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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

As Zach and Ryan sit in the hospital waiting area, they both notice how one day seems to go into the next.  Ryan engages Zach in conversation about Kendall’s reaction to Spike’s deafness and cochlear implants.  Zach perceives that Ryan has a burning question on his mind.  Since Ryan will not broach the subject, Zach abruptly cuts to the chase.  In a derisive tone, Zach questions Ryan’s interest in following up on his recent comment concerning his “taking care of Greenlee.”

Greenlee plops her drunken self down on Wheeler’s lap.  As Greenlee calls him every “W” name in the book except Wheeler, Aidan glares at them from across the Comeback bar.  Wheeler wonders who the “buzz kill” is.  The “couple” gets up to leave, as Greenlee slurs through an explanation of Aidan’s significance in her life.  Aidan attempts to prevent a defiant Greenlee from leaving with Wheeler.  When Wheeler plays “macho” with Aidan, Aidan clocks him in the face. 

Hoping to be productive, Annie heads to the office.  When Di learns about Spike’s condition from the drained Annie, she urges her to go back to the hospital.  Annie feels she could truly benefit Kendall the most by performing her work at Fusion. 

At her usual post by Spike’s bed, Kendall receives a call from Bianca.  The scenes shift back and forth between Kendall and Bianca at her home in Paris.  Through their conversation, many of Kendall’s thoughts, fears, and perceptions are revealed.  In terms of Spike’s condition, it is clear that Kendall still does not have a firm grip on reality.  As Kendall prattles on about Spike, Bianca announces she is coming “home.”  Background noise prevents Bianca from hearing Kendall’s response.  Kendall urges her to stay in Paris for now and then advises, “Soon I might need you more.”  When the noise diminishes, Bianca again hears her sister going on about Spike.  At his point Bianca reminds Kendall that she named him Spike for his “fierceness and “resilience.  It becomes increasingly obvious to Bianca that Kendall never mentions Ian.  When she asks about him, she also notices that Kendall predicates each comment with “Zach says.”  When Bianca subtlety mentions her observations, Kendall responds with, “Ian is in my heart and head and “I have more to give to Spike.”  Realizing her words about Ian sound terrible, Kendall seeks insight from Bianca.  Sympathizing with her sister’s overwhelming plight, Bianca asks Kendall, “How do you choose?”

Meanwhile, the conversation gets heated between Zach and Ryan.  Instead of directly addressing his comment about Greenlee, Zach questions Ryan’s priorities in light of the current exigent circumstances.  Aware of Zach’s diversionary tactics, Ryan presses for answers.  Zach responds with, “She’s gone.”  When he persists, it becomes evident to Zach that Ryan does not trust him.  In reaction, Zach sarcastically relays a scenario about Greenlee’s ill-fated demise.  Growing impatient, Ryan now demands an answer.  In total Zach mode, he turns the tables by condemning Ryan’s poor judgment concerning Greenlee and the ramifications.

Di notices Annie staring off into space and lends her a sympathetic ear.  Annie gives Di an outpouring about Ian and Spike’s horrendous circumstances.  During their conversation, someone mistakenly calls a disappointed Annie.  Picking up on Annie’s anxious behavior, Di surmises that Annie is expecting a call.  In reaction, Annie references a “he” that would relate to her angst over Spike.  Clearly privy to Annie’s past, a concerned Di questions Annie’s judgment about seeking this person out. 

As Kendall ends her call with Bianca, Jack joins her in Spike’s room.  After initial small talk, Jack gives Kendall a heart-felt apology for the circumstances.  Appearing numb, Kendall repeatedly tells Jack how “damn unfair” the situation is.  In an effort to soothe her, Jack strokes and kisses Kendall’s head.

Aidan drags Greenlee out to the porch, kicking and screaming.  Aidan brushes off her inebriated offer to have sex with him.  In between her digs about Di, Greenlee threatens to tell Di that Aidan is stalking her.  Based on his and Di’s mutual trust, Aidan dismisses Greenlee’s threat.  Greenlee is preempted from giving her take on the word trust, as she begins gagging.  Aidan shakes his head in disdain at the sight of Greenlee regurgitating. 

Annie admits to Di that she shook, when she left a message on “his” voice mail yesterday.  Di sheds light on Annie’s painful past, when she asks her, “Why are you putting yourself through this?”  A tearful Annie feels it is warranted under Spike’s current circumstances. 

