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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan, Annie, and Emma arrive at the Slater home for their stay. Zach, the perfect host, welcomes them with a special breakfast including Kendall’s favorite, Mickey Mouse pancakes. While Emma looks around outside with Rachel, Kendall shows them to their room.

With the infamous kiss cued up on her monitor, Babe responds to inquiries concerning it from the press. As Amanda arrives at Fusion, Babe tells her, ”Nice going.” Misinterpreting the comment, an incensed Amanda reacts hastily and quits. Her face drops to the ground, as Babe advises how the publicity stunt skyrocketed sales and that “Nicole Richie’s” people are now calling for Ava.

When Jack arrives at the hospital, Aidan brings him up to speed about Greenlee’s choking incident. Neither one of them knows what to expect, as they cautiously enter her room. A heavily sedated Greenlee greets them warmly; and to their shock, requests a group hug.

Annie nervously watches Emma from the window. Ryan has Spike on his lap. Impressed with Zach’s culinary skills, he again thanks him for the elaborate spread. Zach gets ready to head to the hospital to see Ian. He masks his disappointment with a forced smile, when Kendall declines to join him and opts to attend yet another doctor appointment for Spike. As Ryan goes to dress Spike, Kendall takes the opportunity to thank Annie for suggesting the “compromise”. To avoid any further discussion, Annie uses Emma as an excuse. Thinking the coast is clear, Kendall surreptitiously phones Dr. Hilliard. Kendall is stunned by his abrupt refusal to handle Spike’s case.

A totally high Greenlee begins flirting with Aidan. When Jack asks if she wants anything, Greenlee puts in a request for Aidan. Embarrassed in front of Jack, Aidan makes a move for the door. Before leaving, Jack agrees with Aidan’s joke that Greenlee should be hooked to the drug “I V” for life.

Despite the positive collateral fallout from the “kiss,” Amanda continues to complain about “handling” Ava. Babe manages to persuade her to “hang-in.” With that, Annie arrives with Emma at her side. As Amanda occupies Emma, Annie and Babe begin conversing. Based on her mannerisms and actions, Babe perceives something is troubling Annie. When she inquires about Annie’s disconnected phones, she does not know how to respond to Babe.

With the impression Dr. Hilliard’s reticence stems from Ryan’ initial non-cooperation, Kendall tries to convince the doctor of his change of heart. Kendall becomes shocked, as she learns the real source of his unwillingness. Angered from being investigated by Ryan’s detective, Dr. Hilliard refuses to take into consideration that Kendall was not involved. Based on his description of the PI, Kendall deduces Ryan hired Aidan. Ryan emerges, as Dr. Hilliard abruptly terminates his conversation with Kendall. With that, she begins blasting Ryan for blowing this opportunity. She goes for the jugular, when Ryan puts a benign spin on his actions. Ryan then questions Dr. Hilliard’s suspect reaction to being investigated. When Kendall is unreceptive to his playing devil’s advocate, Ryan suggests they both pay a visit on the “miracle” doctor. Kendall reluctantly goes along with him.

Zach is touched by Josh’s vigil over Ian. Zach advises him of the current arrangements at his house. Through their ensuing discussion, Zach reveals his trust in Ryan and Josh. An awestruck Zach looks at Josh, when the nurse emerges and asks if he is ready to hold Ian. Zach reacts hesitantly, as she and Josh explain skin to skin contact through the “kangarooing” process. Zach becomes elated at the thought of holding his son, after Josh describes all the medical benefits. Zach smiles while watching Ian breathe from doorway.

Acting as Annie’s “Di” substitute, Babe manages to get her to slightly open up. Babe appears quizzical, as Annie mentions the prank calls and moving into Zach and Kendall’s in the same breath.

