AMC Update Tuesday 8/28/07

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/28/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Annie's suggestion that the Laverys move in with the Slaters goes over well with everyone except Ryan who exclaims, "No way in hell," because he feels that is not the answer.  Although Kendall assures him it would only be temporary, Ryan questions Annie's motives, but she insists they should all just help each other because they're family.  Ryan then turns to Zach, sure that he would also be opposed to the idea.  With an aside to Annie not to pack her bags just yet, Ryan follows Zach out to "his office," so they can hash it out man to man.   When Kendall thanks her for being willing to make such a huge sacrifice, Annie is uncomfortable with so much praise and claims it's for all of them, so they can have some peace.  Out on the balcony, Zach convinces Ryan to help him help Kendall who really needs to be with both of her sons, so they should all live under one roof despite all their reservations.  A grateful Kendall hugs Ryan while Annie smiles and begins packing Emma's things.  As the Slaters are leaving, Ryan promises to move into their house in the morning then he questions Annie again about her fearful behavior, but she refuses to give him any answers.

Even though she wants to be left alone, Aidan corners Greenlee at the beach to find out what her connection with Dr. Hilliard is and why she blew his cover.  To get Aidan off her back, Greenlee angrily accuses him of being the reason that Spike is not going to get the help he needs.  She explains that Kendall and Ryan wouldn't have been receptive to Dr. Hilliard had the information come from her.  Realizing how much she wanted to help, Aidan admits he made a mistake and removes his shirt so he can swim 10-ks as penance, because that's what he had to do in SAS (British Army Special Forces) training.  Finding his James Bond activities eminently interesting, Greenlee peppers Aidan with questions about how many people he killed.  When she asks if he ever accidentally hurt a child, he refuses to talk about it.  Even though it was a long time ago, it's something he'll never forget.  Looking down at their snack, Aidan deftly changes the subject to a hot-dog eating champion who developed arthritis in his jaw.  Greenlee laughs at the way he speaks when he uses "gob" for mouth.  When she asks him to teach her how to pinch someone's nerve in their neck to knock them out, Adrian refuses, fearing that she will use it on him.  Adrian's Austin Powers imitation makes Greenlee laugh so hard that she begins chocking on her hotdog.  Reacting quickly, Adrian jumps up behind her and performs the Heimlich Maneuver, which unfortunately hurts Greenlee's broken ribs.

Jonathan is surprised to find Lily working on Zach's files in Kendall's hospital room to ease his workload while Ian's sick.  He is even more surprised when she expresses sympathy at the fact that Ava's a lesbian.  Turning the laptop screen toward him, Lily shows Jonathan a picture of Ava and Amanda kissing under the headline "Fusion Explosion!"  Assuring Lily that her sister is not like Zoe, Jonathan attempts to explain Ava's desperate need for attention but doesn't quite understand it himself.  All he knows is that he needs to talk with her and see just how far she's going to go, because being famous does not guarantee happiness.  Remembering what she looked like when she kissed Jonathan, Lily can tell the difference between Ava's fake kiss with Amanda and the real thing.  When Jonathan wishes Ava had more of Lily's common sense, Lily remarks that it's impossible to put the best parts of two people together.

Outside The Comeback, Amanda loudly reprimands the unremorseful Ava for her uncool publicity stunt and asks if the homemade sex tape is next in her bid for attention.  When Ava claims she is successful, unlike her, Amanda calls her "a stupid, little bitch" and warns her never to "pull this crap" with her again.  As they're walking by, J.R. stops Tad from interfering in the confrontation, and they head inside to belly up to the bar.  While J.R. orders an aged club soda, Tad asks for something a little stronger.  They then inform Krystal that Jamie is on his way to Africa as they speak which Colby finds "awesome." Though he doesn't sound too thrilled, Tad assures Krystal that he's fine with Jamie pursuing this "chance of a lifetime" which is going to land him on the cover of Tempo next month, according to Brooke.  After Tad inquires about Krystal's "party," J.R. receives a picture on his Raspberry which he finds very amusing.  Outside, Amanda and Ava continue screaming at each other until J.R. ambles over to show the ladies their lovely picture while asking if they're just experimenting or actually have something going on.  When a chucking J.R. moves on, Amanda tries to make Ava see the error of her ways, but the younger girl believes she has the power to control the press and use them in her quest to become a star, and no one's going to stop her.  Pointing out that they're not Britney and Madonna, Amanda doesn't want to be put in that situation again, but Ava refuses to admit she did anything wrong.  Finally realizing their arrangement is not going to work, Amanda quits being Ava's handler.  Inside the bar, J.R. admires Ava's brass tactics but finds no other admirers there and senses that the atmosphere has turned dour.  After Tad takes his leave, Colby remarks how sad she feels for him now that Jamie is gone to Tanzania to work with his Uncle Jake.  Suddenly they come up with the idea to throw Tad a surprise party, because tomorrow is his birthday!

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