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Written By Linda
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Zach is unable to calm a hysterical Kendall, as she refuses to leave Spike’s hospital room for fear Greenlee may again attempt to hurt the baby somehow.  Her rant suspends, when the doctor enters to perform preliminary tests.  Meanwhile, Ryan anxiously waits outside in the hallway with Annie.  Ryan then reacts viscerally, when he notices Greenlee standing nearby.   

At J.R.’s request, Amanda joins him at the Yacht Club.  To build up suspense, J.R. drags out his explanation for summoning her.  A greedy Amanda grows impatient and threatens to unleash the force of “industrial strength PMS” should J.R. continue taunting her.  In response, he hands her a photo of a yacht.  J.R. just grins, when she asks whether he purchased it. 

Worried about Ava, Jonathan goes to Lily’s house to inquire about her whereabouts.  Since Lily has not heard from her, Jonathan is in a hurry to look elsewhere.  His departure is halted, when Lily mentions her “research” has yielded important information for him and Ava. 

On the beach, Ava deftly attempts to dispel the drug dealer’s suspicions that she is wired.  At the same time, Jack and Derek monitor their conversation.  While Jack insists on halting the set-up, Derek remains confident Ava can “pull it off.”  The scene then shifts back to Ava and Lenny.  She manages temporarily to entice him, after she seductively offers him “benefits” in exchange for his “goods.”

Annie joins Kendall and Zach in Spike’s room to wait for the results.  Zach excuses himself.  He briefly lingers behind Ryan in the hallway to listen in on him blasting away at Greenlee.  She is unable to get a word in edge-wise.  Apparently on a mission, Zach proceeds on his way.  Ryan begins ripping her apart for “damaging Spike.”  She then gasps in horror, when he tells her through clenched teeth, “It kills me I trusted you, my worst nightmare.”

Before J.R. can answer her, Amanda begins chastising him for his alleged extravagant purchase.  She appears somewhat guilty for wrongfully accusing him, when he explains it was on loan from his friend in the diplomatic corps and invites her to cruise with him to the yacht sail.  Amanda then cannot resist J.R.’s charms, when he suggests they go “christen the yacht.”  Meanwhile, Lenny falls prey to Ava’s feminine wiles and dips into his backpack for a “sample.”  As luck would have it, J.R. and Amanda happen in on the scene.  The situation grows awkward and tense, as J.R. recognizes Lenny from his past drug abuse days.  When Ava tries to shoo them away, Lenny initially thinks they came to meet her.  In response, J.R. advises he would not “spit on her, if she were on fire.”  To make matters worse, now Amanda believes that Ava is using again and begins condemning her on behalf of Fusion.  As things begin spiraling downward, Jack and Derek become very concerned for Ava’s safety. 

Ryan firmly cuts off the sobbing Greenlee, as she tries to explain herself.  He then threatens her to stay away from Spike.  After he walks in Spike’s room, the devastated Greenlee nearly collapses and leans on the wall for support.

Lily catches Jonathan off guard, when she announces her increasing acceptance of his relationship with Ava.  Lily then embarrasses him with her “research” on unplanned pregnancies and questions him about their use of contraceptives.  The conversation shifts again to Ava’s whereabouts.  Jonathan appears uneasy, as Lily worries that Ava may be taking drugs again.

Ava’s efforts to get rid of the two are unsuccessful.  While J.R. begins warning Lenny about Ava, Jack demands that Derek call off the sting.  Just as Derek dispatches officers to “pull the plug on his command,” J.R. tells Lenny that Ava set-up Sean.  Ava frantically denies his accusation, and Lenny starts turning on her.

To thwart any effort by Adam to vie for his company, Erica pays him a visit.  With his crocodile smile, Adam offers her tea on his porch.  Adam appears empathetic, as she relays Ian and Spike’s perilous conditions.  When Erica begins breaking down, Adam comforts her with a warm embrace. 

