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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ryan looks at his phone for answers, when he calls Annie and learns the number is no longer in service.  Upon returning to Spike’s room, Jonathan knows something is wrong.  Ryan tells him both his house and Annie’s cell phone numbers are disconnected.  With a level tone, he advises the overwrought Ryan to check on Annie, while he watches Spike.  Ryan takes the advice. 

Through the hospital glass, Kendall tries to convince herself of the same, when she tells Ian “everything is okay with mommy and daddy.”  In juxtaposition, Zach slams his fist against the stair well door.  The scene shifts back to Kendall, as she apologizes to Ian for letting him and his “daddy” down.  As Kendall removes her hand from the window, Zach returns.  With fearful and saddened eyes, she looks up at his emotionless face.  Meanwhile, Jonathan watches Spike sleep peacefully.  With conviction in his voice, he says aloud to Spike both he and Ian will “get better.”  In the mean time, a disgusted Zach screams at her to “stop,” as Kendall claims if Ian and Spike’s situations been in reverse, she would have done the same for Ian.  Knowing his anger is warranted, Kendall invites him to vent on her.

Ryan returns home in search of Annie.  As he worriedly heads upstairs, Annie and Emma return home with dinner.  Annie manages to smile, as Ryan instinctively scoops Emma into his arms and covers her with kisses.  After Annie inquires, Ryan advises Spike and Kendall are okay.  While stroking her face, Ryan wants to confirm the same about the worn looking Annie.

Meanwhile, J.R. remains secreted, as he eavesdrops on Jamie and Babe’s discussion.  With tear-filled eyes, Babe gives Jamie reasons to stay in Pine Valley.  He seizes on her comment that she needs him, while an embarrassed Babe tries to gloss over it.  Babe becomes so emotional; she has to wipe away her tears.  With that, J.R. joins their conversation, as if he just walked in on the tail end.  Clearly upset as well, J.R. chastises him for “bailing” now that the three of them are getting along.  J.R. rethinks his attitude, when Jamie asks if he wants to start a fight.  With arms stretched out, J.R. approaches Jamie.  Although it takes him as second or two, Jamie wraps his arms around him too.  The sight of the brotherly embrace moves Babe. 

Ryan approaches the phone issue in a roundabout way.  Annie realizes she forgot to tell Ryan and deeply apologizes for causing him so much concern.  Since Ryan considers her his rock, Annie reassures him with her words and an affectionate hug.  When Annie suggests taking off with the kids for a while, Ryan knows something is troubling her.  Despite her insistence otherwise, Ryan begs her to open up to him out of trust. 

Racked by her own guilt, Kendall grows weary from Zach’s disdain.  Without him having to acknowledge it, Kendall realizes Zach believes she gives preferential treatment to Spike.  Kendall does not know how to resolve their impasse.  Now fed up, Zach heads for a walk.  Before leaving, he will not condone her actions.  Kendall appears to be contemplating her next move. 

As she evades his questions, Ryan picks up on Annie’s edginess.  Having seen it before during the Terry situation, Ryan surmises her jumpiness maybe stemming from “the brother.”  Annie gets taken off the hot seat, when Emma rejoins them.  To keep avoiding Ryan, Annie takes Emma upstairs for her bedtime prayers. 

Meanwhile, Ava bursts into Spike’s room to complain to Jonathan about her “handler.”  In this midst of her ramblings, Ava makes a faux pas about sign language.  The non-offended Jonathan quiets her with a warm embrace.

Babe, J.R., and Jamie set up their private going away party.  The three begin reminiscing about various fights involving fists, tire irons, and motor cycles, as they flash to their respective implements of choice.  Babe joins J.R. in his regret for inflicting so much damage on each other.  Babe begins flashing to her beach tryst with Jamie and the various times she hurt him after marrying and conceiving little A with J.R.  They each marvel at the fact their bond withstood these assaults.  They toast in celebration of their unified trio.  Babe accepts that Jamie is ready to move on.  Jamie credits J.R. for being his inspiration.  Babe joins Jamie in praising J.R. for extricating himself from the Chandler grip.  For once J.R. is humble.  He then reciprocates by complimenting Babe’s deft handling of Ava’s “manager.”  Jamie says Babe can do anything.  J.R. gets up to leave, when he notices the other two exchanging loving glances.  As he heads out, he gives Jamie another hug.  Jamie knows that J.R. was giving them privacy.  A tearing Babe recognizes that J.R. has turned out to be “such a good man.”  Jamie tries to make her laugh, as she begins sobbing over his departure.  Jamie wipes her tears away, as Babe admits her difficulties in being without him. 

