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The hostage crisis unfolds, as Lenny conditions Ava’s release on Derek meeting his unreasonable demands for an airplane.  Derek and Jack remain within close proximity to the cottage where Ava is being held hostage.  Since Lenny placed time constraints on Derek, he tries to stall Lenny over the phone. 

Outside of Spike’s hospital room, Ryan demands an explanation from Joe as to why Spike’s deafness was initially undetected.  A dumbfounded Kendall remains seated, while a weary Zach rubs his eyes.  Joe advises that Spike’s condition could have resulted from trauma and perhaps did not manifest itself immediately.  Annie tries to calm Ryan, as he hysterically barrages Joe with more questions.  Kendall remains motionless, despite Zach’s efforts to assure her.  In the meantime, Erica bursts onto the scene and inquires about her grandsons.  The traumatized Kendall remains unresponsive and walks back into Spike’s room in a trance-like state.  Zach accompanies her.  Once Joe apprises Erica of the situation, she joins her daughter and attempts to soothe her.  Ryan, Annie, and Joe file in behind her.  Ryan again pounds Joe for answers.  Joe advises his symptoms could have been masked by the sedatives.  When Annie asks about an audiologist, Erica chimes in about bringing in specialists.  Ryan tries to maintain his optimism with difficulty.  In the midst of the clamor, Kendall regains her strength and emphatically pronounces that Spike’s deafness will be cured.  Kendall will not accept Ryan’s cautions about a possible negative outcome.  Ryan then pauses to listen in on Annie’s conversation with Joe.  Joe cannot answer whether Spike’s deafness is sensory-neural or conductive.  Erica and Zach ask Annie to define the terms.  After Annie explains that only conductive deafness may be reversible, Ryan is impressed by her vast knowledge and asks how she obtained it.  Annie makes a vague reference to a deaf person from her past.  At Dr. Delano’s behest, a nurse enters to take Zach and Kendall up to NICU.  Kendall stays with Spike.  Zach reassuringly kisses her before heading for Ian’s room.  The tearing Kendall gratefully clings onto her mother, when Erica gives her unwavering support. 

Meanwhile, Zach rushes inside NICU and sees Ian being treated by light.  Dr. Delano advises him that Ian is severely jaundiced and explains the treatment protocol.  Beleaguered from the news about Spike, Zach apologizes for his lack of wherewithal.  Clearly sympathetic, Dr. Delano assures him of the great care Ian is receiving. 

It is moving day for Krystal, Colby, and Tad.  With the help of Sean, Babe, Stuart, and little A, they begin setting up their new home.  As Colby cradles baby Jenny, the others start bringing in items.  Tad’s distasteful lamp becomes the topic of conversation.  The men remain neutral, while the women disapprove of the hula dancer lamp.  As Tad protests, Krystal playfully teases him.  Tad starts flirting back.  When everyone wonders where J.R. is, Babe surmises he must have found “something better to do.”

Meanwhile, Amanda chastises J.R. for causing the sting to go awry at the scene.  Jack and Derek listen in as J.R. defends himself.  When Amanda turns to walk off, J.R. notices Jonathan coldly glaring at him.  J.R. snaps, “What are you looking at?”  In reply, Jonathan advises, “A dead man, if anything happens to Ava.”  Jack breaks up the escalating situation between J.R. and Jonathan.  Amanda questions the soundness of using a civilian like Ava.  The two men then start jumping on Jack for involving Ava in a police set-up.  Jonathan scornfully begins blaming Jack for the consequences and demands he justify his actions.  In turn, Jack does not feel compelled to answer to Jonathan.  Inside the cottage, Ava learns that Lenny plans to drag her along on his escape by plane.  Lenny becomes verbally abusive, when Ava defies him.  He then backhands her, as she starts challenging his manhood. 

Erica corners Joe in the hall and complains about Greenlee’s access to Spike.  Joe urges her to be more constructive.  Joe is pleased, when Erica then advises she is bringing in a top specialist, Dr. Norton. 

After Annie calls to check on Emma, she offers positive words about Spike to Ryan, regardless of the outcome.  Ryan is unreceptive and walks out of the waiting area.  At the same time, Erica returns to Spike’s room and tearfully watches Kendall sing to him. 

Zach delights in feeding Ian Kendall’s breast milk, once Dr. Delano gives him instructions. 

