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Written By Bonnit
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Erica is reviewing flashbacks of the events of Spike and Ian’s ordeal.  There is a knock on the door, and Erica discovers that it is Jack.  He has the divorce decree in his hand, and tells Erica that the divorce is final.

Kendall awakens and sees Zach.  He tells her to come with him because he has something to show her.  He tells her that, Spike was released from the ICU this morning, and he had him moved to this room, with a bed for Kendall and a separate room for Spike.  Kendall wants to know how she got to the new room, because she does not remember.  Zach tells her that he carried her there.  Kendall tells him that she is grateful to have him, as he has been her rock through the babies’ illnesses.  Zach tells her that Ian has gained weight.  Kendall is happy with the news.

Annie returns to the hospital and inquires as to Spike’s whereabouts.  She was informed that Spike was moved to another room.  Annie is concerned that Kendall will probably freak when she wakes up and sees Spike missing.  Ryan mentioned that he was worried when Annie could not be found.  Ryan chastises her for leaving without notifying him.  She says she didn't want to worry him in case it didn't work out.  He doesn't understand why she had to keep her trip a secret.  Ryan realizes that Annie’s trip wasn't just about Spike.  Annie tells him that her trip was about her past and then she apologizes, saying that she handled her visit all wrong.  Annie tells Ryan she went to see her father.  They talk about her father’s deafness and Ryan is confused that Annie’s father refuses to help.  She tries to change the subject but Ryan will not let her.  He asks again, why her father refused to help her and she says, “Because of my mother.”  Annie says, “My mother's death was rather sudden, and dad couldn't handle it.” 

Greenlee is hung-over and talking to Josh at the Yacht Club.  She thanks Josh for sticking up for her and tells him about going back to see Kendall.  Josh tells her that Spike was released from ICU.  Greenlee is hopeful that he is better.  Josh notes that Spike will never hear on his own again, but other then that, he is fine.  Greenlee is working on the computer and Josh is curious.

Erica asks Jack if they can go back to the amicable divorce.  Jack decides to agree as long as no cameras are involved.  Erica is upset and teary eyed and agrees.  Room service arrives with her breakfast and Jack tips the waiter.  Erica invites him to stay for breakfast.  They toast each other.  Erica toasts to their new separate beginnings then she cries.

Greenlee looks at a web page on her laptop and Josh wants to know what it is.  Greenlee tells him shat she is working on a secret Fusion campaign.  Josh offers to help her, but she refuses.  Greenlee continues her research, while Josh sneaks a peak.  He notices that she is doing research on the Cochlear implants.

Kendall thanks Zach for everything and they talk about the boys.  They tease about who will do diaper duty when the boys arrive home.  He tells her that he didn't sign on for that and they kiss.  He hugs and squeezes her gently, but her breasts begin to leak.  He runs to get the nurse.  Obviously, it is time for Ian’s feeding.  Rachel will watch Spike, because they are fearful of Greenlee. 

Erica is frantic, because she can't fix her marriage or her daughter's babies.  Jack tells her she is not to blame for Spike or Ian’s condition.  Erica says, “My daughter is drowning, and all I can do is watch her go under.”  Jack calls her to him then he puts his arms around her.  He tells her that, “Everything is going to be alright” and then he kisses her. 

Kendall and Zach are feeding Ian.  Kendall sees a picture in her head of Greenlee taking Spike out of his crib.  She panics, while telling Zach that she must return to Spike.  Zach mentions that Rachel is with Spike, and Spike is fine.  Kendall insists that she must be there.  She says goodbye to Ian then runs out.

Zach returns to Kendall and Spike’s room.  She apologizes for leaving him and Ian.  Zach, as always, understands.  She explains how she had this flash of Greenlee trying to take Spike.  He promises that Greenlee will never get near Spike again.  Kendall does not trust Greenlee.  He agrees it is hard to have faith right now and says they will get through this, but maybe she needs to come with him.  He challenges her to have faith and then picks her up, and carries her to her bed.

He begins to give Kendall a foot, then neck massage.  He expands it to a full body massage and then he kisses her.  Kendall declares that was awesome.  It was sex without sex.  She asks him to lie down beside her but he wants to check on Ian.  She wants to take care of him too and promises to look in on Ian.  Zach relents for a promised two minutes.  After their interaction, Zach falls asleep.  Kendall peeks in on Spike as the phone rings.  Dr Hilliard, hired by Greenlee, is calling to offer help to Spike.  Kendall wants to know how he knew about her son.  Greenlee is in his office, but instructed him not to mention her involvement.

Annie and Ryan talk and she apologizes for not coming back with anything to help Spike.  He asked her to teach him how to communicate with his son.  She begins to teach him sign language.

Jack and Erica after making love, turn on the TV.  They see their argument at the hospital.  Jack thinks Erica set them up, but she says no way in hell would she have cameras around Kendall.  Jack doesn’t believe her and gets up to leave.  As he walks out the door, he snipes that her ratings are more important than he is to her.

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