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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall glares at Greenlee from her chair in Spike’s hospital room.  Before she speaks to her, Kendall notices Spike’s empty bed from her peripheral vision.  Now completely sensitized, Kendall immediately accuses Greenlee of doing something to Spike.  As she screams at her, a nurse enters and informs Kendall that Spike is with Zach at Ian’s room.  After calming down, all Kendall can manage to say to Greenlee is, “You look like hell.”  She then takes pleasure in telling Greenlee she just dreamt of killing her.  With an emotive expression, Greenlee profusely apologizes to Kendall.

In his search for Annie, Ryan shows up at Fusion.  Both Babe and Di inquire about Spike and offer their support.  As Ryan asks about Annie’s whereabouts, Di tries to divert his attention.  Di stares at him blankly, when Ryan repeats his concern over the missing Annie.  Meanwhile, Annie reaches her destination.  A gentleman opens the door in response to the flashing light and appears stunned at the sight of Annie.  She then sheepishly signs and verbalizes a greeting to her father.

Jonathan takes Ava for a night on the town at the Yacht Club.  Despite being previously shunned by the maitre d’, Ava does not seem to mind.  She actually has the last laugh, as the now-obsequious host fawns all over her.  Jonathan feels honored to be her “date,” while Ava reacts uncomfortably to the term.  A fan then seeks Ava’s autograph.  Ava becomes incensed, when the fan’s attention is diverted by the arriving J.R.

Kendall blasts Greenlee for her persistent encroachment on her.  The only words the tearful Greenlee manages to get in through Kendall’s diatribe are apologetic ones.  Kendall contemptuously regards her apology as empty and her presence in Pine Valley, incomprehensible.  To force Greenlee’s hand, Kendall then predicates her acceptance of Greenlee’s apology, upon her confessing to the kidnapping.  Greenlee does not know how to respond. 

Di disengages from the conversation, as Ryan and Babe try to figure out Annie’s whereabouts.  Di appears guilty, when Ryan worries about returning to Spike.  With certainty, Di finally confirms that Annie is “fine.”  Babe shoots an inquisitive look at her, while Ryan wonders about her conviction. 

Clearly unwelcome, Annie hesitantly enters her father’s home.  He continuously ignores her efforts to communicate with him.  After she pleads for his attention, he verbally asks her, “How can I even look at you after what you did?”

Kendall repeatedly scorns Greenlee for her transgressions.  With an imploring look, Greenlee again seeks Kendall’s forgiveness.  Kendall then scoffs, when the sobbing Greenlee expresses her love for her. 

Di will not face Ryan, as she gives him a general response.  Babe picks up on Di’s lead and encourages him to return to the hospital.  Ryan questions Di’s evasive manner.  To placate him, Di offers that Annie is “researching” Spike’s condition.  Hip to her secretiveness, Ryan demands to know what Di is withholding from him.  Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Annie and her father.  The estrangement between them is palpable.  She tries to break the ice with her unforgiving father without success.  As she picks up her mother’s seashell, her father reacts viscerally.  Their strained conversation reveals that his hearing loss was sudden and that a woman named Elizabeth helped him transition.  Clearly pained, her father is unwilling to provide her access to Elizabeth.  As she implores him on Spike’s behalf, he calls her a “hypocrite” and demands she leave. 

As he talks with Amanda, J.R. looks over at the attention-grabbing Ava.  Ava saunters over to them, while Amanda expands J.R.’s ego with a seductive kiss.  A photographer wants to photograph them.  Amanda’s comment about Ava’s ephemeral fame goes right over her head.  Amanda appears dejected, when the photographer is only interested in the other two.  While being photographed, J.R. and Ava exchange mutual barbs. 

Annie beseechingly continues in her attempt to reach her father.  He softens, as Annie relays Spike’s circumstances.  He appears sympathetic, when he learns Spike is her stepson.  At the same time, Ryan keeps grilling Di about why Annie secreted her “research” from him, and she tries to satisfy him with excuses.  Babe backs Di up, until Ryan demands to know the location of her “research.”  Di then attempts to be convincing as she feigns ignorance. 

