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Kendall asks Spike if he wants breakfast and then starts crying, because he doesn't hear her.

Erica is arguing with Jack, because he didn't answer his phone messages.  Erica tells him that Greenlee terrorized Kendall again, and Spike is deaf.

Annie walks in with a doctor.  Kendall wonders where Zach is then she freaks out because, she thinks that Ian is not doing well since Zach is not around.  Her nervousness shows and Annie reassures her.  Annie explains that the doctor is a specialist for Spike.  The specialist tells her that Spike can be treated in Dallas.  Kendall wants to leave immediately, but Ryan is cautious because of Spike’s recent surgery.  They argue and the doctor, agreeing with Ryan, thinks that Spike needs to recover more before he can travel.  Annie reminds them both that they are stressed.  Kendall talks to Spike again as she is worried about what he is thinking.  Kendall insists that she does not want him to be different or cut off from the world.  Annie comforts Kendall.

Jack tells Erica that he would have been there if he had known Spike’s latest condition.  Erica wants Jack to leave the police work alone, and take care of Greenlee.  Erica says Greenlee is unbalanced, criminal, and dangerous.  She is making Jack feel bad, and is encouraging him to get Greenlee out of town.

Krystal and Tad are teasing each other about eating habits.  Krystal says to Tad that she has to “Tad proof” their new home.  J.R. arrives to see a news story in the paper about his recent kidnapping.

Adam is worried about J.R., but Stuart calls J.R. a hero.  Adam is concerned that he could have been killed.  Stuart asks about Colby’s packed boxes.  Adam tells him that Colby is moving to live with Tad, and Krystal.  Stuart feels sorry for Adam, as Adam says, “Everything I have done is for my family.  They have all deserted me, everyone I love.”  Adam asks about Little A and Stuart assures him that his family still loves him.  Adam mentions that J.R. told him that he does not hate him.  Adam is afraid that Tad has turned J.R. against him and that he will do the same to Colby.  Adam says, “He (Adam) is already dead” and he claims responsibility for pushing everyone away.  He states that he needs his family and begins to cry.  Stuart tries to cheer him up by telling him that it will take time, but he and his family will get close again.  Stuart says that Krystal is right for Adam and that they both have made mistakes but Adam could make it right again.  Stuart suggests that Adam spend time with Colby by being Stuart.  Adam reminds Stuart that he made him swear never to impersonate him.  Stuart takes it back saying that he thinks that Adam can convince Colby that he really loves her.  Stuart thinks that Adam can make it work, by getting Colby to give him another chance.  He wants to know if Adam is up to the challenge.

Zach is on the phone and he says, “I don't care what it costs me, make it happen fast!”

Tad refers to Krystal and his relationship as being platonic.  Krystal thinks that Tad is keeping her from going back to Adam.

J.R. tells Babe that what he did was dumb, but it worked out.  Babe is anxious about what she would have to tell Little A if J.R. had been shot.  Babe wants J.R. to be happy and he tells her that he is happy since he cut ties to Chandler.  Babe applauds him for cutting the Chandler ties, but asks him to think of Little A, so J.R. apologizes and blamed his involvement on Ava.  Stuart shows up.  J.R. tells him that he looks tired and Babe agrees.  Stuart is really Adam incognito. 

Jack and Erica are arguing that Greenlee needs professional help.  Jack says that their divorce is stalled. 

Annie tells Kendall that she and Ryan want the same things, and not to make Ryan the enemy.  Kendall apologizes for snapping at Ryan.  She mentions her fear, and is comforted by Annie.

Zach tells Ryan that there will be no waiting.  He says, “The mountain is coming to Muhammad,” meaning the equipment has been purchased, and is coming to Pine Valley.  Zach says, “The waiting if over.  Pine Valley Hospital is going high tech.”

Krystal is on to Tad.  She thinks that he wants her to steer clear of Adam.  She also thinks that he asked her to move into the house to keep an eye on her.

Stuart (Adam) stops at Tad s new home and offers to start painting.  He sets up to paint and overhears Krystal tell Tad that she still cares about Adam, because Adam still gets to her.  She wishes it would just stop, and go away.

Jack wishes he could change it all, but he can't.  Erica believes he would protect Greenlee after all she has done.  Jack says, “She is my daughter, and she has no one else.  You would do the same for your daughter.”  Erica notes that Greenlee has done irreparable harm to Kendall.  She says she can't stay with a man that would condone such actions.

Babe is on the phone taking care of Fusion’s public relations and J.R. is impressed with how efficiently she is running things.  Babe asks if he wants to make a new start.  J.R. says that he wants to make it stick.  Babe thinks he can and tells him that she will always care for him and J.R. says he will too. 

At Tad’s new home, when Adam hears what Krystal is saying, he spills paint on himself.  Tad leaves.  Jenny fusses, and Krystal gets a phone call from Colby.  There is a problem at the bar.  Krystal leaves and asks Stuart (Adam) to watch Jenny.

Zach and Annie are discussing the machine needed for Spike.  Annie suggest that Ryan will want to help pay for the machine.  Ryan and Kendall tell Spike about the machine.  Kendall is now very happy.  Ryan thanks Zach for purchasing the machine.

Erica and Jack continue to discuss Greenlee.  Jack insists that Erica is asking him to decide between her and Greenlee.  He says he will always be there for all of them, and he won't do that to Greenlee.  Erica denies asking him to choose, and then she storms off.  Pam was secretly taping the argument between Erica and Jack.

Dr. Norton talks to Zach, Kendall, and Ryan about setting the machine up and testing Spike in the morning.  Kendall is optimistic that a plan will cure Spike.  She thinks that everything will be okay.  Annie is hesitant while saying, “We'll see.”

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