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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Dr. Norton and Joe Martin escort Spike’s family into a private conference room at the hospital.  Appearing anxious, the family members remain standing around the conference table.  With trepidation, Kendall asks Dr. Norton how they plan to restore Spike’s hearing.  Without directly responding, he invites everyone to be seated.  Zach and Jack coax their respective wives into a chair.  Ryan declines to be seated, and Annie and Jonathan follow suit next to him.  Josh stands in the doorway.  The room becomes uncomfortably silent.  Ryan demands to hear the diagnosis regardless of the result.  The family grows restless, as Dr. Norton painstakingly begins with the fact that he ran the tests twice with state of the art equipment.  Presuming bad news to follow, Annie keeps her eyes on Ryan.  Dr. Norton then advises that Spike is permanently deaf in both ears.  As Ryan and Zach insist on further testing, Kendall begins clamoring in the background.  Erica is stunned into silence.  With all of the commotion, no one pays attention to the “but” from Dr. Norton.  Once the room settles, he advises that Spike will be able to hear with an implant.  A shell-shocked Kendall only seizes on his words “able to hear,” and begins yelling at the doctor that Spike is not deaf.  Zach tries to calm the now-completely irrational Kendall.  The doctors stare at her, as she demands that Spike be released immediately and taken to another specialist.  When Joe advises Spike cannot be discharged yet, Kendall accuses them of not helping Spike.  To maintain reason, Josh firmly reemphasizes the option of using cochlear implants.  Ryan summons up some hope and inquires about the risks at Spike’s age.  As Dr. Norton advises that babies have the best results, Kendall lapses back into denial about Spike’s condition and hysterically babbles on about a cure.  Despite Josh and now Erica’s efforts, no one can reach her.  With his calm voice and hug, Zach finally manages to quiet her.  Jonathan and Annie comfort the traumatized Ryan. 

Erica reluctantly gives in to Jack’s suggestion to have a private moment together.  On her way out into the hallway, Erica clasps hold of Josh’s hand.  Once alone, Josh leaves a voice mail message for the recipient to stay put.  Feeling helpless, Jonathan paces in the conference room.  Annie holds Ryan, as he laments over the many struggles Spike has already undergone. 

At the nurses’ station, an anxious Greenlee gains access to Spike by pretending to be Bianca.  As she heads toward the conference room, Josh stops her.  Through their conversation, Josh reveals his voice mail message was intended for Greenlee.  Greenlee appears devastated, when he informs her that Spike is permanently deaf. 

In The Comeback bar, Colby and Krystal watch Ava meet with a so-called talent agent at a table.  As he slick talks her into signing a contract, Krystal ironically points out to Colby the pitfalls of getting “too much attention.”

Zach continues to rationalize with Kendall in the hallway.  The scene shifts to Annie remaining optimistic for the now-embittered Ryan.  Meanwhile, a teary-eyed Zach allows Kendall to vent.  At the same time, Greenlee reacts the same way to Spike’s condition and the implants as Kendall.  Believing she can help in some way, Greenlee insists on seeing Kendall.  As Josh tries to prevent her, Jonathan comes up on them and threatens to “drag her out.”

Now outdoors, Jack and Erica have a heavy conversation about the future of their marriage.  Jack believes they are strong enough to withstand this “nightmare,” while Erica remains uncertain in light of Greenlee’s transgressions against “her family.”  Regarding “her family” as his also, Jack bristles at the term “hers.”

Josh stands in front of Greenlee to shield her from Jonathan’s wrathful condemnation.  As Jonathan reams him out for defending Greenlee, Josh tells him to mind his own business, through clenched teeth.  Greenlee slips away, as the two men argue over Jonathan’s perception of Josh’s apparent disloyalty to Kendall.  Jonathan is relieved that he facilitated Greenlee’s departure.  As Joe wheels Spike back to his room, Kendall, accompanied by Zach, Ryan, and Annie, lovingly greets her son.  Kendall and Ryan ignore Joe’s advice to rest, while Spike comes out of anesthesia.  Believing she has already let Spike down, Kendall refuses to leave his side.  Clearly still in denial about his deafness, Kendall resists Zach and Ryan’s efforts to reason with her as well.  Annie offers to check on Ian, as she heads outside to make a phone call.  Ryan and Kendall start their vigil at Spike’s bedside, while Zach seats himself behind them. 

