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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Dr.  Hilliard breaks the silent tension between Ryan and Kendall.  Since Ryan charged in his office unannounced, the doctor advises that he is interrupting a private session.  As he strains to control himself, Ryan turns to Kendall and demands to know what she is doing with Spike.  Kendall has the look of fear in her eyes.

Meanwhile, as Zach lapses into a trance-like state, he envisions Joe, in an echoed voice reverberating through his head, advising they lost Ian.  Startled by the touch of Josh’s hand, Zach deflects him.  Josh empathizes with his agony over waiting for the surgery results and lends him support.

As Kendall holds Spike, Ryan leans down and tells him how glad he is to see him.  Now realizing Ryan is Spike’s father, Dr. Hilliard extends his hand to introduce himself.  Ryan acts as though the doctor is not even there and disdainfully asks Kendall if she is crazy.  Kendall tries to reassure Ryan and advises him of Dr. Hilliard’s optimistic outlook for Spike.  Ryan has no use for her comments and chastises her for removing Spike from the hospital prematurely.  As she attempts to calm him, an unbelieving Ryan removes Spike from her arms.  Ryan keeps shushing her, as a frantic Kendall asks what he is doing.  Dr. Hilliard does not intercede while Kendall pleas for him to give Spike back.  Ryan responds firmly with, “Not a chance.”

Meanwhile, Zach leaps up from sitting, as Joe comes out to advise that Ian is halfway through surgery and “holding his own.”  Joe then asks if Zach has received word on Kendall.  Unable to mask his disappointment, Zach advises that he has not.  At the same time, a condescending Ryan challenges Kendall about her double standard when it comes to him taking Spike.  As she begins arguing with him about finishing the appointment, Ryan finally manages to advise her of Ian’s brain hemorrhage.  Now sputtering out of control, Kendall wonders why no one contacted her.  Ryan advises her cell was off.  He then has to ground her firmly about the circumstances, when she fails to comprehend Ian’s surgery is underway.  Appearing to be on automatic pilot, Kendall realizes she must head for the hospital.  Ryan confirms her thoughts and promises to catch up with her.  After Kendall kisses Spike goodbye, Ryan texts someone and reassures Spike simultaneously.  Dr. Hilliard attempts to break the ice with sympathetic remarks concerning Ian.  Dispensing with any pleasantries, Ryan immediately goes on the attack by questioning his credentials.  Unaware of what actually transpired, Ryan blames him for pushing the appointment and asks about his solicitation.  Despite Dr. Hilliard’s best efforts, Ryan remains contemptuous and unreceptive.  He then leaves the doctor with these emphatic parting words; “You’re not going to lay a finger on my son.”

After receiving Ryan’s text message about Kendall and Spike, Tad joins Zach, Joe, and Josh in the hallway and brings them up to speed.  As he leaves to speak with Joe privately, Tad offers Zach additional assistance if necessary.  With that, Lily arrives with requested files for Zach.  In her own inimitable way, Lily manages to make Zach smile.  Knowing Zach is overwhelmed; Josh grabs the work from Lily.  Meanwhile, in his office, Joe praises Tad for relieving the beleaguered Zach.  Based on his anguish over Kate, Tad empathizes.  Jamie arrives just as Tad expresses his gratitude for all of his children.  Once learning Joe pre-arranged this meeting, Tad is anxious to know what is going on.  As Joe advises him of his brother Jake’s special AIDS project in Africa and his invitation extended to Jamie, Tad appears saddened.  Although excited about the opportunity, Jamie seeks Tad’s input.  Tad tells Jamie he does not want to be separated from him.

J.R. arrives at Fusion and stands in the corner to observe the goings on quietly.  He smiles to himself approvingly, while watching Babe delegate to Amanda and conduct other business affairs.  Amanda notices him and jokingly calls him a voyeur.  As she greets him with a kiss, Babe happens to look over at them.  Amanda appears slightly insecure, when she learns J.R. is there to speak with Babe.  On that basis, she accompanies him on his approach towards Babe.  J.R. teases Babe about her tough boss mode.  Amanda smiles, when she hears J.R. ask Babe, if little A can join him and Amanda aboard the yacht overnight.  Due to Babe’s reluctance, J.R. compromises with a day trip instead.  As Amanda marvels at their civility, slick Wheeler arrives and announces the entrance of his talented client, Ava.  The women’s jaws drop and J.R. smirks, when Ava saunters in her stripper chic garb.  The three are rendered speechless, when the preening Ava seeks their feedback on her appearance.  As the naïve Ava rattles names of movies Wheeler lined up for her, the others are on to his ulterior motives.  When the chauvinistic Wheeler presumes J.R. runs Fusion, Babe cuts in to set him straight.  Amanda glares at him disdainfully.  Babe drips with sarcasm, as she reacts to his plans to “catapult Ava’s career.”  She then slyly asks for his name.  Introducing himself as “Andy Conway,” he attempts to trump Fusion’s control of Ava with his contractual arrangement with her.  J.R. appears to appreciate Babe’s handling of the situation.  Falling for Babe’s request to see it, he hands it to her.  Ava reacts angrily, when Babe rips it to shreds and calls him out for his exploitation. 

For obvious reasons, both Tad and Joe would like Jamie to remain with the family.  When he considers the flip side of this great opportunity for Jamie, Tad rolls his eyes.  Giving Jamie his support either way, Joe leaves to respond to a page.  Tad is torn as he listens to Jamie weigh the decision.  When he decides to stay in Pine valley, Tad plays devil’s advocate with him.  Jamie is confused by Tad’s about face. 