Now seated on the Comeback patio, Aidan tries to help Greenlee with the after effects of her stupor.  When Aidan learns of the factors contributing to Greenlee’s alcohol binge, he chastises her for going to the hospital and failing to recognize the purpose of their visit to the accident scene.  Believing that Zach retained him, Greenlee busts out her checkbook in hopes of exceeding Zach’s payments.  Greenlee is surprised to learn that Aidan no longer works for Zach.  As Greenlee realizes Aidan wants her to confess to the abduction, she becomes curious as to why Aidan has kept her admission to himself.  With a grin on his face, Aidan remains coyly silent. 

Although Ryan attempts to avoid a “fight,” Zach relentlessly throws his actions concerning Greenlee at him.  When Ryan tries to justify them, Zach’s true feelings about Ryan come out.  With pointed finger, Zach accuses Ryan of “stringing Greenlee along” and ultimately causing her to snap.  Ryan appears stunned, as Zach holds him directly responsible for Ian and Spike’s precarious conditions. 

Jack reminds her that the doctors saved her children’s lives, when an irrational Kendall makes condescending remarks about them.  In reaction, Kendall begins expressing her deep appreciation.  She then begins venting to an anguished Jack about whether she is doing enough for her children.  Desperate to relieve her, Jack offers his help.  Jack grapples for words, when, in response, Kendall asks him to incarcerate Greenlee.  As Kendall revisits Greenlee’s transgressions, Jack defends her and tries to evade further conversation.  Jack appears empathetic as Kendall continues urging him.  The weight of Kendall’s request bears heavily on Jack.  In hopes of reaching him, Kendall tearfully refers to Jack as her father and expresses her and her children’s need for his support.  In turn, Jack wants Kendall to consider that “retribution” will not change the circumstances.  Kendall remains adamant.  While stroking her tear covered face, an agonized Jack expresses his love and inability to put Greenlee away.  Kendall withdraws from him and advises he cannot help her then. 

Greenlee appears mystified by Aidan’s silence.  Aidan harshly reminds her that he will not act as her conduit.  She looks defeated, as Aidan sternly advises her to seek forgiveness on her own.

Their embittered history unfolds, as Ryan makes visceral counter attacks.  He lays ultimate blame at Zach’s feet for “playing God” with Greenlee’s ability to procreate.  Zach tries to justify his actions.  The war escalates, when Ryan resurrects the “Cambias collateral damage,” Erin’s death.  Zach remains typically sanctimonious as Ryan blasts him with salvo after salvo.  As Ryan hits Zach with another blow, Emma rushes towards him.  An astonished Rachel uncomfortably stands between them.

Annie collects herself after a brief “meltdown.”  Without mentioning details, Di tries to persuade Annie from making contact with the person from her past.  She then encourages Annie to share this aspect of her life with Ryan.  Annie does not feel that Ryan has the current wherewithal to deal with it.  Despite Di’s efforts, Annie remains compelled to go see “him” for Spike’s sake. 

Aidan persists in his endeavor to get through to Greenlee about her contrition.  Fearing prison as a consequence, Greenlee rejects his suggestion to express remorse to Kendall.  Aidan leaves her with valuable parting words, “The person you owe the truth to is Kendall not me.”  Once alone, Greenlee appears reflective. 

Zach returns to Spike’s room and finds Kendall peacefully sleeping.  He picks up Spike and has a heart to heart with him.  After mentioning Ian to him, Zach takes Spike to meet his brother.  Meanwhile, Ryan sits with Emma on his lap and explains to his inquisitive daughter that people sometimes argue because they care for each other.  Ryan changes the subject to dinner plans.  He tries to reach Annie without success.  The scene shifts to Annie making travel reservations, as she hurries for the Fusion elevator.

Spike reaches for the window separating him from Ian, as Zach introduces the two.  Jack listens in from behind, while Zach tells Spike that he and Ian will “need each other.”  Meanwhile, Kendall dreams of her and Zach having a picnic with their two healthy, growing, much older children.  The dream turns into a nightmare, as Greenlee darkens the scene and announces her intentions to take over Kendall’s life.  The nightmare continues with Kendall stabbing Greenlee in retribution.  Kendall stirs from her sleep when the slain Greenlee falls to the ground.  Kendall awakens to the reality of Greenlee standing over her.

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