Ryan revisits the prank call subject with Annie.  Annie relaxes visibly when she realizes that Ryan was referring to Terry’s brother in his earlier comment.  When he wants to investigate the pranks, Annie hopes to convince him her nervousness stems from all the stress they have recently undergone.  Putting on her strong front, Annie takes Ryan onto the porch and engages him with the topic of Kendall.  As he holds her from behind, Ryan brings Annie up to speed about Dr. Hilliard.  In the midst of their talk, Annie is shocked to learn about Ian.  Annie regrets not “being there” for Ryan. 

Meanwhile, Joe joins Kendall by Ian’s window.  Feeling guilty, she turns and attempts to explain her absence.  Joe has her sit as she mentions Dr. Hilliard.  As they talk, he takes hold of her hands.  An empathetic Joe will not allow her to self deprecate and, as always, comes up with appropriate words to console her.  After Joe leaves, Kendall repositions herself by the window and lovingly strokes the glass. 

Zach visits Ethan’s grave.  He expresses his regret to his son for making him “suffer.”  Having no one else, Zach turns to him for the lessons Ethan tried to teach him in life. 

As Annie rattles on about Spike and Ian, Ryan signs the words, “I love you.”  Ryan wants to escape with Annie by making love.  Annie willingly responds to his passionate kiss. 

Ignoring Dr. Delano’s orders, Kendall stands by Ian’s incubator and lovingly speaks to him about his family.  In the meantime, Zach asks Ethan to watch over Ian from beyond.  Through revealing his thoughts aloud, Zach wants to honor lessons learned from Ethan by being a father to Ian. 

Ava rattles on about her dreams of stardom.  When Jonathan questions her rush, she jumps on his lap and admits she “always wants more.”  Jonathan appears charmed by her ways. 

Regarding him as her constant anchor, Babe still cannot bear the thought of Jamie leaving.  Both note their inextricable connection.  Since she is his first true love, Jamie lets Babe know how much she means to him.  To console her, he reminds her he will never be really “far” from her.  He then gazes lovingly into her eyes, and they share a passionate kiss.  As she tearfully relays his significance to her, he gives her a symbolic cow charm bracelet.  Babe is truly touched.  As they embrace, Jamie clings to her tightly. 

While Ava shallowly admires her image in the mirror, Jonathan takes a call from a specialist for Spike from Stanford University.  For privacy during the call, he leaves Ava alone with Spike.  Uncharacteristically for Ava, she strokes the sleeping baby’s head.  Ava reveals her softer side through her talk to Spike about his deafness and the virtue of being “different” like Lily.  Meanwhile, Kendall remains next to Ian and feels sure he can hear her.  Zach stands at the door and overhears her telling him about his bright future ahead with his family.  Sensing his presence, she looks up. 

While cherishing his bracelet, both Babe and Jamie recall the significance behind the symbol.  Jamie promises to honor Babe’s request to return home safely.  Babe puts on a brave front and declines his offer to escort her out.  He kisses her on the forehead and leaves.  Once he is out of view, Babe sobs uncontrollably.

When Jonathan returns, Ava keeps her little talk with Spike to herself.  She lulls him into boredom, as she reverts to prattling on about photo shoots.

With the love back in his eyes, Zach admits he was “scared.”  Kendall rushes to his to side, and they cling to each for dear life. 

Both Ryan and Annie appear to be peacefully sleeping, after making love.  As Ryan remains asleep, Annie’s eyes open wide.  Her blank stare remains, as she hears the same little boy’s voice singing “Ring around the Rosie” in her head.

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