During her drug-induced babble, Greenlee mentions her discovery of the miraculous Dr. Hilliard to her “daddy.” A concerned Jack begins probing her for more information. In turn, Greenlee spews out that Kendall is unaware of her actions. As she continues prattling on, she has a foggy recollection about Dr. Hilliard declining to treat Spike. Meanwhile, the unannounced Kendall barges in Dr. Hilliard’s office with Spike. As she attempts to force the confrontation, Ryan emerges from behind her. The smirking doctor jabs Ryan about the “detective” situation. Through their exchange, Dr. Hilliard is shocked to learn Ryan is not Kendall’s husband. With a skeptical smile on his face, Ryan preempts the doctor from using Zach’s absence to discontinue their conversation. Ryan continues to regard the doctor with suspicion, when he maintains confidentiality about how he was referred to Spike’s case. Ryan then presumes that the doctor’s evasive behavior translates into his inability to cure Spike. While Ryan challenges him, Kendall implores him to help Spike. Although he appears sympathetic to Kendall, Dr. Hilliard dismisses them from his office.

In the waiting area, Kendall chastises Ryan for goading Dr. Hilliard. The more Ryan hopes to convince Kendall the doctor is a charlatan, the more Kendall resents him for squandering their only alternative means to cure Spike.

Even though Greenlee is becoming more coherent, she and Jack continue having a warm father-daughter talk. Greenlee smiles radiantly, when Jack shares his perception that Aidan enjoys her company. She beams more, as he advises he feels the same way.

Annie concedes her arrangement at the Slater’s is not only for Spike’s benefit. Babe is then prompted to prod her about the calls. A hysterical Annie vaguely advises they have something to do with her past. She then mentions the rose petals she found in her work file. Babe tries to reassure her that her current stress level is causing her to overreact to otherwise innocuous events. Annie begins loosing it and makes a slip about the “damage being done” and the fact she “cannot escape it.” Realizing her comments must involve a past transgression; Babe presses Annie for answers.

A delighted Josh prepares Zach for the “kangarooing.” Zach understands his purpose is to simulate a uterine wall by touch. Per Josh’s instructions, Zach holds Ian against his bare chest. Zach closes his eyes and immerses himself in the marvel of holding his son. Unfortunately his overwhelming joy is turned to fear by the alarming sound of Ian’s monitors. Zach appears horrified, as Josh places Ian back in the incubator. In a calming tone, Josh explains Ian’s reaction is common with preemies exposed to too many stimuli. Zach is elated, when Josh advises he can hold Ian again in a few minutes. The proud Zach adoringly watches Ian take steady breaths.

Before leaving his office, Ryan seemingly gets through to Kendall about the doctor’s suspect behavior. Through their discussion, Kendall reveals she kept her plans to see Dr. Hilliard from Zach. The two recognize their contentiousness is the reason for their failed romantic relationship. Kendall hands Spike to Ryan and claims she is on her way to the store.

Based on the ramifications of withholding things from J.R., Babe urges a resistant Annie to be straightforward with Ryan about her past. As Babe tries to convince her Ryan will accept her regardless of her past actions, Annie appears worried.

The sight of Zach holding Ian for the second time again amazes Josh. He walks towards to the door, while Zach closes his eyes and cherishes the moment.

Armed with a stuffed animal, Aidan returns to Greenlee’s room and finds Jack watching her peacefully sleep. Jack profusely expresses appreciation to Aidan for again saving Greenlee’s life and affording him the opportunity to have a close talk with her. Before leaving to give Jack a private moment, he hands him his gift for Greenlee. Jack is touched by the gesture.

Meanwhile, Kendall takes another stab at Dr. Hilliard, after Ryan leaves. Leaning over his desk, she looks him dead in the eye and orders him to “fix Spike.”

Ryan meets Annie back at Kendall and Zach’s. Annie shakes, as he hands her a package delivered to her there. She does not respond to Ryan, while the hyperventilating Annie removes its contents, a gold pocket watch. She becomes paralyzed, when the package is accompanied by a hand written note stating: “It’s our anniversary, what are you going to get me?”

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