Through sobs, Greenlee proclaims her love for Spike and her willingness to sacrifice herself for him.  Sickened by the hollowness of her words, Kendall angrily stares at pointed surgical instruments on a tray.  Cognizant of her growing rage, Kendall demands Greenlee to shut-up.  Through her reactions to Greenlee, Kendall reveals she is no longer in denial about Spike’s deafness.  She then hopes Greenlee is riddled with guilt.  Out of sheer frustration that her son cannot hear them, she begins slamming his musical toys against the bars of his bed.  Greenlee feels deserving of Kendall’s wrath.  Kendall then blasts Greenlee for not inquiring about Ian.  Kendall becomes apoplectic, when Greenlee denies responsibility for Ian’s condition.  Kendall rips her apart for causing her contractions to restart after the doctors stopped them.  A devastated Greenlee notices Kendall staring at the instruments.  She picks up the tray and invites Kendall “to make her dream come true.”

Ava and Jonathan open up to each other about their so-called date.  Ava is not as forthcoming as Jonathan is.  Ava then shows her apparent shallowness, when she toasts to money as opposed to his toast to happiness.  Ava descends back to earth temporarily, when she kisses him.  Meanwhile, Amanda chastises J.R. for criticizing Ava’s actions during the hostage crisis.  J.R. still focuses his attentions on Ava’s table and delights in cutting her down.  She tires of his sanctimonious attitude and throws his contrived kidnapping in his face.  Despite her best efforts, J.R remains distracted by the goings on at Ava’s table. 

Now drained, Kendall begs Greenlee to leave her alone.  Determined to salvage their friendship, Greenlee offers to reciprocate Kendall’s past comfort shown to her.  With too much water under the bridge, Kendall rejects Greenlee.  As Greenlee begs, Kendall unequivocally informs her she can never forgive her.

Babe tries to get Di to open up about her apparent lies to Ryan.  When Di maintains Annie’s confidences, Babe wonders how Ryan may be affected.  Di cuts Babe off.  Babe realizes Annie’s sudden departure stems from her past.  To preempt further questions, Di advises, “After what Annie has been through, she is allowed to bury her past as deep as she wants.”  The scene shifts back to Annie and as her father provides her with an address to lead her to Elizabeth, a tearful Annie is heartened by his gesture.  To avoid connecting with her, he gives her his back and begins working on his painting.  He continues appearing distracted, while Annie tells him about her deceased mother’s namesake, Emma and hands him her picture.  As his back remains to her, Annie regrets her past actions and deeply apologizes to her father.  Once alone, he holds her mother’s shell to his chest and stares at Emma’s picture. 

Based on his treatment towards her, Ava believes that Jonathan is a “good guy.”  She then appears confounded, when Jonathan flatly denies her perception of him.  At J.R. and Amanda’s table, J.R. offers a lame excuse for his apparent curiosity in Ava.  To change the subject, he gives Amanda two options to select from for the location of their next romantic interlude.  She takes the opportunity to ascertain the terms of their relationship.  Amanda masks her disappointment, when J.R. advises, “we’re having fun.”  As she whispers option three to him, J.R. smiles at the thought of it and kisses her.

Kendall speculates as to whether Greenlee’s transgressions are borne out of retribution.  Greenlee makes plaintive denials.  As Kendall announces her intentions to exact revenge, Ryan enters the room. 

Jonathan temporarily leaves the table.  While Ava practices her autograph, J.R. cannot resist getting in one last dig at her before leaving.  As Ava laughs him off, Amanda is not at all amused. 

Babe remains inquisitive about Annie’s past and persists with questions.  Di refuses to betray Annie’s confidences.  She will only convey that Annie has “her fair share of bad memories.”  With the address in hand, Annie winds up at her mother, Emma Novak’s gravesite.  The dates on the headstone reveal her mother passed in 1999.  Now crouched down, a grief stricken Annie begins whaling and apologizing to her mother. 

Ryan’s silence is deafening.  As a tearful Kendall watches, he holds open the door for Greenlee to leave.  He then closes it on her, while she walks through and calls out his name. 

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