Leaning over the back of the sofa, Krystal enjoys watching Stuart interact with Jenny and little A.  Colby and Sean are too busy playing around to finish untangling the cable wire.  Anxious to have television, Tad and Krystal grow impatient with the two.  Babe humbly describes the web-cast to Krystal.  When Colby goes on about it, Krystal beams with pride over her daughter’s business acumen.  Tad pries Sean away from his preoccupation with Colby to assist him outside.  Despite Krystal’s poor opinion of Ava, Babe raves about her as the “face of Fusion” and her salesmanship.

Derek wants confirmation that Ava is all right.  Ava takes hold of the phone and insists the police comply with Lenny’s demands.  Derek has already planned to “wait him out.”  Jonathan is appalled, when he realizes Derek called in the “SWAT” team.  Derek grows intolerant of Jonathan’s criticism and advises Jack to remove him.  Jack manages temporarily to silence him, as SWAT spreads out.  J.R. does not agree with Derek’s tactics either and offers his help as an alternative.  As Jack and Derek try to contain J.R., the press arrives.  Contending with reporters is the last thing Jack and Derek want to deal with.  As they pepper them with questions, Derek and Jack attempt to fend the press off.  Amanda can tell J.R.’s planning something.  Jack and Derek look up, as she yells after the sprinting J.R.

Erica leaves a plaintive message on Jack’s voice mail and returns to check on Kendall.  Kendall keeps talking to Spike, as Erica encourages her to rest.  Meanwhile, Ryan remains unconvinced that Spike could have a full life as a deaf person and challenges Annie’s previous comment.  Annie continues to point out the positives; thereby, prompting Ryan to get into a subject unfamiliar to Annie, a painful upbringing.  To Ryan’s shock, Annie makes a revealing statement about her past. 

Zach re-enters Spike’s room, as Kendall is caught up in talking to him.  Kendall addresses Spike’s non-responsiveness with denial.  Kendall does not react, when Zach tells her about Ian’s jaundice.  Excited by the experience of feeding his baby, Zach grabs for her hand to accompany him to Ian’s room.  Zach appears pained, when Kendall insists on staying with Spike.  The torn Kendall breaks down, when Zach reminds her she has another son.  Zach then tries to stop Kendall from berating herself.  He embraces her, when she starts babbling hysterically.  Meanwhile, Ryan is now very inquisitive about Annie’s past.  Annie evades Ryan’s questions about the identity of the deaf person in her life.  Ryan hugs her, as she reminds him how lucky they are that Spike survived. 

Once outside with Sean, Tad approaches the Colby subject from a fatherly vantage- point.  Familiar with his own former tactics, Tad worries about Sean potentially breaking Colby’s fragile heart.  In reaction, Sean insists on his good intentions.  For extra measure, Tad brings up an example of Krystal’s wrath against J.R. for hurting her daughter.  Sean appears nervous at the thought of encountering it.  Meanwhile, Colby wonders what the two are up to.  Krystal tells her Tad is just looking out for her.  Colby welcomes his “weird” fatherly protection and Krystal’s maternal one.  From their experiences from dealing with “bad boys,” Babe and Krystal advise her to avail herself of all of the “back-up” and to “cut her losses” when necessary.  Knowing Krystal is referring to Adam, Stuart tries to put a good word in for his brother.  Krystal appears reflective in reaction. 

Derek and Jack shake their heads in disbelief of J.R.’s poor judgment.  A frantic Amanda fears the outcome.  J.R. makes his way inside and has difficulties getting around Ava’s big mouth and Lenny’s inherent distrust.  Lenny finally listens to J.R.’s offer to assist him with his escape. 

Humbled before God, Erica tearfully pleads with Him to save her grandchildren and to spare Kendall this horrendous grief.  As she prays, the scene shifts to Ryan holding Spike and then to Kendall and Zach watching over Ian. 

Derek advises Lenny that J.R. is acting on his own and stalls him again.  J.R. attempts to win him over and then lays out his plan for a diversionary tactic to escape.  Despite J.R.’s efforts, Lenny forces him to sit at gunpoint.

At Krystal and Tad’s, everyone anxiously waits for Sean to get the cable working.  The cable goes on just in time for them to hear a breaking news bulletin about a hostage crisis.  Their jaws drop, when the reporter announces that J.R. is among the hostages. 

Ava interrupts, as J.R. tries to reason with Lenny.  J.R.’s intervention backfires when Lenny realizes the value in having a Chandler for an additional hostage.  Outside, Amanda listens in, as Derek receives communications about J.R.’s status.  Amanda appears horrified when she learns he is also a hostage. 

Zach shows Kendall how to feed Ian through the tube.  Kendall is awed by the experience.  Zach encourages their son to “fight.”

Ryan holds Spike who does not react to his father’s tearful pleas to hear him. 

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