Josh offers to handle Zach’s work responsibilities and to take Lily back to Cambias.  Before leaving, Lily thoughtfully gives Zach her favorite childhood book as a gift to Ian.  Now touched, Zach reads aloud the fitting words from the appropriately entitled book, “The Littlest Bird.”  He then relates the following passage to Ian, “You are little, but you are strong.”  With that, he looks towards the sound of opening elevator doors.  When he sees Kendall, he glares up at her.  As she stumbles through her profuse apology and explanation, Kendall becomes uncomfortable with Zach’s cold silence.  To shame Kendall, he tersely reminds her Ian could have died in her absence.  Meanwhile, Joe responds to the call from Spike’s room.  He encounters a hysterical Ryan who insists Joe check over Spike.  Ryan lashes out, when Joe tries to calm him.  To placate Ryan, Joe begins checking Spike’s vitals.  The scene shifts back to a guilty-faced Kendall staring over at a stone cold Zach.  She grows even more distraught, when Zach cannot bear to look at her.  They both jump, when Dr. Delano emerges.  The doctor tries to focus Zach on the fact Ian survived, when he advises both parents Ian can have very limited external stimuli.  The staff then wheels Ian passed them.  Since they are now limited to only looking at Ian through the glass partition, Zach clings to the moment of viewing him in person.  Now situated in the incubator, his parents watch him through the window. 

Babe asks Amanda to pull the apoplectic Ava aside and calm her.  To Amanda’s chagrin, the enthralled J.R. opts to remain focused on the Babe and Wheeler show.  Babe deftly counters Wheeler’s lame legal claims to Ava by hitting him with Ava’s contractual obligations to Fusion.  Ava listens in, as Babe then turns the screws in him about involving Ava in porn.  Now reduced, Wheeler stands close to Babe and tries the sweet talk approach.  J.R. starts marking his territory, and with a slight touch, Babe lets J.R. know she can handle things herself.  Babe quickly dispenses with Wheeler, and Amanda escorts him on his way.  He drops Ava like a hot potato, when she chases after him to the elevators.  As she blasts Babe for interfering, Babe and J.R. give her a quick reality check. 

Jamie keeps weighing completing medical school against participating in the project.  Realizing this opportunity is Jamie’s dream, Tad does not want to be an obstacle.  From Tad’s wise advice and encouragement, Jamie arrives at the decision to go to Africa.  A proud Tad struggles to hold back tears and warmly embraces his son.

Still at Ian’s window, Kendall tears, as Zach reads aloud a section about “momma bird” in the book.  Meanwhile, Ryan is relieved to learn Spike is fine.  Being a father also, Joe accepts Ryan’s apology.  When Ryan broaches the subject of placing security on the room, the perceptive Joe advises Ryan to have a talk with Kendall.  Jonathan shows up to check on Spike.  Ryan brings him up to speed about Dr. Hilliard and Kendall’s excursion.  Jonathan becomes concerned about Ryan, as he prattles on about Kendall’s mental state.  Through the conversation, Ryan reveals he is not opposed to finding viable alternatives for Spike. 

To drive the point home, Amanda and Babe show Ava “Andy” the manager’s handy porn work on the internet.  Meanwhile, J.R. becomes mesmerized by Ava’s “promo” flashing on the Fusion monitor.  To protect the vulnerable Ava, Babe appoints the reluctant Amanda as Ava’s “friendager” as opposed to manager.  With J.R. as back up, Babe has to sell both unreceptive ladies on the concept. 

Jamie bumps into Josh in the hallway.  Having learned from Jeff about Jamie’s sojourn, Josh surprises him with well wishes.  When their talk turns to family, Jamie reminds Josh he is a “Martin.”  Despite their past differences, he tells Josh “I have your back” and invites him into the family fold.  After Jamie walks off, Josh appears touched. 

Through continued conversation, Ryan is pleased by Jonathan’s interest in his investment into research on curing deafness.  Ryan then realizes this translates into Jonathan accepting his offer to join him in his venture capital firm.  Ryan is grateful for Jonathan’s support.  Jonathan welcomes this opportunity to repay Ryan for his lifelong help to him.  In the meantime, Zach’s only dialogue to Kendall is through Lily’s book.  As she begs him to speak to her, Zach coldly advises he has nothing to say.  When she pleads for his understanding, Zach looks at her through dead eyes.  A sobbing Kendall exclaims she would sacrifice her life for Ian.  Disgusted by her blind focus on Spike, Zach challenges her claim with, “How could you disappear, when his was hanging by a thread?”  Kendall knows she has gone too far.

Back in Joe’s office, Tad has a heart-to-heart with his father.  After hearing Jamie’s decision, Joe finds the right words to help relieve Tad’s pain.  Tad makes a joke about learning child manipulation strategies from Adam.  Joe tells Tad that he is a wonderful father.  Tad credits Joe’s example.

The ladies agree to Babe’s “friendager” idea.  As Ava leaves, JR. escorts Amanda to the elevator and takes the opportunity to inquire about Ava’s Fusion contract without success.  Amanda becomes curious about the inquiry.  An excited Jamie rushes in from the stair well.  Appearing saddened, J.R.  listens in the background to Jamie relaying his good news to Babe and her disappointed reaction.

Jonathan urges Ryan to call Annie; thus, prompting alarm in Ryan.  Jonathan tries to dispel his concerns.  After Jonathan leaves, Ryan calls Annie.  He appears perplexed, when he keeps reaching an automated message advising, “This number is no longer in service.”

As Kendall tries to penetrate Zach’s wall, Zach does not want to expend energy on Kendall’s emotional babble.  Hoping to reach him, Kendall says “Always only you” and advises she needs him.  Zach emotionlessly turns from Ian’s window.  He leaves the devastated Kendall with these words, “And our little boy needed you.”

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