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Through her encouraging words to Spike, Kendall hopes to heal him.  Ryan joins her in Spike’s hospital room.  Ryan forces a smile, when Kendall asks him to share her enthusiasm about Spike’s recovery.

As her captor brings her a food tray, Greenlee lobs the hotel-room flower vase at him.  Greenlee then condemns none other than Aidan for kidnapping her, after she confided in him.  Aidan urges her to be more appreciative, since he is the only thing “standing between her and damnation.”

Adam paces the Yacht Club deck during his phone conversation concerning his re-acquisition of Chandler Enterprises from Zach.  Frustrated by lack of progress, Adam approaches the bar and orders a scotch.  While waiting, he first learns of J.R.’s kidnapping from a breaking news report on the club’s monitor.  The disturbing news prompts the now-ashen Adam to double his drink order. 

At the kidnapping scene on the beach, Derek abruptly responds to questions posed by the press.  Jack intervenes to circumvent Derek’s poor handing of them.  As Derek takes a call from the police commissioner, Amanda tries to calm a restless Jonathan.  He picks up on her concern over J.R. and begins empathizing with her.  Having heard the news, Tad, Krystal, Sean, Colby, and Babe, cross under the police cordoning to find out from Jack about the situation.  A cameraman films Jack, as he relays J.R.’s poor judgment to them.  Sean and Colby and Babe and Krystal exchange worried glances.  As the camera rolls, Derek walks up to them and announces, “I am going to be skewered for this.  Tad then wants to know the full story.  Jack starts blaming J.R. again for the botched effort.  Inside the shack, J.R. challenges Lenny’s thought process.  Ava chimes in that she is a more valuable hostage.  J.R. acts disgusted with Ava’s comments and tries to leave without success.  Back outside Derek, Jack, Tad, Colby, Sean, Krystal, and Babe move further inside the cordoned area to talk.  As Derek and Jack give the details and criticize J.R. again, Tad blasts them for blaming him and questions the soundness for conducting a sting operation in open public.  Jack realizes his point and accepts responsibility.  Tad is only interested in a positive outcome.  Colby refuses to leave at Derek’s suggestion.  Sean deduces this sting was for his benefit.  He pulls Jack aside and expresses his albeit deep appreciation and disapproval at the same time.  Amanda assures a petrified Jonathan that he will not lose Ava.  Krystal and Tad have to comfort a distraught Babe.  Derek and Jack separate from the rest and try to weigh out the situation without the benefit of picking up information via Ava’s wire. 

Tiring of Ava’s big mouth, Lenny orders her to leave.  Although she claims otherwise, Ava is apparently concerned for J.R. and refuses.  She and J.R. begin hurling mutual insults at each other.  Their argument causes an unwanted distraction for their captor, and he forces them to remain quiet.  Now drunk, Adam shouts at the commentary about the hostages coming from the television monitor.  The bartender has to cut him off. 

To placate the incessantly complaining Greenlee, Aidan explains the purpose of her confinement.  When Greenlee learns Aidan was retained to keep her segregated from Spike and his family, Greenlee immediately presumes Zach hired him.  Aidan does not confirm her allegation.  To her disappointment, Greenlee then learns Aidan never repeated her admission to him about Spike’s abduction.  Aidan then realizes Greenlee intended to use him as her conduit to garner forgiveness.  Aidan tries to blast her into realizing that she will never be forgiven.

Ryan and Kendall discuss their options concerning Spike.  Kendall expects Spike’s full recovery.  As Ryan cautions her about unrealistic expectations, Joe returns and advises Kendall to rest.  As Kendall rejects his advice, she begins appearing woozy.  Now seated in the room, Kendall stubbornly ignores Joe’s advice again.  Even with Ryan backing him up, Joe cannot convince her to rest.  Joe comes up with a compromise and leaves to make arrangements.  Ryan crouches down next to a now sobbing Kendall.  As she asks aloud how Greenlee could do this to Spike, Ryan sorrowfully stares over at his son. 

Aidan does not deny Greenlee’s second accusation that Zach retained him.  Greenlee then breaks down and begins confiding her true feelings about Kendall and Ryan.  She refers to three of them as “family” and an “unbreakable force.”  Aidan strongly questions whether “the family” is salvageable. 

Lenny begins to lose control.  The clamoring between J.R. and Ava does not help.  Lenny orders them to “shut-up” and attempts to collect his thoughts in the corner of the shack.  Meanwhile, J.R. whispers to Ava that they have to come up with a plan.  Outside, Krystal calms a frantic Babe.  Unselfishly, Babe notices that Amanda needs comforting as well.  Babe approaches her, and both women console and assure each other.  Adam blusters on the scene demanding answers from Derek.  As Jack denies him access behind the tape, the press peppers Adam with questions.  To avoid further negative publicity, Derek allows him through.  Babe, Krystal, and Colby curiously listen in on an ensuing argument between Jack and Adam, as Jack cites Adam for setting off the chain of events.  When Adam is dismissive, both Derek and Jack blame J.R. again.  Now furious, Adam looks around for another target to pin blame on.  He casts his sights on Tad.  Tad gives Adam a deadly glare. 