A beleaguered Greenlee orders a double martini.  Krystal approaches her.  Greenlee expects Krystal to light into her about her treatment of Babe.  Since Krystal’s only purpose is to deter Greenlee from driving while intoxicated, Greenlee hands Krystal her car keys.  Colby, on the other hand, treats her disdainfully.  As she begins self-deprecating in between more drink orders, Krystal asks her what is wrong.  Colby and Krystal are shocked to learn about Spike’s condition.  Meanwhile, Ava begins reveling in her newfound "15 minutes of fame" during her conversation with the agent.  Colby overhears her take credit for subduing the drug dealer while criticizing J.R.  In defense of her brother, Colby charges towards the table calling Ava a liar.  Now embarrassed, Ava tries to turn the tables on Colby.  She then deftly knocks Ava off her high horse, when Colby tells her about Spike’s deafness.

Jonathan sighs in desperation, as her watches Kendall interact with Spike through the room window.  Meanwhile inside, Zach hopes to convince Kendall that Spike “feels her love.”  Kendall and Ryan finally smile, when Zach assures her of this fact from personal experience.

The agent listens in, as an inebriated Greenlee orders another drink.  Krystal cuts off the self proclaimed “bitch that ate Pine Valley" that everyone loves to hate.”  As she grabs her cab money back from Colby, the agent, “Wheeler,” approaches her.  Greenlee willingly accepts Wheeler’s invitation to join him for a tequila shot followed by a ride home. 

Annie watches Ian undergo light treatment from the hallway.  As she blows him a kiss on behalf of his parents, the nurse exits his room.  Referring to Ian as “the miracle boy,” the nurse reports that the staff “expects big things from little Ian.”  Annie then has a revealing unilateral talk with him.  Including herself as a family member, Annie promises him they will all help each other, “like a real family.”  Annie then stands over him at his bedside.  Meanwhile, Zach leaves Spike’s room to get coffee for Ryan and Kendall.  He gives Jonathan a supportive pat, as he passes by him in the waiting area.  Armed with a musical stuffed animal, balloons, and champagne, Ava approaches Jonathan from behind.  Although he is sincerely touched by her gesture, Ava begins criticizing herself for the inappropriateness of her gifts. 

Completely trashed, Greenlee starts getting cozy with Wheeler.  Wheeler takes complete advantage of the situation.  As she pours another tequila shot, Greenlee accepts his offer to “take the party back to his place.”

Jack still hopes to salvage his marriage.  Erica feels they are at an impasse based on his unwavering support for Greenlee.  She sobs, as she recalls their recent mutual promise to each other not to allow their children to come between them.  Jack appears devastated by Erica’s following response as to whether he should have postponed their divorce: “What difference does a piece of paper make, when we are worlds apart?”

Ava keeps putting her foot in her mouth, the more she apologizes to Jonathan.  Knowing her intentions were to be thoughtful, Jonathan gives her an appreciative kiss on the cheek and hug. 

Before heading off with Wheeler, Greenlee persuades the bartender to pour her one last shot.  As she raises the glass to her mouth, Aidan sneaks up and grabs her arm.  Aidan appears dejected, when a defiant Greenlee then turns around and lays a passionate kiss on Wheeler. 

In hopes of reaching her, Jack stands in very close proximity to Erica.  Erica stops herself from giving in by deciding to return to the hospital.  Jack gazes at her lovingly and offers to join her.  When she declines, Erica sadly watches Jack skulk away. 

With coffee in hand, Zach returns to the waiting area and notices Annie looking into Spike’s room at a now sleeping Kendall and Ryan.  Warmed by the sight of Ryan resting his head on Kendall’s, Annie smiles up at Zach.  Zach does not appear as touched. 

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