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After Annie and Ryan’s frank discussion yesterday about Annie’s past, they say that they are thankful for each other, and then they kiss. 

Kendall has made an appointment with Dr. Hilliard.  He thinks that there are other, less conventional approaches to restore Spike’s hearing.  He believes in thinking outside the box.  She gets the doctor's number.  Dr.  Hilliard asks Greenlee about her vested interest in this case and she tells him that she wants to remain anonymous because she fears that if it becomes known that she is the one who provided the funding, that Spike will not get the help that he needs.  She believes that Spike needs a miracle, and she is hoping that she can provide it. 

Di tells Aidan that Fusion need representatives in other cities, which is why she volunteered to go to New York City.  Aidan asks, “What else is there?” since it is obvious that Di needs to clear her head about something.  Aidan interrupts her, knowing already where the conversation is headed. 

Jack sees Greenlee at the ConFusion Bar and he is in a gloomy mood.  Greenlee sizes him up, and then ask if Erica is responsible for his mood.  Erica is upset about the TV airing of their argument.  Erica’s director, Jesse, is sorry, and promises to get her a new producer.  Erica rejects the new producer idea, and tells him that her marriage and the show are over.

Annie and Ryan are discussing how she has been taking a back seat to all the drama.  Ryan encourages her to tell him about her past.  Annie tries to get him to realize that they need to help Spike.  Ryan says that what is important is this is part of her life.  Ryan knows she is dodging questions and he hasn't pressed, because of his own life.  Annie tells him that there are no good memories of her past and she doesn't want to dump her past on him.  Ryan insists that he wants to know everything about her. 
Kendall and Zach are talking about her discussion with Doctor Hilliard.  She seems hopeful but Zach wants to check out Dr. Hilliard as soon as Spike is released.  She clearly wants to see the doctor immediately.  Kendall starts to yell and scream, as she gets stubborn.  She is surprised that Zach is choosing to put this off.  She says, “Where is my husband?  Where is the man that fought for Spike and me against all odds last year?  What did you do with my husband?”  Zach promises that he is that man, but he insists that she use good judgment when seeking treatment for Spike.   

Jesse, Erica’s producer reminds her that they have a contract.  Erica insists that the show violated the contract first.  He responds, “The network was hoping for some emotional fallout.”  Erica insists that there is no way she is going to put her family on the line for network dollars.  Jesse has a new idea for next season.  He wants to put the “New Divorce” on as a talk show in front of a live studio audience where they can discuss politics, current events, etc.  Erica is intrigued by the idea.  She has one question; does Jack have to be the husband? 

Jack is discussing Greenlee’s past deeds and reminds her that she has made everyone around her unhappy, and he wants her to know it.  Greenlee still does not understand Jack’s reason for wanting her to leave town.  She did not get the gist of their conversation.  He thinks she would be better off if she were away from Pine Valley’s anger and that it would be best if she gave people time to heal their wounds.  Jack is tired of banging his head against a brick wall.  Greenlee wants him to know that she is trying to make restitution, but no one is interested in forgiving her.  She tells him about her visit with Kendall and Jack assures her that she made it worse.  He advises her to back off.  Greenlee is dense, and does not see others views regarding her responsibility.  Jack is frustrated and tells Greenlee that she doesn’t understand because she doesn’t listen and her that this is about all of the selfish things that she has done that made everyone around her miserable.    

Erica thinks that Jack doesn't know TV, so she wants a different co-host.  One person she has in mind is Jimmy Kimmel.  Jesse believes that Jack has a large fan base, which is why the networks want him.  The network wants to make it work and is willing to contribute to a deaf organization.  He lays out the offer, and the supporting contract on the table.  He asks if she knows if Jack will be onboard.  Erica responds, “consider it done.”

Kendall insists that she help Spike now.  Zach reasons with her and she pretends to agree by dropping the discussion. 

Ryan asks Annie questions about her father, and she responds that her father’s name is Walter, and his deafness is a result of an accident.  His injuries were similar to Spike's.  She tells him that her father had been a music teacher and that music played a huge part in their family’s lives.  When he lost his hearing, her father learned to paint.  Annie praises his art talent.  Ryan thinks that Annie’s art talent comes from her dad.  Annie tells him that her father’s deafness opened other doors.  Ryan is curious how her father coped with his loss.  Annie tries to make him understand by explaining her belief that the senses all relate back to a sense of your feelings and how they affect you.  She tells him that Spike can still feel, and with help from everyone, he will know that they love him.  Ryan thanks Annie, and then returns to the hospital.  Annie attends to errands.

Aidan understands that Di is moving to New York City.  Di is scared, but excited.  Aidan assures her that she’ll do great.  Di reflects on her past as Aidan praises her accomplishments.  Di feels that since Dixie’s death, she has been floating and that this move will be right for her.  They agree to end as friends so they kiss and say goodbye.

Jack tries to share his love of Greenlee with her.  He lets her know that he was happy when he found out that he was her Dad, because he always wanted a family.  She reminds him that when she found out, her entire life was turned upside down.  He is confused why she will not leave town now since she did when Ryan and Kendall hurt her.  She simply refuses to leave and believes that he sees her as a monster.  He insists that he see a young woman who is hurting inside and who is misunderstood.  He wants her to know that when he tried to love her, she kept shooting him down.  Now, he is upset and says, “If you don't want me to be your father, you can just divorce me.”  Greenlee assures him that she does not want to divorce him.  She apologizes to Jack and then notices Erica approaching their table so she leaves.  Erica wants to talk to Jack about the new contract proposal but Jack is not interested.  Erica calls Jesse and tells him that Jack has agreed to do the show. 

Kendall talks to Dr. Martin about Spike’s condition.  Spike is doing very well, but Dr. Martin does not have a ballpark time of when he can go home and says perhaps within a day or two.  The doctors want to continue to observe Spike.

A nurse searches for Zach, because Ian is in trouble.  Zack arrives at Ian’s room, and is told that Ian’s brain is hemorrhaging because of pressure on the brain from bleeding.  Ian needs surgery immediately.  The doctors are concerned about brain damage so they must operate immediately.  Zach sighs in frustration.  Zach is asked to find Kendall immediately.  Kendall and Spike are nowhere to be found.  Ryan walks into Spike’s room calling Kendall’s name.  They are not there.

Annie gets a mysterious phone call.  She answers and hears a recording of a young girl singing “Ring-Around-The-Rosey.”  She drops the phone as if it were a snake.

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