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Zach is conversing with Ian and tells him that the word on the street is that he has gained a quarter of an ounce.  He shares his feelings with him about the weight gain saying that soon Ian will be playing hockey and will be big and strong.  He tells Ian how he would love to hold him and that with another half-ounce weight gain then, Ian can be held.  Zach thinks that Ian’s mother’s breast milk that is making him big and tells him to hold on.  Zach jokes with Ian and tells him that he thinks Ian would rather have his mom hold him. 

Zach sees Lily standing outside of Ian’s room so he invites her in.  He shares the news of Ian’s weight gain with Lily.  Lily is curious and wants to know if Zach can see the difference in weight gain.  She also wants to know how Ian is fed.  Zach shows her and explains to her the details about the feeding tube.  He asks if she want to feed Ian and she agrees readily saying that she wants Ian to like her.  They go outside and look through the glass of Ian’s room.  Lily laments on how Ian is like her:  he needs a small space to feel safe, he cannot stand loud noises, and he cannot be touched or held.  She suggests that she and Ian are lucky to have each other.  Zach thinks that Lily is an intelligent woman.  She loves Ian and is glad he is here, because now she has someone who understands her.  She hopes it is OK to care about Ian.  Zach agrees that she can care about Ian, because Lily is Kendall’s stepsister and Ian’s aunt.  

Kendall and Ryan begin to argue about her taking Spike to see Dr. Hilliard.  She accuses Ryan of trying to steal her son.  She thinks that he is using the accident to take her son away for her and that Ryan is being unreasonable and pig-headed.  Ryan starts signing to Spike and Kendall asks what he is doing.  Ryan tells her that he want his son to know that there is another way to communicate.  Kendall is non-supportive, because she thinks that Ryan is not helping Spike.  They loudly disagree as they discuss the matter.  Ryan calls Kendall a crazy woman and asks if Kendall has forgotten that Spike has a father.

Kendall is trying to explain about Dr. Hilliard and Ryan tells her that he is open to all possibilities.  Kendall asks if they’re on the same page.  Ryan wants her to know that they need to help Spike together but he isn't totally in support of the holistic doctor.  He wants Kendall to know that Spike’s hearing loss may be permanent.  Kendall refuses to believe that.  Ryan tells Kendall that until they figure out what will be done with Spike, he wants to teach him sign language.  Kendall says no, because sign language is for the deaf.  Ryan does not understand Kendall’s attitude about being deaf.  Deafness is not a crime, he tells Kendall.  She knows that and tells him so.  Ryan insists that they share the responsibility of Spike.  He tells Kendall that Spike can be released and suggests that Spike come home with him for a while so that Kendall can concentrate on Ian.  Kendall is upset and says to him, “No way in hell.”

Annie is working at Fusion while Emma plays at a desk.  Someone places a hand on Annie’s shoulder and she turns around with a panicked look on her face.  Greenlee asks what they are doing there late at night and Annie asks her the same question.  Greenlee admits that she often comes in to work late at night to miss seeing the others who clearly don’t want her around.  She wants to know why Annie is there.  Annie came in to do some work as well.  Annie and Greenlee talk and Annie tells Greenlee that she knows what she is thinking.  She knows how Greenlee feels alone, like no one wants her around.  Greenlee feels that she is living in a black hole.  Annie is speaking from experience as she tells Greenlee that things will get better, and to trust her.

Krystal and Babe are at the Comeback.  Krystal senses that Babe is upset about Jamie’s leaving.  Babe is awaiting J.R.’s return with Little A.  They return from their day on the yacht. 

Kendall refuses to let Spike stay with Ryan because she wants both of her babies with her.  Ryan is trying to tell her that Spike is on the mend, and she needs to focus on Ian.  Kendall is being unreasonable.  Ryan wants Spike to come home and be around Annie.  He thinks it will be good for Spike, since Annie has some background in sign language since her father is deaf.  Kendall doesn't want to hear it.  Ryan says that Kendall isn't being fair to him, Spike, Annie, Emma, Ian, or Zack.  Kendall says Spike comes first.  Ryan says he has rights too.  Kendall tells him that he is lucky she didn't take his rights away from him.  She blames him for letting Greenlee back into their lives.  Ryan adamantly says that he is taking Spike home with me and that Kendall can do nothing to stop him.  Kendall says she calls the shots when it comes to Spike and Ryan disagrees.  Kendall accuses him of taking advantage of the situation to take her son away from her and she won't let that happen.  She is getting hysterical and Ryan says that can't be further from the truth.  Zack comes in and asks what is  going on.  Ryan apologizes to Kendall for calling her a crazy woman and tries to tell her he is doing this to help Spike.  Kendall is upset, and tries to get Zack to side with her, but he agrees with Ryan.

Krystal and Jack talk about children and she mentions Babe, and how she loves her daughters.  Jack wants to know what to do when love isn't enough to stop a runaway freight train. 

Greenlee tells Annie that Kendall, Ryan, and Spike’s lives have all changed because of her.  She doesn't feel sorry for herself, she feels for them.  Annie tells her that she may never overcome all this and may never forgive herself for everything.  Greenlee wants to know why she is being nice.  Annie says to accept that someone is trying to be nice to her.  Greenlee wants to know if Annie experienced something similar.  She asks about Annie's past with Terry, and if that is why she can relate.  Annie responds,”It’s more than that.”

Jack tells Krystal about his problems involving Erica and Greenlee.  Krystal tells him that she won't comment on Erica, but she does know about daughters.  She relays that Greenlee came into his life late, and no matter how hard he tries to get close to her, a part of Greenlee will wish that a part of her could have had a history with Jack.  She'll blame the world and everyone else because he wasn’t there when she was younger.  Jack says that he does as well and asks if he should tell her to leave town.  Krystal says no matter where she is in the world, she has to deal with what she did.

J.R. asks Babe about the time frame of Ava's Fusion contract.  She tells him that it is for three years.  He says, “As annoying as she is, if her career is handled right, Fusion is sitting on a gold mind.”  Babe realizes that he wants to steal her out from under them.  He denies it saying that he is unemployed.  Babe notices the twinkle in his eye.  “Try as you might” she says, “You still have Chandler in your blood.”

Zach talks sense into Kendall about Spike staying with Ryan and Annie for a while.  He also tells her about Ian gaining more weight and that they'll be able to hold him soon.  She is happy with this news and has hope.  He tells her to let Spike go with Ryan.  He says they did it before, and she didn't like it, but they got through it.  Kendall agrees and she kisses Spike and says she'll see him in the morning.  Ryan leaves with Spike.  Then Kendall turns to Zach and says she doesn’t know if she can deal with this.

Annie walks over to a desk that is strewn with rose petals.  She gets frightened at the sight of them and begins to have an asthma attack.  Greenlee offers to get her water.  Annie decides to go home, and Greenlee offers to take her.

Emma, Annie, and Greenlee arrive at the penthouse and Greenlee turns to leave.  Emma pleads with Greenlee to stay, and help make tea, since “Mommy has to lie down.”  Greenlee agrees.  Ryan walks in and says, “Looks who's here” as he holds Spike.  Annie glances behind Ryan as Greenlee and Emma walk into the room carrying a tray with tea.  Ryan looks around and sees Greenlee as well. 

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