To make her comfortable, Joe gives Kendall a pillow and blanket.  Since Spike was okay until Greenlee’s last visit, Kendall wonders if Greenlee somehow brought on his deafness.  Kendall tries to find reason for Greenlee’s senseless acts.  Ryan offers that the Greenlee they knew “no longer exists.”  Kendall then stops Ryan from blaming himself again.  Through their continued conversation, a tearful Kendall reveals her unwavering love for Greenlee is now gone.

Greenlee begs Aidan to release her in order to “make things right” with Kendall and Ryan.  Aidan again tries to knock sense into her.  Despite Aidan’s efforts to evade her, she then presses him for information on Spike.  Greenlee appears genuinely devastated, when she learns Spike is deaf.  Now contemptuous, Aidan tells Greenlee to leave town for the benefit of all concerned.  To shame her, he hits her with harsh words.  They appear to resonate, when he tells her how her own deaf ear to Spike’s family’s requests have lead to Spike not hearing his parents loving words. 

Feeling helpless, Adam starts in on Derek about his relationship with Krystal.  She then chimes in to cut Adam off.  As he starts arguing with Tad, Adam clenches his fist to his chest.  Colby rushes over to brace him and Krystal appears extremely concerned.  Meanwhile inside the shack, Lenny paces, and the other two start bickering again.  After collecting himself, Lenny calls Derek about the status of his demands.  Jack and Tad flank Derek to overhear the conversation.  To light a flame under him, he threatens to kill one of the hostages imminently.  Tad challenges Derek’s plans to use a sniper.  Lily shows up, as Jack discusses options with Tad and Derek.  The cameras start rolling on Lily, and Jack and Jonathan try to intervene.  As Jack urges her to leave, Lily refuses.  Inside, Ava and J.R. keep going at it, while Lenny appears to be losing his grip.  In the meantime, Jonathan reassures Lily about Ava’s survival skills.  Lily starts blaming herself for Ava’s drug relapse.  Jonathan calms her, when he explains Ava was working with the police. 

Aidan relentlessly pounds Greenlee with reality, until she is forced to face her actions. 

After Colby gets confirmation from Adam that he is all right, she blames him for ultimately causing this situation.  As Adam profusely denies setting up Sean, Krystal intervenes and speaks to him alone.  Concerned for his medical state, Krystal tries to assist the curmudgeonly Adam.  After she melts his hostility towards her, a now seated Adam breaks down before her about J.R.  Jonathan begins attacking Amanda over J.R.’s actions.  As he derides J.R.’s character, Amanda points out his own hypocrisy.  Jonathan apologizes for misappropriating blame.  Brimming with pride, Lily talks about Ava to Sean and Colby.  Without letting Lily in all of the facts, Sean and Colby share her hopes that Ava will be released unharmed.  Babe checks on Amanda again.  She manages to make Amanda feel less awkward discussing her fears for J.R. with her.  Inside the shack, J.R. finally gets Ava in line to cause a distraction.  She follows his lead, as he begins pushing her.  To break them up, Lenny pulls Ava away and points his gun at her.  While he threatens to kill her, Ava lunges at him and J.R. attacks him from behind.  As J.R. attempts to wrench the gun from him, Ava jumps on Lenny’s back.  During the struggle, the gun goes off.  Outside, everyone is horrified by the sound of gunfire.  The SWAT team positions themselves, and Derek stands in front to command them on his order.  Everyone is anxious, as the shack door opens.  Ava comes out first.  J.R. follows her holding Lenny at gunpoint.  As Derek moves in to detain Lenny, Jonathan hugs Ava for dear life.  Tad, Babe, Krystal, Colby, and Adam rush up to embrace J.R. at the same time.  Ava cannot resist mugging for the cameras and taking credit for subduing their captor.  Lily approaches Ava.  Jonathan and Jack are awestruck, when Lily’s arm open and she hugs her sister.

Ryan and Kendall keep their vigil over Spike.  Ryan quietly listens to Kendall’s hopes that Spike can at least sense their presence.  Now weary, Kendall rests her head on Ryan’s shoulder.

Even though Aidan got through to her, Greenlee insists on leaving on better terms.  She is unable to commit herself to definite course of action upon his request.  Greenlee appears fearful when Aidan informs her “his client” may not permit her to remain in Pine Valley for any period of time. 

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