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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At ConFusion, Aidan, who was just dumped by Di, is in no mood for the company of the flirtatious and equally annoying Greenlee. 

Annie remains completely traumatized, as a voice repetitively singing “Ring around the Rosie” comes through the receiver of the tossed cordless phone.  Annie manages to summon her strength.  Apparently knowing the caller’s identity, she grabs the phone and confronts them without success.  As a freaked-out Annie distances herself from the receiver, her eyes dart over to Emma’s picture in concern.  She then hysterically contacts Emma’s camp to advise them that she is picking her up early.  Annie has a look of doom, as she learns Emma is not there. 

A clearly confounded Zach discusses Ian’s rapid regression with Joe Martin at the baby’s bedside.  To ease Zach's concern, Joe assures him of the many successful brain hemorrhage surgeries Dr. Delano has performed on premature babies.  Joe then impresses upon the hesitant  and distraught Zach the urgency of the circumstances.  Zach wonders why the nurse has not returned with Kendall.  At the same time, Ryan questions the same nurse about Kendall and Spike’s whereabouts, as they cross paths in the Slater’s private room.  Concluding Kendall may be already en route, Ryan goes to check for her in NICU.  Meanwhile, Kendall speaks aloud to Spike, as she stares at a wall of patient photographs and accompanying “thank you“ letters addressed to Dr. Hilliard.  As she seats herself in the waiting room, a former patient strikes up conversation with her.  The woman relieves Kendall’s angst by referring to Dr. Hilliard as a “gifted healer” and assuring Kendall she brought Spike to “the right place.”  With Spike in her arms, Kendall follows Dr. Hilliard, as he ushers her inside his office. 

Annie goes apoplectic on the camp counselor, after hearing Emma was picked up by an “uncle.”  As she hysterically calls the police, she is startled by a knock at the door. 

As Joe tries to assure an anxious Zach that Kendall will be located, Ryan shows up.  Zach fills him in on the details concerning Ian.  As they converse, Zach recalls the phone call Kendall received from the nameless “miracle doctor” for Spike.  As Zach puts two and two together about Kendall heading to find the “quack,” Ryan becomes unglued and barrages him with questions.  Clearly overwrought, Zach misplaces his anger on Ryan and abruptly cuts him off.  With that, Joe returns and advises Kendall’s car is no longer in the parking lot.  Meanwhile, Kendall’s conference with Dr. Hilliard begins.  So they can focus attention on Spike, the doctor requests Kendall turn off her ringing cell phone.  Without checking the caller’s identity, Kendall complies.  He deftly brushes her off, when she asks how he learned of Spike’s condition.  Dr. Hilliard offers Kendall hope about Spike.  In reaction, she then questions the soundness of Dr. Norton’s diagnosis.  Prefacing his response with reverence for Dr. Norton, Dr. Hilliard diplomatically accepts his diagnosis as accurate but has an alternative “prognosis.”  As he examines Spike, he has Kendall review his patient case results. 

Now seated by the bar, Greenlee attempts to get Aidan to open up to her.  Aidan remains unwilling, and Greenlee assumes his mood stems from work.  When one of her comments hits a nerve, Aidan shifts the subject to Greenlee’s progress in seeking absolution from Kendall.  When he asks if she “owned up,” she triumphantly replies, “I did something even better than that.”  The scene shifts to Kendall and Dr. Hilliard.  After evaluating Spike, he lays out his course of action consisting of cleansing toxins present in Spike’s body, acupressure, and other treatments.  Kendall initially views it as simplistic.  With his ever-present optimism, he advises her of the long-term commitment involved.  Weary from negativity, Kendall becomes anxious to get started.  Dr. Hilliard provides her with literature and cautions that Spike’s doctors will likely discredit him.  As he finishes preparing her, the pacing Zach frantically tries to reach her without success.

When he cannot recall the “miracle doctor’s” name for Ryan, Zach begins snapping at him again.  Joe excuses himself and heads to check on Ian’s status with Dr. Delano.  Ryan manages to calm Zach.  Knowing the situation with Ian and how Kendall acts when desperate, Ryan offers to search for her.  Zach graciously accepts and reminds him of the exigency.  Ryan rushes off and calls Tad for assistance. 

Annie is ecstatic to find Jonathan and Emma at the door.  Jonathan can hear the police 911 dispatcher’s voice coming through the phone.  Annie ends the call and has Emma go to the kitchen.  Forgetting he retrieved Emma at her request, Annie begins freaking out on the completely confused Jonathan.  After reminding her about Emma’s appointment, Jonathan does not buy her excuses for the mini break down in light of her call to the police.  Jonathan attempts to coax Annie to reveal the source of her angst. 

