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All My Children Update Friday 8/10/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

It is a day to assess blame, and a day full of realizations, regrets, and fears as Zach, Kendall, Erica, Ryan, Annie, Jack, and Greenlee each express their inner feelings directly into the camera in moving soliloquies. 

Annie walks in as Kendall is putting pajamas on Spike and tells Kendall, Ryan, and Zach that Dr. Joe wants to talk to them.  Dr. Norton is ready to do the MRI scan on Spike.  After talking to Dr. Joe, Kendall walks back into Spike's room as Zach looks in.  Ryan is holding Spike as Annie looks on.  Kendall takes him from Ryan.  Still in the hallway, Zach expresses his inner feelings directly to the viewer.  He blames himself for what happened to Ethan, Spike, and Ian.  In his mind, he knew things were bad in all three cases and berates himself for having done nothing.  He held his tongue with Ethan, and admits to himself that not knowing him is his biggest regret.  He knew Greenlee would be a problem but kept quiet but insists that he is not the only one to blame. 

The nurse walks into Spike's room and reaches for him while Kendall holds him.  Before giving him to the nurse, she tells Spike that she loves him.  She then lets him go, but Spike holds onto his mother.  Kendall looks into the camera and begins to talk.  She is angry about the situation, and she starts to have a panic attack as she urges Zach to take her home and away from all of this bad news.  She exclaims that she can’t take any more bad news. 

As they wait in the lobby for the result of Spike’s tests, Kendall is asked to sign the consent papers.  When Ryan volunteers to sign them, Kendall thanks him.  Ryan now looks inwardly and speaks directly to the camera.  Blaming Greenlee for Spike’s problems, he says, “This is not the woman I knew, nor the woman I married.  I am sick I ever loved you or let you near my boy.”  Although he wonders if he can still love Greenlee, he knows that he does not, that he could never love the woman who caused all of this pain to his son.  He vows to get a confession from Greenlee for what she did. 

Aidan takes Greenlee to the scene of the accident.  When she wants to know why he brought her there, he tells her to figure it out.  He says, “Just a bit of broken glass from where Spike's head went through the windshield ...  if you look real close, you can even see Spike's blood."

Back in the hospital lobby, the family awaits Spike’s test results. 

Talking into the camera, Annie says, “Kendall almost sounded surprised at how much I love Spike.  How could you not love him?...  I don't belong with them (Ryan, Emma, and Spike), and I'm afraid they're going to find out.  They're going to know that this was all wrong.  I wasn't supposed to have it this good.  I cheated.  I snuck under the radar and somebody's going to find out, and then they're going to bust me, and they're going to take it all away from me...  I could lose it all and end up with nothing, like Greenlee."

Josh brings coffee for everyone and asks for Erica, since he brought her tea.  Erica is in the nursery.  She talks to the camera about other happy parents, “How dare they flaunt it with smiles out to here.  Their happy, healthy baby while my Kendall hasn't smiled in days….  Greenlee goes on living her life, suffering no consequences for the damages that she's done.  Why?  Who decided that this is fair?  And who's going to fix it?  Who is going to put a smile back on my daughter's face because it can't stay like this?  There has to be a happy ending.  Spike has to be able to hear his mommy tell him that she loves him again."

Zach asks Kendall to come with him to see Ian, but she refuses to.  Afraid he'll sense how upset she is, she tells Zach to go and to tell Ian she loves him.  Zach gives her a puzzled look, and then enters Ian's room.  She tells the camera, “I am a damn liar, and he knows it.  I can't bear to face my son.  I'm afraid he'll look at me hooked up to all those tubes and monitors, and he'll know I'm the reason he's there.  In one defining moment, I let down both of my children.  Now they're paying for it…. "  She then recalls how blithely she gave away her child.  "Take him, Greenlee.  Take my beautiful baby.  Decide he's yours.  Drive him off the road.  Do whatever you want with Ryan's child.  I have Zach's.  If I walk into that room, Ian will know the truth.  He'll see it in my eyes and he'll hate me.  He'll hate me.  Why doesn't everyone else?”

As the family still waits for the test results, Ryan looks into the camera and states, "I am no hero.  Dynamite Kiddo is dead."  Kendall is crying and angrily saying to the camera that she thinks about tearing Greenlee apart.  She is angry that Greenlee’s voice was the last voice that Spike heard.  She says, “I hate her!  I hate her!”

Joe tells the family that Spike is fine and slept through the MRI.  Annie hugs Kendall.

Zach is with Ian.  He’s tired and exhausted and has a flashback of Spike in his hockey shirt.  Zach picks up a broom from the janitor’s cart and begins to swing at it until it breaks.  Looking into the camera, he talks about sportsmanship and the rules of hockey.  He looks into the NICU's window at Ian.  He talks about Kendall wanting Ian and saying that Ian would break the cycle of mistakes.  He notes that Kendall gave him a beautiful family, but he didn't keep them safe.  He has bad sportsmanship, because he wants to hurt other players.  He blames Ryan for riding his bike off the cliff and starting the whole thing.  He sees the light in Kendall’s eyes fading and will fight to make sure it doesn't go out completely.  He ends his soliloquy with the promise, "I will fight to get it back, and I will hurt anyone that gets in my path."

Greenlee flashes back to the accident.  Every memory is painful.  She rejects Aidan’s criticism, judgment, and self-righteousness.  She talks about Kendall creating Spike for her, and mentions that Ryan knows it, because he gave her a bracelet with three hearts for Kendall, Greenlee, and Spike.  Three hearts linked together forever.

Ryan thinks the key to getting Greenlee to talk is to tell her that he loves her, and then she'll admit that she did this to Spike.  The next moment, however, he sees the futility of that action which won't change anything.  Finally, he realizes his own complicity in the chain of events leading up to this moment that has hurt his child so much.

Jonathan brings Annie a magazine.  While looking through it, she thinks of a picture album of Emma, Spike, and Ryan.  Seeing an old photo, she talks of another family that doesn't exist anymore.  Then she relaxes when she sees pictures of her new family and states, "That's my family -- you know the meaning of ‘forever’ -- you'd never reject me.  You'll love me no matter what."

Jack looks into the camera and defends himself.  He defends his love for Greenlee.  He talks about his conflict with Erica for supporting Greenlee.  He states that he is confused as to how to proceed.  He believes that his wife and daughter are ready to crack and wishes someone would help them.

In the elevator, Erica looks heavenward to talk to her mother, Mona, who died 13 years ago.  Mona had always been her rock and then she was gone.  Erica asks her mother to please come back to her and tell her how to help Kendall.  Brushing past Jackson, Erica walks into the waiting area and hugs Kendall.

Greenlee looks up to the camera, finally realizing what a selfish person she is.  She asks, “What kind of person am I to take a child from his own mother?  The reason that Spike isn't mine is because I walked away from him.  That was my choice.  Kendall was ready to give me the baby growing inside of her, but I said no.  Not only did I reject the most amazing gift I'll ever get, but -- I broke it."  As Greenlee cries, Aidan reaches out to her.  Accepting his offered hand, Greenlee painfully makes her way over the large rocks as they leave the accident site.

While waiting in the lobby, Kendall, Ryan, Annie, Erica, and Jack privately admit that they are afraid.  As Zach walks into the lobby, he admits it as well.  He gives Kendall a kiss from Ian.

Dr. Joe Martin enters the lobby to give news about Spike’s condition.  Kendall pleads, “Please tell me my son will be ok."

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