AMC Update Friday 8/24/07

All My Children Update Friday 8/24/07


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Kendall is in the empty hospital room where Spike used to be.  She is extremely fragile and emotionally unstable.  She tells Zach that she misses Spike who belongs with her.  Zach tells her that Ian belongs with her as well, and soon they will all be together in their home. 

Ryan is unhappy at seeing Greenlee in his home but restrains himself in front of Emma.  Unable to control himself, he makes a few ugly comments and insists that Greenlee leaves.  He asks Emma if she is glad that Spike is home.  Emma wants Spike to attend her tea party.  Annie tries to explain Greenlee’s presence by telling Ryan that she had an asthma attack, so Greenlee drove her home, because she was not able to drive herself.  Greenlee is excited to see Spike.  Ryan tells her that Spike is here, and he is 100% unless you consider that he is deaf.  His comments upset Greenlee who continues to try to convince Ryan that she did not mean for bad things to happen to Spike.  Ryan berates Greenlee for hurting his son who will never be able to hear again.  Greenlee insists that she wants what is best for Spike not recognizing that it is not her call. 

Tad, Aidan, and Krystal are chit chatting about Aidan’s lack of companionship.  They understand that Aidan is upset over losing Di.  Aidan insists that all is well, since he is with his mates at the pub having a beer and good times.  Krystal insists that when she is recovering from a broken heart, she listens to her favorite music, eats lots of ice cream, watches old love movies, then goes out to find another guy.  Krystal thinks that Aidan will do fine in finding a replacement for Di since he is so handsome.  Aidan claims to have had offers.  Tad teases him and acts as if he does not believe him.  Tad teases Aidan in an English accent wanting to know what the girl was on a scale of one to ten.  Aidan insists that she was an eleven. 

Annie decides to send Emma out of the room since Ryan is being ugly with Greenlee.  Ryan, in a harsh voice, tells Greenlee to stay away from his family.  He accuses her of trying to get friendly with Annie so that she can get next to Spike again.  He finally tells Greenlee that she is forcing him to take legal action by getting a restraining order.  Greenlee can’t believe there isn’t someone to help Spike and wants to help, but Ryan warns her to stay away from his wife, his kids, and Kendall.

Ava decides to visit The Comeback but is annoyed that no one is paying her, the supermodel, any attention.  She is nasty with Amanda and orders her around.  Amanda is not responding to Ava’s commands.  Ava wants Amanda to allow her to drink but Amanda refuses.  Ava insists that she is nicer when she drinks.  Amanda is talking on the phone about Ava’s next photo shoot in South America.  Krystal insists to Tad that there are a lot of nice girls who would be interested in Aidan.  She takes Aidan to the dance floor to do the line dance.  He picks it up a little but falls over with Krystal in his lap.  Tad gives Aidan an assignment to check out someone for him.

Kendall is upset that Ryan took Spike and that Zach concurred.  She wants Spike to have his favorite toy and blanket.  Zach explains to her that Spike will be Ok.  He tells her that Ian is getting better but will remain in the hospital for a while longer maybe until October.  He insists that he and Kendall get their lives back by going home and sleeping in their own bed.  Kendall believes that they will never get their lives back.  She mentions that she has a baby that she can’t hold or touch, and her other little boy was given away.  She says again that Spike belongs with her.  Zach insists that Spike is Ok since he is with his dad.  Zach wants them to go home, but she refuses saying, “You took Spike away from me. Please, please don't make me leave Ian. Last time I left, Ian hemorrhaged. Zach tries to make her see that it wasn't her fault, but she insists on staying.  Kendall thinks that Spike can't sleep without his security blanket.  She believes she let Spike down.  Zach puts Kendall in her hospital bed and holds her.  Kendall insists that the house is too big, and too empty.  Kendall is sad and tells Zach they will never be normal again, because her son can’t hear. Kendall is afraid of the implants surgery because it means cutting his head open.  When Zach assures her that Spike will adjust, Kendall doesn't want him to. She wants to fix him so he will hear again.

Greenlee follows up with Dr. Hilliard asking the details about Spike’s visit with him.  She wants the doctor to insist on treatment.  The doctor explains that he needs Kendall and Ryan’s approval and support.  Since Kendall supported the treatment, she wants him to work with Kendall.  She paid Dr. Hilliard and wants more service for her money, but he insists the father must also be on board.  She wants Spike to hear again.  Greenlee insists that she will try to convince Ryan.  The receptionist interrupts and announces that the doctor has an important visitor.  Aidan is grateful that Dr. Hilliard will give him five minutes of his time.

Annie is uncomfortable about Spike being at the penthouse and tells Ryan that before bringing over the baby was a big surprise.  Ryan insists Kendall is not thinking clearly and needs a break so that she can be with Ian.  Annie believes that if Kendall wants Spike then she should have him.  She believes that Ryan does not need to protect Spike from his mother.  Annie does not want Spike there, but will not tell Ryan why. 

Kendall calls Ryan and asks him to pick up Spike’s blanket, and he agrees.  She talks to Spike knowing that he cannot hear as Zach listens in.  She insists that he will understand.  She seems to feel better after speaking with Spike.  She hugs Zach after the conversation and thanks him for not giving up on her.  She wants to go home and be with Spike that very second, because she fears he feels abandoned.  Zach assures her they can monitor Ian through cameras and goes to tell Joe they're leaving.  When Zach returns for Kendall, she is not in her room.  Kendall enters a patient’s room where a woman is holding her new baby.  Kendall asks if she can hold her baby since she no longer has hers.  The woman with the baby notices that Kendall is in distress and holds her child tightly to her chest, as if to protect the baby from Kendall while reaching for the nurse's call button.

Ava tries to get attention by unbuttoning her blouse and standing on top of a table, but Krystal orders her down.  Tad and Krystal think that Ava is nervy coming to The Comeback since she had been fired from there.  Krystal thinks she wants to thumb her nose at them by pretending that she is some big supermodel.  Krystal thinks that Ava might bring in a crowd.  Finally, Ava recalls Britney and Madonna at the MTV Movie Awards and calls for everyone’s attention as she plants a big, long kiss on Amanda.

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