In hopes of finding the doctor’s name, Tad and Ryan rifle through Kendall’s belongings in the Slater’s hospital room.  Tad tries to calm Ryan, as he worries about Kendall’s mental state.

With drinks in hand, Greenlee baits Aidan to inquire about her “something wonderful.”  When he does not bite, she tries to lighten him up without success.  Instead, the now-pouting Greenlee gets a tongue lashing about the certain “disaster” emanating from anything involving her. 

Joe explains why Ian’s condition is prevalent amongst premature babies.  Zach winces, when Joe cannot assure him the procedure is discomfort free.  Due to the circumstances, Joe thrusts medical consent forms at Zach.  Based on time constraints, the now agonized Zach must execute them without Kendall.  Meanwhile, Kendall pledges her devotion to Spike’s recovery.  She then advises the doctor of Ian’s condition.  After the doctor realizes Kendall failed to apprise her husband of this appointment, he cautions her that everyone involved must be unified.  Kendall appears distraught when he predicates Spike’s recovery on her full focus. 

In the meantime, an anguished Zach stares through Ian’s room window.  Josh shows up and becomes shocked to learn of Kendall’s “miracle mission” for Spike.  Despite Zach’s ill temper, Josh remains and lends his support.  Meanwhile, through a contact at the phone company, Tad has Kendall’s cell phone calls tracked.  He then hopes to dissuade an impatient Ryan from accessing Kendall’s internet searches.  As Ryan’s imagination runs wild, Tad again attempts to ground an unreceptive Ryan.  Citing his search for Kate as an example and crediting Kendall’s determination, Tad then reminds him of the value of “desperate hope.”

Aidan continues chastising the scowling Greenlee.  Through his veiled general references, Greenlee finally realizes Aidan is embittered.  The pieces come together, as she recalls Di’s departure to New York.  Greenlee laughs mockingly at the thought of Di dumping him. 

Jonathan repeatedly questions Annie’s knee jerk reaction.  Annie consistently attributes it to stress from the Spike and Ian situation.  The phone rings, as he tries to reach out to her.  Annie shocks Jonathan again, when she hysterically prevents him from answering the phone.  Ignoring her outburst, he snatches it up and answers sharply with, “Who is this?”  He covers with an excuse about pranks, as Ryan criticizes the greeting.  Without getting into details, Ryan advises Kendall is missing and asks Annie about any knowledge she may have of her whereabouts.  Ryan appears confounded and shortens the call, when Annie reacts inappropriately to his comments.  After noticing her glaring distraction, Jonathan again tries to uncover what is troubling Annie.  Annie is able to evade him, when Emma entices him to bake cookies with her.  Once alone, an anxious Annie places a call. 

Meanwhile, Tad’s trace bears fruit.  Ryan finds Donovan Hilliard’s address amongst paper work, when Tad gives him his name.  A grateful and ecstatic Ryan rushes off.  At the same time, somehow Josh finds the right words to reassure Zach.  Zach appears hopeful, as he looks at Ian and the apparatus that sustains his life.

Kendall pledges her full dedication and focus to Spike.  To show her enthusiasm over holistic alternatives, Kendall references her organic campaign at Fusion.  Without revealing Greenlee’s contribution, Dr. Hilliard refuses Kendall’s payment on the basis of adequate funding to his foundation.  With that, the scene shifts to Greenlee.  She exploits Di’s “dissing” Aidan for everything it is worth.  With a half smile, Aidan wonders what he did to deserve this and likens Greenlee to a “barnacle.”  Aidan then denies a half-drunken Greenlee’s roundabout offer to have “mercy sex.”  Tiring of Greenlee barbs, Aidan gives her the blow-by-blow of the break-up scene.  They both laugh, as they exchange commonly used “let down” lines.  With that, Aidan has the last laugh by leaving Greenlee with the tab. 

Annie asks the person she called, “You’re sure he has not left?”  As she breathes a sigh of relief, Jonathan and Emma join her with cookies in hand.  After Jonathan leaves, Annie holds onto Emma for dear life.

To brace him, Josh reminds Zach to focus on Ian.  As Ian is wheeled up for surgery, Zach makes his son aware of his presence.  A disappointed Zach says aloud, “Kendall has no idea how much she was needed here today.”  Meanwhile, Kendall goes over further scheduling with the doctor.  Dr. Hilliard then advises that Spike be removed from the hospital.  Just as he requests to be apprised of Spike’s father’s reaction to his treatment, Ryan bursts into the office.  For once in her life, a caught off guard Kendall is rendered speechless. 

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