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All My Children Update Monday 8/27/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

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When she spots Aidan waiting to see Dr. Hilliard, Greenlee warns him that his next patient is a private investigator, but the doctor feels he has nothing to hide and agrees to see him.  Blocking the doctor's way, Greenlee explains that Ryan sent Aidan to check him out and see if he's a fraud and pleads for him not to see the private eye, because that will ruin everything.  Suddenly the doctor realizes she's the woman who kidnapped Spike and everything makes sense.  Greenlee explains that she loves Spike and wants him to get help.  Aidan enters the doctor's office claiming he has hurt his shoulder and smiles when Dr. Hilliard comes up with an unconventional treatment costing $20,000.  Realizing he's been given away, Aidan leaves and Greenlee comes out of the closet thanking Dr. Hilliard for agreeing to help her help Spike.  She then confides her connection with Spike, Ryan, and Kendall to make Dr. Hilliard understand why she so badly needs to fix what she has broken.  Dr. Hilliard suggests that Greenlee see a psychotherapist, because what started out as a medical case has turned into a circus.  Since he can't help Spike under those circumstances, he returns her money.  Tracking down Aidan, a furious Greenlee shouts at him for ruining everything, making him realize that she gave him away to Hilliard.

Annie apologizes to Ryan for being unable to care for Spike at this time, but he doesn't understand why she feels their home is unsafe and asks what's going on.  In her mind, Annie still hears a child singing, "Ring around the Rosie."  Stunned at her refusal, Ryan tries to reason with Annie about why he has to take care of his son, but she doesn't like the idea of separating Kendall from her child, because this could throw her over the edge.  Ryan doesn't understand why Annie is so worried about Kendall and feels this is the best solution for everyone.  When Annie expresses sympathy for Greenlee's feelings of guilt, because she wasn't trying to hurt Spike, he senses that something is very wrong and urges her to confide in him.  Assuring her husband that she is fine, Annie refuses to open up and goes upstairs to take care of Emma.  Though the little girl is sound asleep, Annie imagines that she is singing, "Ring around the Rosie" because Grandpa told her what her mother did.  Hugging her sleeping daughter, Annie promises she'll figure out a solution to her problem.

At the hospital, Zach is afraid Kendall is falling apart when she approaches the mother of a newborn with a request to hold her baby, because she doesn't have hers anymore.  Gently approaching his wife, Zach tries to pull her away and apologizes to the patient.  As Kendall explains her plight, the woman reaches for the nurse's call button but is touched by Kendall's unusual request.  Realizing that she's frightened the young mother, Kendall apologizes and admits that she's also afraid for her little boys who are both hurt.  After Kendall relates what's wrong with her children, Zach begins to usher her out, but the sympathetic young mother stops them and lets Kendall hold her baby.  Both Zach and Kendall are grateful for the lady's kind heart and say bye to little Patrick.  Zach assures Kendall that he doesn't think she's crazy, she just needs rest, but she asserts that the plan to have Ryan care for Spike is not going to work.  Assuring Zach that she loves him and Ian, Kendall insists that she doesn't know who she is without Spike.  Zach and Kendall then go to Ryan's to pick up Spike, because their agreement is not working for her.  While Ryan argues that Spike is better off with him while Kendall's on overload, Annie comes up with a solution that she believes will work for everyone:  she, Emma, and Ryan move in with the Slaters.

Having discovered Erica's plan to host a talk show with him, Jack accuses her of pulling another dishonest trick and flat out refuses by exclaiming, "No way in hell."  Unwilling to argue with her about it, Jack can't believe Erica's explanation that she agreed to do the show for the sake of Kendall and her sons.  After she explains that she is planning on hosting shows which will benefit both babies born prematurely and children with hearing disorders just once a week, Jack agrees it's an excellent cause but wonders why he has to be involved.  Claiming she doesn't need Jack for anything, Erica insists it's the network's idea to have him involved.  Jack begins to get excited at the idea of a "She said/He said" program where they can discuss the day's headlines unless they involve Greenlee.  Erica agrees to his terms until he proposes that she make mad, passionate love to him.

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