She does not want Ryan to find out about her past.   The “Ring-around-the-rosy” song begins to play. 

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