Zach stares Greenlee down in the hall, as he returns to Spike’s room.  Joe has a troubled expression, as he escorts Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Annie outside.  Joe characterizes Spike as non-responsive.  Kendall, Zach, and Ryan insist on a diagnosis.  When Joe and another physician give indefinite responses, a tearing Kendall questions whether Spike could die.  Joe pauses, and Annie appears horrified.  Paralyzed by that notion, Greenlee remains in the background.  Joe finally assures them that Spike is “not in crisis.”  Zach, Ryan, and Kendall push Joe for more answers.  Kendall grows concerned that Spike does not react to sounds.  Joe hesitates from making a prognosis without further testing.  Despite Ryan’s request for “assurances,” Joe will only promise that they will pinpoint Spike’s condition.  The doctors return to Spike’s room.  Greenlee clenches her fist to her chest.  Zach tries to shore up Kendall, as she rehashes the hellish circumstances that Spike has endured.  Zach grabs hold of the distraught Kendall.  Meanwhile, Annie tries to support Ryan, as they stand by the door to Spike’s room.  Ryan then menacingly stares over at a cowering Greenlee, while he lays blame at her feet.  Zach watches the interaction from his seat.  The discomfort level becomes too intolerable for her and Greenlee finally limps off.  Now outside of their earshot, Greenlee leaves a hysterical message for the preoccupied Jack. 

Jack again urges Derek to send the officers in.  Fearing the repercussions of their presence, Derek opts to wait.  Meanwhile the situation escalates, as J.R. again cautions Lenny about Ava.  Amanda pulls J.R. away, when he and Ava start getting into it.  Ava blurts out; “You’re ruining everything.”  Now provoked, Lenny begins wrenching Ava’s arm.  As a result, Jack and Derek lose the signal.  Derek finally moves the officers in and emphatically commands they “hold fire.”

Zach and Kendall return inside Spike’s room, and Greenlee repositions herself in the same corner.  Anxious for answers, Greenlee grabs a nurse headed for Spike’s room.  Greenlee appears dejected, when the nurse will not give information to a non-family member.  Annie enters, as Zach tries to reassure the worried Kendall.  Zach joins Ryan outside.  As Ryan goes on about Greenlee, Zach promises, “She won’t be a problem anymore.”  Ryan has a curious expression on his face. 

Now composed, Erica insists that Adam give her his word.  Adam swears that he will not go after Zach.  Erica then rushes off to the hospital, after receiving an emergency phone call from Kendall.  Adam puts his concerned act on.  The minute Erica is gone, Adam pulls out legal documents and makes a call.  Through his end of the conversation, Adam relishes the vulnerable Zach’s “karma” and reveals his plans to take back Chandler Enterprises. 

As both men look through the window into Spike’s room, they discuss Kendall’s ability to withstand the circumstances.  Upon his inquiry, Zach tells Ryan that Ian is holding on.  Ryan worries about Kendall, when Annie has to brace her.  Zach remains confident he can cushion her, if she “falls.”

Jonathan does not agree with Lily’s assessment about Ava’s possible addiction.  She then helps Jonathan retrace the steps of his search for Ava.

Realizing they have set him off, Amanda and J.R. try to diffuse Lenny.  As he twists Ava’s wrists, Lenny demands an explanation for her comment about ruining everything.  As she grapples for an excuse, he tears open her blouse and discovers the wiretap.  J.R. attempts to calm him.  Derek, Jack, and other armed officers respond.  Lenny takes Ava hostage and holds her at gunpoint.  While Derek attempts negotiations with Lenny, Jonathan arrives.  Jack has to hold him back from charging towards Lenny.  J.R. then tries to reason with him.  Now unglued, Lenny threatens all of them to back off.  The rest appear terrified for Ava, as Lenny holds his gun with a trembling hand. 

Kendall takes one last look at Spike, before walking outside to hear the results.  Kendall, Ryan, Annie, and Zach brace themselves. 

Derek’s further efforts to negotiate are unsuccessful.  Feeling responsible, J.R. jumps from cover and intervenes.  Lenny whisks Ava off to a nearby cabin.  Jonathan refocuses Jack’s energies on Ava, when he starts blasting J.R.  Meanwhile, Lenny wants his demands met.  He makes Ava leave her phone number as a contact point over the tap’s microphone. 

Greenlee remains secreted in the corner to overhear the diagnosis.  Joe starts with the positive news.  Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Annie are ecstatic, when they learn that Spike does not have brain damage.  As they exhale in relief, a hand reaches around the corner and covers Greenlee’s mouth.  The unidentified person drags her away.  Joe then advises that Spike is either temporarily or permanently deaf.  The four are stunned into silence. 

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